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Revision worksheet

Question 1.
In a continuous frequency distribution, the median of the data is 21. If each observation is
increased by 5, then find the new median.
Question 2.
From the following frequency distribution, find the median class:
Question 3.
Consider the following distribution, find the frequency of class 30-40.
Question 4.
Following table shows sale of shoes in a store during one month:
Find the model size of the shoes sold.
Question 5.
Weekly household expenditure of families living in a housing society are shown below:
Find the upper limit of the modal class
Question 6.
The mean of the following data is 18.75. Find the value of P:
Question 7. Data regarding heights of students of Class X of Model School, Dehradun is
given below. Calculate the average height of students of the class.
Question 8. From the following cumulative frequency table, construct a frequency
distribution table:
Question 9.
The distribution given below gives the daily income of 50 workers in a factory:
Convert the above distribution to a less than type cumulative frequency distribution.
Question 10.
Find the mode of the following frequency distribution:
Question 11.
Given below is the distribution of weekly pocket money received by students of a class.
Calculate the pocket money that is received by most of the students.
Question 12.
Find the median of the data using an empirical formula, when it is given that mode = 35.3
and mean = 30.5
Question 13.
Find the mean of the following data.
Question 14
The frequency distribution table of agricultural holdings in a village is given below:
Find the Mean area held by a family.
Question 15. The following table gives the literacy rate (in %) in 40 cities. Find the mean
literacy rate:
Question 16.
Heights of students of class X are given in the following frequency distribution:
Find the modal height.
Question 17.
A medical camp was held in a school to impart health education and the importance of
excercise to children. During this camp, a medical check of 35 students was done and their
weights were recorded as follows:
Compute the modal weight.
Question 18.
The average score of boys in the examination of a school is 71 and that of the girls is 73. The
average score of the school in the examination is 71.8. Find the ratio of number of boys to the
number of girls who appeared in the examination.
Question 19.
The mean of the following frequency distribution is 53. But the frequencies f1 and f2 in the
classes 20-40 and 60-80 are missing. Find the missing frequencies:
Question 20.
Find the mean of the following distribution by Assumed Mean Method: