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‫ד נ י א ל‬
1 8
The Israel Bible
The Book of Daniel - ‫לאינד‬
Edited by:
Rabbi Naphtali Weisz
Commentary by:
Batya Markowitz
Senior Editor:
Shira Schechter
Designed by:
Lorien Balofsky
Codrut Sebastian Fagaras
Mordechai Buxner
Cover Art:
Map of Israel showing the Twelve Tribes - Geographicus, Rigobert Bonne, 1770
English translation courtesy of the 1917 Jewish Publication Society
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34/17 Nachal Ein Gedi
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The Twelve Prophets (Trei Asar):
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Introduction to The Israel Bible
Many readers are probably wondering if this Bible was printed incorrectly and if a
major error was committed in that the book in your hands seems to open backwards.
While some of the conventions used in The Israel Bible might take some getting used
to, rest assured dear reader, we did not make a mistake in numbering the pages of
our Bible. We have carefully prepared The Israel Bible to provide you a more authentic
Hebrew experience that comes closer to the original source than any other Bible you
may be accustomed to, and you should feel the difference immediately.
The Hebrew Bible is commonly known as the Tanakh which stands for Torah (the
Five Books of Moshe), Nevi’im (the Prophets) and Ketuvim (the Writings). The
Tanakh consists of twenty-four books that are considered by Jews to be the complete
word of God. While these books have been referred to as the ‘Old Testament,’ many
Jews reject this label since it implies the replacement of the Hebrew Bible with
something newer and prefer the more authentic Jewish name, Tanakh.
The Bible is not only the most important book known to man, it is God’s word
which is perfect and absolute. It is therefore a daunting undertaking to publish an
edition of the Bible, and the responsibilities are awesome. There is no room for
error or carelessness in dealing with the eternal word of God. Further, embarking
upon such a serious initiative, we ask ourselves if our efforts are gratuitous? In light
of the many editions of the Bible in print, is there truly a need for yet another?
While there are numerous Bibles in print today including modern devotional editions dedicated to individual themes, the most central aspect of the Bible, the Land
of Israel, has been until now entirely overlooked. References to the Land of Israel
appear on nearly every page, and the city of Jerusalem is specifically referred to
hundreds of times throughout the Bible. The Israel Bible seeks to fill this important
void in Biblical literature by providing an original commentary to help explain
God’s focus on the Land of Israel. Our unique commentary rests alongside the
original Hebrew text of the Bible and a classic English translation prepared by the
Jewish Publication Society.
Since the original language of the Bible is Hebrew, a language that reads from the
right to the left, The Israel Bible follows the convention of all Hebrew books and
opens in a way that might feel like reading backwards for the uninitiated English
reader. Another difference is that while the text is the same in the Hebrew Bible
and in Christian editions of the Old Testament, the ordering of the books and the
division into chapters occasionally differ. The Israel Bible follows the traditional Jewish ordering of the books and the customary Hebrew division of chapters.
Throughout history, Jews have always studied the Bible in Hebrew, as any form of
translation would miss much of the nuance of the original holy tongue in which it has
been transmitted since the days of Moshe. However, as many Jews settled in America
in the nineteenth century, the need for an English translation became necessary. To
be sure, there were already English translations prepared over the centuries by Christians, but in the words of the original editors of the Jewish Publication Society (JPS),
“The Jew cannot afford to have his Bible translation prepared for him by others. He
cannot have it as a gift, even as he cannot borrow his soul from others.”
JPS set out in the late 1800s to publish an authoritative English translation “in the
spirit of Jewish tradition.” It was compiled over the course of twenty five years by
some of the leading Jewish scholars and academics of the time who used rigorous academic methods in preparing the translation. The editorial board formed
committees and subcommittees to compare existing English versions, taking into
account medieval and modern Jewish commentators. When the JPS translation was
published in 1917, it represented a monumental achievement as the first Jewish
Bible prepared by a learned group of scholars. For nearly one hundred years, the
JPS English translation has been preferred by individual Jews and synagogues and is
proudly the translation used in The Israel Bible.
