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COVID-19 in Bangladesh: Awareness is first treatment for whole nation
Md. Tajul Islam.
In present time, COVID-19 is vast issue in the world. Covid-19 is not an issue, it is a big problem
in the world. Present time covid-19 existed to 205 plus countries, and already these countries
suffering from the covid-19. In China Wuhan Pradesh is origin place of this virus. Day by day the
virus attacked more people and more countries.
Bangladesh is not a rich, economically solvent country like China, Italy France, USA, US, Canada,
and so on. So, causes of COVID-19, any time our economy to fall down. Already we can see our
whole situation. In Bangladesh, the till, now COVID-19 attacked 164 plus persons, in these
peoples 17 already died by COVID-19 and 33people recover from this virus. Our died
percentage is 11.43, that is very difficult from others country. So, this situation is not beneficial
for our economy and whole nation.
Update of COVID-19 at seven April 2020, the highest number of people affected by COVID-19 in
the USA. The number of total attacked 367776 plus, in this people's died causes of COVID-19
10980 and 19858 plus peoples recovered from this virus. In China, the total, affected people
81740 plus, in these peoples died of 3331plus and 77167 plus recovered from this virus. In Italy,
the total, Affected by COVID-19 are 132547 plus, in these peoples died of COVID-19, 16523 plus.
And in Italy, the total, recover peoples from this virus is 22837 plus. In Spain, the total, affected
people are 140510 plus, and died of total peoples are 13798 plus. Worldly total affected people
of COVID-19 is 70 thousand plus and total number of died peoples are 1282383 plus.
The situation of world is not a normal, day by day, died number increasing. Every state in the
world safer from COVID-19. Bangladesh's government already take some step about COVID-19.
By Bangladesh government, all School, College, University, or Any education institutions, and
every job holder closed their duties without some needed field for government and general
people. Bazaar, shop, shopping market, tour and tourist place, are already closed for every
person. The government of Bangladesh said to general to people, they are stay home in this
situation. Bangladesh Army, Police and other team already check every situation and take
proper step for people.
There are no vaccine and no invented medicine against COVID-19 till now. So, awareness is
must and congenial decision for present situation. In Bangladesh, more people to live in under
poverty line and most of the people spent them earn one’s livelihood hand to mouth. One day
without work, they cannot eat food, and they are no properly concerned about COVID-19 virus
at this time. In this country; Stilled, more village people believed that this virus is god gifted
luteinizing. As a result, day by day, increasing affected people.
If we want to control this virus attacked, it will be possible. Because this virus is not like HIV. If
any person aware of COV ID- 19, it will auto control in our world or country. Already many
organizations said about COVID-19 characteristics, causes of increasing, and how to primarily
control COVID-19? But we are not proper concerned about awareness of COVID-19. In the
meantime, Bangladesh government declare situational lockdown, but this is not a lockdown.
They cannot serve succor for lower class people properly till now. Actually, clarity is the most
important about any service or instruction in this critical moment.
In this critical situation, government should be maintained every situational work, related
others work force by their service team, Police, Army, BGB, and so on and None Governmental
Organization (NGO).
Garments workers are main elements of our economy, but government cannot give long
solution about them. If garments sector opens in this none congenial situation, must be that
attacked. They are not robot in our society. They have a life, family, and society. In this critical
situation, government should be controlled COVID-19 relational all situation.
In present time poor people needs help, because they are not economically and educationally
capable. So wrong information and unclear helping decision made a dangerous situation. When
people died from without food and died by the COVID-19. But we want to it?
The writer is a student of Public Administration, Comilla University, Bangladesh. Email:
This article is about Bangladesh, but I see not so much about Bangladesh in the discussion above. It
would be better if you can bring some more important aspects of awareness.
For instance, you could talk about forceful awareness (putting Army on the streets to make sure
people don’t go out) and volunteer awareness for the citizens.