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SCAMPER-Template - The Walking Cafe

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The traditional restaurant service has suffered due to the current scenario. Customers who are dependent
on outside dining are facing problem to due to social distancing. Also, travel is a huge part of the lives of
the people living in Dubai and despite of on-time transportation services many people spend hours in
commuting and hence during these processes, skipping meals is a common unhealthy habit seen in most
workforces during their run to earn for their families.
All these problems of current pandemic and time for going to restaurant and ordering for meal is resolved
byWalking Café. This café being on its toes to serve the customer at their place also will be providing fresh
food maintaining quality services.
S (Substitute):
Walking café has come out with a substitute service to the traditional restaurant
service as this can reach to the door step of customers. This has brought a revolution
in the restaurant market and has resolved the problem of scalability and other costs
which can have scope to invest more in the innovation and variety of the services.
The walking café has a feature of small truck which has two compartments one for
kitchen and other for packaging and delivery. The café will move in different nearby
locations and is connected through app services in which the message will go to the
customers when the truck is in their vicinity. The orders can be placed with the app
service and the packed food can be delivered to the door step of the customers.
C (Combine):
The Walking Café has combined the kitchen staff with the assembly line to integrate
the process of delivering fresh and quality food. The orders are now prepared with
transparency in a glass covered truck kitchen and packed as per the requirement.
Here the idea of dine at your own place or while walking is combined with the same
traditional setting and staff.
Additionally, the café also attracted the modern population with its look and service
as the transport service is combined with the food service so this has also become a
modern joint. The specially designed diet food consisting of juices and salad are
freshly cut and served without making it stale due to the time consumed in
delivering services. Many food items get soiled due to the gap between preparation
of food and delivery time.
A (Adapt):
The walking café has adapted to the changing environment and time constraints
issues. Due to the adaptation of these constraints the café has generated the idea of
mobile service. Also the café has made use of technology which is the demand of
today’s scenario and has given the facility of app to the customers where they can
get notification of the café to remind them of food time and also makes it easy for
them to place the order. The use of app can be on mobile phones which is always
readily available to the people on which ever site they are.
M (Magnify):
The service is being expanded to most of the parts of the city making it convenient
for people to order from any place. To magnify the service more trucks are being
introduced at different locations. This will give ease to the customer who will be
travelling for business purpose on different locations.
The brand is being made popular by digital marketing which is the trend of today’s
world. The brand is made popular by reducing the time for service delivery and
providing fresh food within comparable time. This is making more customers getting
attracted towards The Walking café.
The Walking café has also included various healthy options of diet salads which can
only be eaten if served freshly cut. Hence, this is only possible when the café is near
to the customer and not taking delivery time. This particular idea has given
customers an option to stay healthy and has increase the business manifolds.
P (Put to Other Uses):
The Walking café is more than a restaurant service. This also serves as advertising
and branding itself. The customers can see the mobile advertisement everywhere
which is now visible to them on the streets. The truck is decorated and advertisement
of the service is displayed all over. Even the flow chart of the complete service is
displayed as an advertisement which makes the complete process clear. This makes a
cheap service of advertisement and saves cost. This saving can be invested in other
digital marketing process.
E (Eliminate):
The Walking café has eliminated the need of coming to the restaurant and has
replaced it with the service of delivering fresh food at their place. This avoids them
to come out of their premises and they can dine at the safe place where they are. This
removes the fear of how to keep social distancing in restaurant. Also, the service has
replaced the need of coming to restaurant this has enabled the customers to order
food from their own working place or the place of their stay which will take care of
their time. As coming to restaurant and ordering food and the waiting time for the
order to get delivered has replaced by them not wasting their time in all these affairs
but just click on the order and forget about rest of the service.
Even the need of physical space for restaurant has been completely eliminated and
saved cost in that.
R (Rearrange):
The café has reversed the relation of customer and traditional restaurant service and
has given a modern touch. Earlier restaurant had the policy of paying before delivery
of food and taking token. But now, the advancement payment system with cash has
been reversed to pay at the time of ordering through app service either before or later
at the time of delivery. This has made easy for customers to pay from the mobile at
which ever site they are and so do not have to carry cash with them.
Also, earlier the customer had to come to the restaurant which is replaced with café
reaching to customer as per their requirement.