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Ecological problems.

Teacher: Aisaule Taskenova
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Date: 26.05.2020
Subject: Practical phonetics
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Ecological problems.
Learn the new information about the political system of New Zealand; to
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Introduction of the theme.
Task-1. Read the text and translate.
The problem of ecology is very important today,
because we live in a polluted world. People all over the
world discuss environmental protection, but they still
continue to pollute air, water and soil.
Plants and factories are being built near rivers and lakes.
The water is full of industrial waste and this kills
animals, insects and plants.
There are some organizations that were created to
protect our nature from pollution. The most famous
organization is Greenpeace. It protects animals from
dying out. There are special farms and organizations
that help wild animals to survive. People who work in
such places feed animals and cure them.
There are several types of pollution: air pollution, water
Main part
pollution and soil pollution.
Air pollution is caused by different means of transport
in big cities. Our cities are full of smog because of
heavy traffic and people notice that it is hard to breathe
there. Cars, buses and planes are among the worst air
polluters. Factories and plants also pollute air pouring
harmful gases and smoke into the air and that causes
lung diseases among people and does harm to our
health. Acid rains that appear because of air pollution
damage forests and soil.
Water pollution is another dangerous kind of pollution.
Factories and plants throw wastes into rivers and lakes
making them dirty. Animals die when they drink this
water, people get sick when they swim in it and eat fish
that live there.
Soil pollution stops plants from growing and makes
people sick when they eat fruit and vegetables grown on
polluted soil. People also pollute soil by leaving litter on
it. Forests are full of used bottles, wrappers and cans.
Such litter can be found in rivers and lakes, too. Wild
animals get sick and die because of this.
Every day we throw away a lot of litter. However, we
can use it again, for example paper, cloth, glass, plastic,
etc. Everybody must know the three R's: Reduce, Reuse
and Recycle. We can reduce the usage of water and
electricity. We should reuse whatever we can, for
example, plastic bags, paper, cans, glass and bottles.
It is not possible to stop technological process, close
factories and plants. People need to invent new waste
free technologies that will not do harm to nature. There
are new inventions such as filters that make water and
air clean. Some factories and plants have started using
these machines already and this helps to prevent
pollution. Special kinds of gasoline for cars can help to
reduce air pollution.
We must not ignore the problems of environmental
pollution and try to make everything possible to reduce
if not stop it.
Task-2. Answer the questions.
1. Why is the problem of ecology important today?
2. What are the types of pollution? What can you say
about each of them?
3. Do you reduce, reuse and recycle litter? Why (not)?
4. What should people do to prevent pollution?
Assignment 1
Retell the text
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