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Difference between excretion and egestion

Difference between excretion and egestion
By: Ahsan Tariq
These both words have the same work of eliminating waste but both take
place in different places. Excretion is the process where the waste is
removed from your cells of the body. Egestion is the process of removing
undigested food from your body through anus.
Here is a table showing you 5 differences between excretion and egestion:
1. The material which is excreted is
sweat, urine and carbon dioxide.
The material of egestion is faeces
2. The materials discharged are
metabolic wastes such as carbon
dioxide or oxygen
The materials discharged are
undigested food and other
poisonous substances left from
3. Excretion takes place through
nose, skin and urethra.
Egestion takes place through anus
and sometimes mouth.
4. The process of excretion takes
place in both animals and plants.
The process of egestion takes
place in animals
5. The process of excretion
happens in the cells of the body.
The process of egestion happens
through anus.