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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Applied behavior analysis is a scientific technique that used to understand a behavior of an
individual, change it when the behavior is inappropriate and to teach them new skills. It applies
empirical approaches based on the principles of learning and behavior to build useful repertoires and
reduce problematic ones. In this approach the behavior to be changed is clearly defined and
recorded, analyzing the antecedents and reinforces that might be maintaining the undesired
behavior, that could be used to help alternate or to create a new behavior.
ABA can also be used as an instructional approach for students of every age. It can be used for
specific purposes such as the development or reduction of single or a multiple set of behaviors. The
intensity of the ABA can be varied according to the student learning continuum. Also, the ABA can
be used according to the individual needs of each student, and may also be applied in developing
academic skills or behavior related to social skills, communication, or self-care.
ABA measure and track the behaviors over time, hence determining the function of the target
behavior and altering the behavior either increasing or decreasing it by providing intervention. The
progression of the student is solely based on the ongoing data and assessments which are measured
against the identified objectives.
The ultimate goal of using ABA is to generalize the learned skills and behaviors to other settings
and situations.