In order to stay as authentic as possible to the Biblical Hebrew, many key names of
people and places have been transliterated in The Israel Bible. For example Abraham is Avraham, Isaac is Yitzchak and Jerusalem is Yerushalayim. Select verses that
emphasize the significance of the Land of Israel have also been transliterated and
are highlighted in a blue textbox throughout The Israel Bible. There are various
standards when it comes to transliterating Hebrew words into English letters. While
we have relied primarily on the Classical Hebrew transliteration, we have occasionally deviated for the sake of simplicity, clarity and to reflect common usage.
Never before has the Land of Israel been at the forefront of the world’s attention
as it is in our generation. Efforts to vilify the Jewish State seem to expand every day
across the globe, as does the growing movement of Biblical Tzionists who stand with
the nation of Israel as an expression of their commitment to God’s word. As we
seek to understand the clash of these two worldviews and look to make sense of the
modern world’s obsession with Israel, the need for The Israel Bible has never been so
important as it is today.
From the land which has always served as the home for the Bible, it is our fervent
prayer that the Almighty bless our efforts in offering this Tanakh to influence the
hearts, minds and actions of its readers. Standing on the great shoulders of those
who came before us, may The Israel Bible be a small contribution in bringing about
the final redemption of Israel and the world.
Rabbi Naphtali Weisz
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel
January 2014, Shevat 5774
Hebrew Transliteration of Select Proper Nouns
Appearing in the Book of Daniel (‫)דניאל‬
Hebrew Common
B'nei Yisrael
Name in Hebrew
‫אֲ חַ ְׁשוֵרוֹׁש‬
‫עַ ּמוֹן‬
‫עֲ ז ְַריָה‬
‫ּבְ נֵי י ְִׂש ָראֵ ל‬
‫ּבָ בֶ ל‬
‫ּבֵ לְ ַׁשאּצַ ר‬
‫חֲ נַנְ יָה‬
‫ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫ָד ְר ָיוֶׁש‬
‫אֱ דוֹם‬
‫ּכו ֶֹרׁש‬
‫ִמיכָאֵ ל‬
‫יׁשאֵ ל‬
ָ ‫ִמ‬
‫ִמ ְצ ָריִם‬
‫נְ בּוכ ְַדנֶאּצַ ר‬
‫ּפָ ַרס‬
‫יָוָ ן‬
‫יְה ֹוי ִָקים‬
ָ ‫י‬
‫ְרּוׁש ִ ַלים‬
ָ ‫י‬
‫י ְִר ְמיָהּו‬
English Name
Children of Israel
b’-NAY yis-ra-AYL
Introduction to the Book of Daniel
Batya Markowitz
The Book of Daniel is the story of the Jewish people in exile, longing to return
to the Land of Israel. Part of the book is even written in Aramaic, reflecting the
language that was spoken in Babylon during the exile.
The book opens with the exile of Daniel and his contemporaries from the Holy
Land to Babylon. There, he and his contemporaries are chosen to serve in
Nebuchadnezzar’s court. When Daniel succeeds at interpreting the king’s dream,
he is promoted to a high position. Daniel serves in the royal court throughout the
rule of Nebuchadnezzar until the downfall of Babylon in the days of Belshazzar,
Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson and retains a position of power even when Darius of
Media ascends the throne.
Daniel is an extremely righteous and talented leader. When Darius’ officials
try to incriminate him, “they could find no occasion nor fault; forasmuch as
he was faithful, neither was there any error or fault found in him”(Daniel 6:5).
Throughout the second half of the book, Daniel mourns the destruction of the
Temples and all the exiles the Jews are to experience, and grieves over all the
suffering they bring with them.
The book of Daniel tells of the dangers of exile, both physical and spiritual,
encountered in foreign lands. Throughout the book, there are various attempts
made to sever the Jews’ connection with their God and their land. Hananiah,
Mishael and Azariah are thrown into a furnace when they refuse to worship
Nebuchadnezzar’s idol. Daniel is thrown into a lions’ den when he continues
to pray to God, contrary to the king’s decree. These righteous leaders are saved
miraculously each time, showing the Jews that God has not abandoned them. This
reassures the Jewish people that they are still connected to the Lord despite the
exile, and will one day return to the Land of Israel as He promised.
