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Hydrate Lab

Name ______________________________
With your group, go to one of the lab setups with a crucible, a ringstand, a Bunsen burner, and tongs.
Measure the mass of your crucible: ________________
Add 1 gram of the hydrate to your crucible. Put the crucible carefully onto the ringstand over the Bunsen
burner. Have Reiman start your burner and let your hydrate heat for around 10 minutes. The bottom of
the crucible should get red hot. After ten minutes, turn off your Bunsen burner and let the crucible cool
for at least 5 minutes. Measure the new mass.
Mass of the crucible and anhydrous: _________________
Rinse out your crucible as much as possible. Clean up any messes you’ve made at your station and return
your equipment to where you found it (make sure aprons are folded)
Calculations (Show work for even simple calculations and write any formulas used)
Mass of Anhydrous:
Mass of Water:
Molar mass of the anhydrous (Copper (II) Sulfate):
Moles of Anhydrous:
Moles of Water:
Mole Ratio of Water to Anhydrous:
Formula for the hydrate: _______________________________________
Name of the hydrate: _________________________________________
Conclusion Questions (Answer in full sentences)
1. How could you have improved your lab procedure for more precision? Did your mole ratio come
out as a whole number?
2. How did your ratio compare to other groups? Why might their answer be different?