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6th science questions

Choose the best answer
This is a source of light
a. Book b. chair c. bulb d. metal key
Which of these materials is transparent?
a. frosted glass b. clear glass c. smoked glass d. coloured glass
Diffuse reflection is produced by a
a. mirror b. rough wall c. polished metal surface d. none of these
What percentage of total water is fresh water?
a. 0.03% b. 97%c. 3% d. 100%
Which of the following is not a natural disaster?
a. flood b. drought c. water harvesting d. none of these
Which of these is not a source of electric power?
dry cell b. diesel generator c. electric torch d. solar cell
Which of the following material is not an insulator?
a. rubber b. wood c. graphite d. distilled water
Which of these materials is not a conductor?
a. dry air b. copper c. graphite d. silver
Which of the following is non-biodegradable waste?
vegetable peels b. metals c. Egg shells d. paper
Which of the following are used for managing non bio degradable waste?
a. composting b. Landfills c. vermicompost d. all of them
Which of the following is not a part of 3Rs?
a. release b. reduce c. recycle d. reuse
Which of the following helps in composting?
a. virus b. bacteria c. fungi d. both b and c
Which of the following gases is the largest component of air?
a. oxygen b. nitrogen c. carbon dioxide d. all of these
Which of the following respires through spiracles?
a. fish b. whale c. butterfly d. crocodile
Plants take in oxygen through
a. lungs b. gills c. spiracles d. stomata
An electric___________ is a source of electric current
A__________ is an example of a dry cell
________Is a source of freshwater
The exchange of gases in plants takes place through_______________
___________bins are for biodegradable waste
True or false
Street light is a natural source of light
When we look through a transparent material, we can see all objects behind it clearly
Reflection from a smooth surface is called diffuse reflection
The gas required for breathing and burning in nitrogen
The gas required by plants to make their own food is carbon dioxide
Earthworms breathe through their lungs
Aquatic animals have a pair of lungs
Wood is a Non biodegradable waste
Coconut husk and food leftovers are things that can be composted
Old glass jars should not be reused
Match the following
Wood -dark
frosted glass -artificial source of light
candle flame -natural source of light
star -opaque
shadow- translucent
one word
Acute shortage of food in a region for a long period
Affecting thousands of people at a same time
Collecting rainwater from rules and storing it in underground tanks
The moving air
Breathing organs in fish
Tiny pores found on the under surface of a leaf in plants
Biodegradable waste
Non biodegradable waste
Things that can be recycled
Things that can be reused
2 marks
what are the sources of light? give two examples each of natural and manmade sources of light?
How is Shadow formed?
Name three sources of electric current.
What is an electric circuit? draw a simple circuit with a cell and bulb.
What are the conditions necessary to set up an electric circuit?
Differentiate between the drought and flood
What are the different sources of fresh water?
write a short note on composition of air
How do insects and earthworms breathe in air?
Differentiate between biodegradable and nonbiodegradable wastes
5 marks
Write a few lines about electrical safety
Describe an activity to demonstrate each of the following air is present in empty spaces oxygen is
present in air is present in soil