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winn-dixie- Ch summary

Name :Imitha Radebe
Date : 11 May 2020
Chapter :1
Literature Circle: Summarizer
Summarize each chapter of your reading assignment using only four to five sentences.
1) India sent to by the preacher to go get macaroni and cheese, white rice and a box of tomatoes, but instead she
had come back with a dog
She got to the store and it was chaos, the manager was screaming and his arms were up in the air.
3)The dog had smiled to India w and when he wagged his tail he bumped the oranges and they came crashing down.
4)India claimed the dog was hers and came up with a name in a split second after she had called 2 times already by
saying here boy.
5)The headed back to their father to see what he was going to say and they walked together.
Read your summary to your family. Ask if they can think of anything important that they would have added.
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