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Skeletal System Webquest
Go to this website: http://www.livescience.com/22537-skeletal-system.html
1) About how many bones is a child born with? ________________
2) How many bones are in the adult skeleton? ________________
Scroll down and take a look at the skeletal system picture…….
3) How much pressure does it take to break the average bone? ________________
4) How many bones are in the axial skeleton? ____ And the appendicular skeleton? ____
5) Which part of the skeleton, the axial or the appendicular, are the arms and legs found in?
Continue reading the article underneath the picture
6) Describe three (3) ways in which the male and female pelvis differ.
7) Describe three (3) negative effects of Osteoporosis.
8) What is the medical term for an irregular curvature of the spine? ___________________
9) What percent of cancers cases are made up of bone cancer? _____________
10) What is the term for a surgeon that specializes in the skeletal system?
Go to this website:
Click on “organization of the skeleton.”
11) What division of the skeleton is the hyoid bone a part of? ________________________
12) What division of the skeleton is the scapula a part of? ________________________
Go back, and then click on “skull bones and markings overview,” then choose the anterior
13) What is the bone of the forehead called? ______________________
14) What are the “cheek bones” called? _____________________
15) Name the two (2) bones that your outer nose is connected to. ________________,
Go back to the home screen and then click on “vertebrae.” You will need to read the six
(6) tutorials covering the vertebrae to answer the following questions…
16) What vertebrae does the skull rest upon? _____________________
17) How many lumbar vertebrae are there? _______________________
18) At what age will the five bones of the sacrum start fusing together?
Go to this website: http://www.healthline.com/human-body-maps/skeletal-system/male
Click back and forth between the male and female skeleton, and view it at different
19) Describe two differences from the male and female skeleton in the diagram.
Scroll down and continue reading for the answers to the next questions…..
20) What are the two types of bone tissue? _______________________
21) How many bones are in the skull ___________, rib cage______________, adult vertebral
22) What are the three sets of fused bones in the hips? __________________________