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positive growth mindset statements

Positive growth mindset statements:
1. I choose to be positive!
2. Attitude and Effort are more important than talent!
3. Attitude is my mind’s paintbrush. It can color any situation.
4. A Challenge lets me exercise my brain!
5. Never say, “I can’t.” Say, “I’ll try.”
6. Mistakes are only opportunities to learn.
7. Think Positive. Be Positive.
8. With practice, I can and will improve!
9. Listening to feedback, helps me grow!
10. Every day is a NEW ADVENTURE!
11. Success starts with a decision to try!
12. Be yourself! An original is always more valuable than a copy.
13. Every Masterpiece began with a blank page.
14. The harder I work, the smarter I get!
15. I CAN do hard things!
16. When I struggle, I grow!
17. I will work to find my strengths!
18. I will be KIND to MYSELF
19. I will choose to try!
20. I CAN take risks in learning!
21. I can ALWAYS learn more!
22. I don’t have to be perfect.
23. I am HAPPY when others do well!
24. My passions are important!
25. When I say, “I will.” – “I WILL!”
26. I will show myself love.
27. I will be patient with myself!
28. I will DREAM BIG!
29. I can persevere when frustrated!
30. I can ALWAYS improve!
31. I can be anything!
32. Failure is always part of learning.
33. I will not let failure be the end…but the beginning!
34. I will try things I don’t think I can do.
35. Attitude is just as important as ability!
36. All things are hard before they become easy.