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Balustrade Weatherproofing Work Method

Balustrade Weatherproofing Work Method
1.Carefully remove the existing metal and glazing portion of the
balustrade and store for reinstallation
2.Erect a temporary fall arrest barrier installed in line with the national
code of practice for the prevention of falls.
a. Access by persons other than the contractor is to be
restricted until the finished compliant balustrade is installed
4.Render the top face of the balustrade wall to provide a smooth
surface for the application of waterproofing
a. Render must be either a proprietary system (Granosite
GranoRender Sponge Fine) or include a water-resistant
5.Install fixings to balustrade wall to accommodate existing metal and
glazing section a. Fixing must comply with relevant AS1170 and
BCA requirements b. Oversized rubber washer to be
incorporated as pressure seal
6.Apply minimum 2 coats of cementitious waterproofing membrane
(VIKIN CMFlex) to the top face of the balustrade wall in
accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and allow to cure
a. First coat must be allowed a minimum of 24 hours to cure
and must be recoated within 72 hours.
b. Final dry film thickness to be minimum 2mm
7.Clean down all surfaces to remove dirt, dust and surface
8.Prime parapet wall: 1 coat Granosite Granoprime