The book is full of visions regarding the first exile, Nebuchadnezzar’s rule,
and all subsequent exiles until the arrival of the Messiah. The Jews in exile are
encouraged when they see that Nebuchadnezzar receives divine retribution
for having destroyed Jerusalem and its Temple. They see that the words of the
prophets are indeed fulfilled when Babylon’s rule is ended suddenly after seventy
years, just as Jeremiah had predicted before they left the Land of Israel (Jeremiah
29:10). In the middle of a feast celebrating the fact that God has forsaken the Jews
in this foreign land, Belshazzar sees the “writing on the wall,” showing that God
has indeed calculated the seventy years, and that Babylon will be overrun by the
Persian and Median empires.
The second half of the book is made up of the prophetic visions that Daniel
received during this time period. The visions are graphic and often ominous,
foretelling the future exiles and suffering that the Jewish people will endure.
At the same time, the visions are vague and obscure, allowing for various
interpretations and fulfillment.
The medieval Rabbi Judah Halevi writes in his philosophical work, The Kuzari,
that as a general rule prophecy can only be received in the Land of Israel. Daniel,
however, was able to receive prophetic visions in Babylon because they were
about, and for the sake of, the Land of Israel. They foretold the return of the
Jews to their homeland in the time of the second Temple, as well as their ultimate
return at the end of days. These prophecies encouraged Daniel and the Jews of
his generation, and they continue to encourage Jews for all ages.
Throughout history the Jewish people have been persecuted in foreign lands. The
Book of Daniel is a study of Jewish survival in exile and ultimate redemption.
Batya Markowitz has been in love with the Bible for years. She is a two time National Bible
Contest winner, which awarded her the opportunity to come to Israel to participate in the
international Bible competition and tour the land. Growing up in Toronto, her dream was
to make aliyah to Israel and become a Bible teacher. Today, Batya lives with her husband in
the heart of Jerusalem, fulfilling both of those goals.
Hebrew AlpHA b e T c H A rT
‫ג ד ה ו ז‬
‫ּכ כ ך ל מ‬
‫ס ע ּפ פ ף‬
‫ר ׁש ׂש ּת ת‬
If there is a vowel underneath the letter, the
sound of the vowel is pronounced. If there is
no vowel underneath, the letter remains silent.
In Hebrew there are two types of Sh’vas.
A sh’va na is considered a vowel and is
pronounced. This is represented in our
transliteration by the apostrophe (’) and
pronounced like the ‘e’ in father. The other
sh’va, the sh’va nakh, indicates the end of a
syllable. It does not have its own sound, and
therefore no phonetic representation.
A kamatz katan looks like a regular kamatz
but is pronounced like a kholam.
The Hebrew alphabet has a unique feature
known as gematriya, in which every letter is
assigned a numerical value.
Silent 1
Above each letter is its numeric value
‫אּו‬/ ֻ‫אֶ א‬
‘u’ in junior
’ (apostrophe)
‘e’ in Edward
‘ay’ in day
Final Nun
Silent 1
‫א ּב‬
‫ח ט‬
‫ם נ‬
‫צ ץ‬
Final Pey
Final Khaf
Final Mem
Final Tzadi
Vowels: The Aleph is silent1 so we will use it in the example for each sound
Kheerik Khasayr
‘i’ in igloo
Kamatz Katan3
‘o’ in host
‘a’ in hurrah
‫אוׂ ִאי‬/ׂ‫ַאי א‬
Kheerik Malay
‘ee’ in street
‘o’ in host
Patakh + Yud
‘ai’ in aisle
‘a’ in hurrah
Kamatz + Yud
‘ai’ in aisle
Daniel 1:1 - 1:5
‫ה‬:‫ א‬- ‫א‬:‫לאינד א‬
In the third year of the reign of
Yehoyakim king of Yehuda came Nevuchadnetzar king of Bavel unto Yerushalayim,
and besieged it.
