By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

By the end of
this lesson you
will be able to:
Tell me the
between an
restaurant and
a French café.
• If you would like
bonus points. . .
• Tell me the name
of a famous writer
who ate at this
• Take out a piece of paper and be ready to take
some notes.
• You will be visiting a web site on the World Wide
Web. The computer name for a Web address is a
• When you get to the first site, you will click onto a
“link.” This link will take you to another spot on
the Internet.
• Go to the next slide to get more directions.
More directions!
• First, you will click onto the
URL that I will give you.
• After the Web site appears,
click onto the link that
• Café de Flore (6th)
• When you get to this site,
look carefully at the picture
looking for differences
between it and an American
Still More directions!
• Next, click on the “back” button on
the browser menu.
• This time click onto the link that says:
Les Deux Magots (6th)
• When you get to your location, look at
the picture, and write another
difference you see between American
restaurants and French cafes.
• Go to the next slide to get the “URL”
of your destination. (The Internet Web
• When you finish looking for
differences, go to the next slide.
• Hint: if you double click the
picture, it will get bigger.
• Type this URL into the address
bar of your Internet browser, or
click onto the link below.
• If you would like some
extra credit, continue here.
If not, click the button and
go on.
• Go back to that web site and
read the café descriptions.
Tell me the names of two
famous people who ate at
either café.
• Click to go back:
• You must be
getting hungry!
Let’s order
something to
eat. Click on the
waiter to learn to
order in French.