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Biology Worksheet

Science FA-1: Reproduction in Flowering plants.
Vruksha Montessori School
Name: Sairam. Date: 24/6/2020
Q1: Gametes
Q2: Tough capsule
Q3: Self- Pollination
Q4: Cross-Pollination
Q5: Wind- pollinated, Insect-Pollinated
Q6: Corolla
Q7: Anther and Filament
Q8: Stigma, Style and Ovary
Q9: Ovary, Ovule
Q10: Calyx
Insect pollinated flowers:
Large in size
Secretes nectar
Produces less pollen
Wind pollinated flowers:
Small in size
Does not secrete nectar
Produces lots of pollen
Q12: Fertilisation, Zygote
Q13: A) The seeds have wings so they can travel further
B) The seeds are light
Q14) Wind
Q15) Receptacle