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SAE Approval Form

SAE Approval Form
Turn this form in by _____________
Name: ______________________________ Class Period: ________
1) What is a SAE?
Supervised Agricultural Experience- A project that relates to
agriculture and is supervised by an adult. This project can include
anything related to plants, animals, woodworking, yard work,
nature, etc.
2) Requirements for the SAE
a. SAE Approval Form- SAE ideas must be approved by Mrs.
Matteson, signed by a parent, and turned back into Mrs.
Matteson by _____________________
b. SAE Packet- This is provided by Mrs. Matteson once the SAE
Approval Form is returned. This packet includes a time log to
show at least 5 hours of work was completed on the SAE and
should also include a minimum of 2 pictures of THE STUDENT
3) Time Frame- Students have over 15 weeks to complete the SAE
4) Due Date: Must be completed and turned in by ____________
5) Grading: SAE is worth 200 points (the largest grade in the
6) My SAE possibilities that I would like for my parents to consider
approving are:
a. _______________________________________________
b. _______________________________________________
c. _______________________________________________
7) After speaking with my parent(s), we have decided that my SAE
will be ___________________________________________.
Student Name:_______________________________________
Parent Name:_______________________________________
**This is not a project that can be started on the day before it is
due!! Plan now and get started early!
Ideas for Middle School SAE Projects
• Develop a minibooth, floral design, woodworking project, or leaf
collection for the Georgia National Fair in Perry
• Develop an AgriScience Fair Project
• Stay afterschool to help Mrs. Matteson in the greenhouse
• Work in your yard (landscape maintenance)
• Planting a flower bed or butterfly garden
• Planting a vegetable garden or herb garden
• Aquaculture or Aquaponic project
• Create custom floral designs
• Making stepping stones
• Raise and care for a livestock animal (dogs and cats do not count)
• Show a livestock animal
• Making a compost bin
• Building a picnic table or other woodworking project
• Rebuild or fixing a tractor, go-cart, lawnmower, etc.
• Build fences
• Construct a deer stand, duck nesting box, or turtle trap
• Plant trees
• Start and identify an insect collection
• Develop a backyard habitat for wildlife and birds
• Develop a wildlife food plot
• Cut fire wood
• Start a cricket or worm farm (could sell as fish bait)
• Collect, press, and display a leaf collection
• Construct a backyard water garden
• Tan a wildlife animal hide
• Vermiculture – worm composting
• Have a different idea???? Let Mrs. Matteson know to get it approved