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Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
9. The third meeting of the Shortlisting Committee was held at 2:30 pm on 5 th August, 2020,
via Zoom. In this meeting, the committee reviewed the priority-areas-wise ranking carried
out by the subcommittee of Para 8. Dr. Ahmar Rashid also joined the meeting. The weights
assigned to each scoring criterion, stated at Para 7, were again discussed at length. All
committee members agreed to the ranking. The committee also recommended that the
applicants who have applied for the post of Associate Professor should also be invited for
interviews if they meet the minimum requirements in terms of experience and publications.
The committee recommended to conduct all interviews online.
10. The priority-areas-wise ranking list of the shortlisted candidates is attached at F/D. Top
ranked candidates from each priority area may be invited for interviews, please.
11. Submitted, please, for necessary action.
Mr. Ahsan Shah
Engr. Iffat
Maab (member)
Dr. Muhammad
Hanif (member)
Dr. Raja Hashim
Ali (member)
Dr. Shahab Ansari
Dr. Sajid Anwar
Dr. Rashid Jillani
Dr. Ghulam Abbas
Dean, FCSE