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We usually remember the 8th incarnation of Vishnu as a beautiful little butter
thief. Lord Krishna known as a various names such as Devaki Nandan, Girdhari,
Bannke bihari,Mohan, Gopal,Shyam,Govind etc. He has a 16,108 wives total but
his 8 wives were known as a Ashtabharya , their names are Rukmini, Jambavati,
Satyabhama, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, Lakshmana and Kalindi. Krishna had save them all
from narkasura demon and their families were not ready to accept them ,so
Krishna married them to protect their honour. Krishna brought Guru Sandipani
Muni's dead son back to life. Draupadi and Krishna were brother-sister. There is
the one thing that, Draupadi was born to assist Krishna to destroy sinful kings. She
is the incarnation of Paravati Devi and Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu
who is Paravati Devi's brother.
About Radha
Vrishbhanu Gopa and Kirti Devi's daughter was Radha. She is
the incarnation of Devi Laxmi,wife of Lord Vishnu. She lived
in a Repalli village which little far away from vrundavan.
Radha-Krishna was in love with each other since their
younger age. Their love was pure and they married playfully,
but never into a real wedding. Radha was the strength of the
Krishna-Radha is worshipped as a Nimbarka .
MaPassion is the top valuable company for creating the sculpture from
Gemstone. Here ,get different varieties of all god's sculpture carved from
gemstone such as ruby, lapis-lazuli, rose-quartz, green-quartz, garnet,
blue-topaz,thulite,emerald,yukon jade, Light Green Aventurine etc.
These all sculptures made by expereince workers doing very hard work.
It takes long time.
The statue is carved very beautifully with perfect
anatomy. The divine figurine of Radha Krishna under the
tree makes the whole ambience around very happy and
spiritual. The artist took 2 years to complete this master
piece. Radha Krishna in Light Green Aventurine the
prosperity stone, is apt as an centre piece of any home or
office. Today it is getting difficult to source large rough
because most of these gemstones mines are getting
The semi precious Russian Opal is quite a hard
stone to carve and hence takes lot of time to
complete the piece. Worker has done amazing
job by getting the right expression on Radha
Krishna Murti and lot of intricate work carved all
around. Like many other Ma Passion pieces this
one too is a collectors delight.
This scene of Krishna playing with Radha and Gopis in the
gardens, he is alive in the beautiful perseverant gray
Australian gray opal, breathing life through Ma Passion.
The rough piece was found in Melbourne’s Lightning
Ridge mine, with some of the best and highest. Precious
black opal on the planet. The size and structure of this
particular opal makes it an extremely rare and precious
invention. This gives the part associated with the unique
color of the stone an unstable shimmer.
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