‫ לְ מַ לְ כּות‬,‫ּבִ ְׁשנַת ָׁשלוֹׁש‬
‫ְהּודה ּבָ א‬
ָ ‫י‬-‫יְה ֹוי ִָקים מֶ לְֶך‬
‫ וַ ּיָצַ ר‬,‫ְרּוׁש ִ ַלם‬
ָ ‫ּבָ בֶ ל י‬-‫נְבּוכ ְַדנֶאּצַ ר מֶ לְֶך‬
. ָ‫עָ לֶיה‬
2 And the Lord gave Yehoyakim king of
Yehuda into his hand, with part of the vessels of the house of God; and he carried
them into the land of Shinar to the house of
his god, and the vessels he brought into the
treasure-house of his god.
-‫ב וַ ִּי ֵּתן אֲ ֹדנָי ּבְ יָד ֹו אֶ ת‬
‫ּומ ְקצָ ת‬
ִ ,‫הּודה‬
ָ ‫ ְי‬-‫ְיה ֹוי ִָקים מֶ לְֶך‬
‫ וַ ְיבִ יאֵ ם‬,‫ֹלהים‬
ִ ֱ‫הָ א‬-‫ּכְ לֵי בֵ ית‬
;‫ ּבֵ ית אֱ ֹלהָ יו‬,‫ׁשנְ עָ ר‬-‫ץ‬
ִ ‫אֶ ֶר‬
‫ ּבֵ ית אוֹצַ ר‬,‫הַ ּכֵלִ ים הֵ בִ יא‬-‫וְ אֶ ת‬
.‫אֱ ֹלהָ יו‬
va-yi-TAYN a-do-NAI b’-ya-DO et y’-ho-ya-KEEM ME-lekh y’-hu-DAH u-mik-TZAT
k’-LAY vayt ha-e-lo-HEEM vai-vee-AYM E-retz shin-AR bayt e-lo-HAV v’-ET ha-kay-LEEM
hay-VEE bayt o-TZAR e-lo-HAV
3 And the king spoke unto Ashpenaz his
chief officer, that he should bring in certain
of the B'nei Yisrael, and of the seed royal,
and of the nobles,
4 youths in whom was no blemish, but fair
to look on, and skilful in all wisdom, and skilful in knowledge, and discerning in thought,
and such as had ability to stand in the king’s
palace; and that he should teach them the
learning and the tongue of the Chaldeans.
5 And the king appointed for them a
daily portion of the king’s food, and of the
wine which he drank, and that they should
be nourished three years; that at the end
thereof they might stand before the king.
‫ לְ אַ ְׁשּפְ נַז‬,‫ג וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬
‫ לְ הָ בִ יא ִמּבְ נֵי‬:‫ַרב סָ ִריסָ יו‬
ִ ‫ּומּז ֶַרע הַ ְּמלּו ָכה‬
ִ ,‫ִי ְׂש ָראֵ ל‬
.‫הַ ּפַ ְר ְּת ִמים‬
-‫ּבָ הֶ ם ּכָל‬-‫ד ְיל ִָדים אֲ ֶׁשר אֵ ין‬
‫מאּום וְ טוֹבֵ י מַ ְראֶ ה ּומַ ְׂשּכִ לִ ים‬
‫ּומבִ ינֵי‬
ְ ‫ וְ י ְֹדעֵ י ַדעַ ת‬,‫חָ כְ מָ ה‬-‫ּבְ כָל‬
‫ לַעֲ מֹ ד‬,‫ וַ אֲ ֶׁשר ּכֹחַ ּבָ הֶ ם‬,‫מַ ָּדע‬
,‫ּבְ הֵ יכַל הַ ּמֶ לְֶך; ּולְ ל ְַּמ ָדם סֵ פֶ ר‬
.‫ּולְ ׁשוֹן ּכ ְַׂש ִּדים‬
-‫ה וַ ְימַ ן ָלהֶ ם הַ ּמֶ לְֶך ְּדבַ ר‬
‫ּבַ ג הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬-‫ ִמּפַ ת‬,ֹ‫יוֹם ּבְ יוֹמו‬
‫ ָׁשנִ ים‬,‫ ּולְ ג ְַּד ָלם‬,‫ּומּיֵין ִמ ְׁש ָּתיו‬
,‫ּומ ְקצָ ָתם יַעַ ְמדּו‬
ִ ;‫ָׁשלוֹׁש‬
.‫לִ פְ נֵי הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬
1:2 And the Lord gave Yehoyakim king of Yehuda into his hand
The Babylonian exile from the Land of Israel happened in three stages. In the first stage,
Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, deported King Jehoiakim, some young Judeans, and
vessels from the Temple of the Lord. God hoped that the Jews would be shaken up after
this event, repent and avert further punishment. Unfortunately, the Jews ignored this
message and were eventually exiled in two additional stages. The young Jews who first
arrived in Babylon were ultimately able to encourage their brothers who came in the
subsequent rounds of exile. When the later stages of exile arrived, they found Jews such
as Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, in positions of power in the palace. This gave
them the strength to survive, avoid assimilation, and not despair of redemption.
