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BLS Certification

ACLS in Orange Country Provides Emergency Cardiovascular Care and CPR Solutions
American Heart Association has come up with advanced cardiovascular life support program
with the objective to impart BLS skills and emphasize the significance of consistent plus high
quality of CPR. ACLS in Orange Country according to AHA highlights new science in the
sector of emergency cardiovascular care, cardiac arrest and cardio pulmonary resuscitation.
Important Concepts and Techniques to Learn in ACLS
High quality of CPR by using basic life support skills i.e. BLS in Orange County to deal
with individual case scenarios
Systematic approach to handle cardiac problems in adults
Application of a suitable bag-mask device and AED
Rhythm recognition, where you learn to read and interpret ECGs while providing life
support to an adult patient
Use of medications to deal with cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR in Orange
Airway management to plan, evaluate and use medical devices and procedures to
maintain or restore the patient’s ventilation.
To provide intravenous and/or intraosseous accesses
Cardio version and trans-cutanous pacing
To recognize and manage cardiac arrest and respiratory problems
To recognize and manage symptomatic bradycardia or any other similar type of periarrest condition
Role and importance of team dynamics, as you learn in BLS Certification in Orange
County and other Californian universities.
To communicate effectively as a resuscitation team member or team leader
In an essence, learners will get training and practice high-performance team dynamics and
improved communication. These candidates will also gain expertise to deal with different
situations related to cardiac problems. These are system of care, stroke, acute dysrhythmia, post
cardiac arrest treatment and care and acute coronary syndromes.
Key Features to Make the Program Interesting
Instructors of PALS and ACLS in Orange County conduct video-based programs to
make sure the consistency of candidates
The certification provides proper student manual and conducts hands on class training
lead by an instructor to reinforce proficiency in skills.
The course has regularly updated contents based on innovative concepts of science.
Advanced cardiac life support program encourages active participation of various
candidates by the help of learning stations. These stations allow candidates to practice the
necessary skills under simulated clinical scenarios.
The program is of classroom type to motivate large numbers of learners, as they get
opportunity to interact with their fellows involves in a group and get regular feedback
from the instructor while developing skills.
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Right Candidates to Undergo ACLS Program
ACLS Certification in Orange County is perfect for all types of healthcare professionals, who
have to involve in managing cardiopulmonary arrest in adults and other related cardiovascular
emergencies. These are experts of emergency medicine and emergency response, professionals
working in ICU i.e. intensive care units and CCU i.e. critical care units.
Other than this, advanced cardiovascular life support program is useful for nurses,
doctors/physicians, cardiologists and paramedical experts require an ACLS course completion
card to meet job and other essential requirements. Along with this, ACLS certification program
is beneficial for all individuals, especially bystanders willing to read and interpret ECGs,
understand ACLS pharmacology and to provide temporary relief to patients of pre-cardiac,
cardiac and post-cardiac arrest.