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Gateway BTN ROTC
St. Louis MO
BN OPORD: Map Reading Lab 10SEPT2020
A. Situation
a. Area of Interest: Zoom
b. Area of Operations: Zoom Meeting
c. Terrain: N/A
d. Weather: N/A
i. High: 85
ii. Low: 65
iii. Sunrise: 0614
iv. Sundown: 1918
v. Wind: TBA
vi. Precipitation: TBA
e. Enemy Forces: N/A
f. Friendly Forces: 3BDE Gateway BN Cadets, Cadre, and Staff
g. Civil Considerations: N/A
B. Mission
Gateway Battalion, Army ROTC conducts Land Navigation and Map Reading NLT
10SEPT2020 IOT train cadets on map orientating, map reading, and identifying terrain
C. Execution
a. Commander’s Intent:
i. Purpose:
1. To ensure all cadets understand the fundamentals of land
navigation and map reading in accordance with Army
standards. MSIIIs will be proficient in plotting 8-digit
coordinates, orientating, reading, and understanding a map,
performing intersection and resection, and identifying major,
minor, and supplementary terrain features. MSIIIs will be
assessed to similar camp standards to identify deficiencies
in their land navigation knowledge for Advanced Camp.
MSIs and MSIIs will be assessed on their knowledge gained
from military science class and are prepared to execute land
navigation during the Fall FTX.
ii. Key Tasks:
1. Planning staff prepares MSIIIs to similar standard to
Advanced Camp
2. S4 provides maps and protractors for cadets to practice
3. Lab is conducted in an online training environment
4. There is a consistent quality to the training across all cadets
iii. End State:
1. All Cadets are able to plot and determine points on a map,
identify key aspects and features on a military map, plan
navigation routes, determine attack points, and have a clear
understanding of practical application strategies. MSIIIs have
adequate understanding to be able to execute land
navigation in teams at the Fall FTX.
b. Concept of Operations:
i. Phase I) First Formation
1a) PSGs gain accountability of their respective platoons.
1b) 1SG gives opening remarks and XO moves CDTs to
their breakout rooms.
ii. Phase II) Instruction and Training
2a) MSIIIs take a written land navigation test similar to the
one they will take at Fort Knox AC.
2b) MSIs and IIs review land navigation topics in their
2c) MSIs and MSIIs do a matching activity to learn the
marginal information of a topographical map.
2d) MSIs and MSIIs learn how to use a compass in a
classroom setting.
2e) MSIs and MSIIs use Kahoot for a learning check
iii. Phase III) Final Formation
3a) 1SG Welch takes charge of the formation and informs
the BN that CBC Mckenna will have closing remarks.
3b) CBC Mckenna delivers her closing remarks and CSM
Greene delivers safety brief
c. Scheme of Maneuver:
i. Phase I) First Formation
1a) The BN’s cadets will be present and online before 1615
and be in the main zoom lobby. 1SG Welch will have the
PSGs obtain accountability of their platoons and take
1b) By 1630, 1SG Welch will instruct the MSIIIs to await an
invite to their respective breakout room. The remainder Is
and IIs will be sent to their respective platoon’s squad
breakout room
ii. Phase II) Instruction and Training
2a) From 1630 to 1745, MSIIIs will proceed to take the
written land navigation exam for the duration of 1hr15mins.
MSIVs will proctor and ensure all cameras are on to ensure
testing integrity. At the end, tests will be self graded to allow
a personal indication of where cadets need to improve
2b) The MSIs and MSIIs will be given a list of topics that they
should know and then will break into their squads. From
1630 to 1650, if there is any topic any member requests to
review, the TL will lead the review of the topic. This will take
no longer than 20 minutes since it will be a review of topics
already discussed in their military science classes. However,
if more time is needed, it will be allotted. There will be a
MSIV in each room to supplement knowledge and fill in
informational gaps. Squads will then conduct a map margin
2c) From 1650 to 1700, the squads will conduct a map
margin activity. Answers to the sheet will be announced by
the residing MSIV in the room.
2d) From 1700 to 1730, squads will conduct a compass
activity and plot points and azimuths. SLs will instruct squad
members in basic compass usage. The PL will call out an
azimuth and the cadet will find the direction if there is any
issue, proctors will attempt to correct the issue. When not
practicing with a compass, they will find a series of points on
the Tenino maps.
2e) From 1730 to 1800 the cadets will play a Kahoot quiz
game. The PL will log into Kahoot.com and set up the game
which will create a unique pin. The cadets will then enter the
game pin into kahoot.com to join the game. The game will
quiz them on terrain features, map colors, margin
information, ect.
iii. Phase III) Final Formation
3a) At 1800, cadets will return to the main lobby
3b) At 1805, 1SG Welch will bring the quiet the breakout
room and will inform the BN that CBC Mckenna will deliver
her closing remarks
3c) CBC Mckenna will have 5 minutes for remarks and thank
BN for work and attendance.
3d) Following this, CSM Greene will deliver a short safety
brief and 1SG Welch will dismiss the BN.
d. Tasks to Subordinate Units:
i. CDT Sims - Make Kahoot and distribute
ii. CDT Burtelow - Ensure breakout rooms are up and functioning
iii. CDT Hartke, Welch, Vogt - Run study session followed by Kahoot
iv. CDT Sun - Time keeper
e. Coordinating Instructions:
i. Uniform
1. Contracted
b. Pencil and notebook
c. Compass
d. Water source
2. Non-Contracted
a. Business casual attire
b. Pencil and Notebook
c. Compass
d. Water source
ii. Preparation Timeline
03SEPT20 - OPORD Distributed
09SEPT20 - Rehearsals Conducted
10SEPT20 - Execution
iii. Execution Timeline
1600- MSIV arrival
1615- First formation/accountability
1625- Move into designated breakout rooms
1630- Squads begin MSIs and MSIIs on land navigation
1650- Map margin activity
1700- Compass and plotting activity
1730- Kahoot
1745- MSIII test completed/MSIV room lead announces answers
1800- Kahoot complete
1810- Final formation/safety brief
1820- MSI-IIIs released
1825- MSIVs conduct AAR
f. Contingency Plans:
D. Sustainment
a. Logistics:
i. -Class II: Maps and Protractors
ii. -Class VI:
iii. -Class VII:
iv. -Class VIII: CLS Bag
b. Health Service Support:
i. N/A
E. Command and Signal
a. Location of Commander:
i. Cadet BC McKenna will be located in IVO Breakout Room I
ii. CIC Sims will be located IVO Breakout Room I
b. Succession of Command:
i. CDT McKenna
ii. CDT Kazmierczak
iii. CDT Burtelow
iv. CDT Keipp
c. Signal:
i. Call Signs: N/A
ii. COMMO Plan:
1. Primary: Cell Phones
2. Alternate: Yelling
3. Contingency: Runner
4. Emergency: Waving
iii. Important phone numbers
1. CDT McKenna - (210)-621-3930
2. CDT Greene - (720)-431-5547
3. CDT Kazmierczak - (912)-463-2431
4. CDT Burtelow - (636)-980-7349
5. CDT Keipp- (636)-485-7907
6. CDT Sims - (636)-688-0769
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