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Demand Letter

March 18, 2020
Via email brose@barcodeservlce.com
Via Certified
and Regular U.S. Mail to:
Bobby B. Rose
Bar Code Equipment Service, LLC
131 10th Avenue N
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Re: Jorhe Technologies Group, Inc.
Dear Mr. Rose
As you know, this firm has been retained by Jorhe Technologies Group, Inc. (“Jorhe”) with
regard to claims against Bar Code Equipment Service, LLC (“Bar Code”) related to Bar Code’s
default of the terms of the Copyright Settlement Agreement dated July 29th 2017. Please direct all
further correspondence to the undersigned.
Bar Code has failed to deliver funds to Jorhe due on September 30, 2017 as set forth in the
Copyright Settlement Agreement between the parties and attached hereto. Jorhe intends to pursue
any and all available legal remedies if this matter is not resolved on or before March 31, 2020.
Contact the undersigned to discuss your intentions to pay the amount due.
Contact the undersigned immediately to discuss possible avenues to resolve this demand.
Govern yourself accordingly.
Bill Yanger
217 N. Lois Ave.
Tampa FL 33609
Ph: 813.286.7025 Fax: 813.288.2039