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Task Description
You have received a letter from Masako Satsue, an English teacher at Hokkaido University, Japan
addressed at Kita 8, Nishi 5 Kita-ku Sapporo. In the letter, she explains that she and a group of
her students are planning a 2-week trip to Malaysia in November. Because they want to see a
variety of historical, cultural, natural and recreational sites, they have decided to visit Kuala
Lumpur, Malacca, Terengganu and Penang and at least one national park. She and her students
want to know what they should see and do in different sites. Write a response letter, giving her
and her students a thorough description of what to see and do in each of the sites. You may want
to mention your personal experiences if you have visited the place you choose to describe. You
may also want to mention what the students should bring on their trip.
What to include in your letter:
Introduce yourself and tell a little about yourself
Give detailed description of what Masako and her students should see and do in the sites
you choose
Highlight the specialties that the sites feature. Also include any safety information that
they should be aware of when visiting certain sites that you have selected.
You letter should not exceed 2 pages.
Due date: 14 September 2019