Daniel 1:6 - 1:16
‫זט‬:‫ א‬- ‫ו‬:‫לאינד א‬
6 Now among these were, of the children
of Yehuda, Daniel, Chananiah, Mishael, and
ָ ‫ ִמּבְ נֵי ְי‬,‫ו וַ ְי ִהי בָ הֶ ם‬
‫יׁשאֵ ל‬
ָ ‫ ִמ‬,‫ָּדנִ ּיֵאל חֲ נַנְ יָה‬
.‫וַ עֲ ז ְַריָה‬
ִ ‫ז וַ ּי ֶָׂשם לָהֶ ם ַׂשר הַ ּסָ ִר‬
,‫ֵׁשמוֹת; וַ ּי ֶָׂשם לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל ּבֵ לְ ְט ַׁשאּצַ ר‬
ַ ֵ‫יׁשאֵ ל מ‬
ָ ‫ ּולְ ִמ‬,‫וְ לַחֲ נַנְ יָה ַׁש ְד ַרְך‬
.ֹ‫וְ לַעֲ ז ְַריָה עֲ בֵ ד נְ גו‬
,ֹ‫לִ ּבו‬-‫ח וַ ּי ֶָׂשם ָּדנִ ּיֵאל עַ ל‬
‫ּבַ ג‬-‫ ִי ְתּגַָאל ּבְ פַ ת‬-‫אֲ ֶׁשר ֹלא‬
‫הַ ּמֶ לְֶך ּובְ יֵין ִמ ְׁש ָּתיו; וַ ְיבַ ֵּקׁש‬
‫ אֲ ֶׁשר ֹלא‬,‫יסים‬
ִ ‫ִמ ַּׂשר הַ ּסָ ִר‬
.‫ִי ְתּגָָאל‬
‫ לְ חֶ סֶ ד‬,‫ּדנִ ּיֵאל‬-‫ת‬
ָ ֶ‫אֱֹלהים א‬
ִ ָ‫ט וַ ּי ִֵּתן ה‬
ִ ‫ ַׂשר הַ ּסָ ִר‬,‫ לִ פְ נֵי‬,‫ּולְ ַרחֲ ִמים‬
‫ לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫יסים‬
ִ ‫י וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר ַׂשר הַ ּסָ ִר‬
‫ אֲ ֶׁשר‬,‫אֲ דֹנִ י הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬-‫י ֵָרא אֲ נִ י אֶ ת‬
:‫מ ְׁש ֵּתיכֶם‬-‫ת‬
ִ ֶ‫מַ אֲ כַלְ כֶם וְ א‬-‫ִמּנָה אֶ ת‬
‫ּפְ נֵיכֶם‬-‫אֲ ֶׁשר לָּמָ ה י ְִראֶ ה אֶ ת‬
,‫הַ ְיל ִָדים אֲ ֶׁשר ּכְ גִ ילְ כֶם‬-‫ ִמן‬,‫זֹעֲ פִ ים‬
.‫ לַּמֶ לְֶך‬,‫ֹאׁשי‬
ִ ‫ר‬-‫וְ ִחּיַבְ ֶּתם אֶ ת‬
‫הַ ּמֶ לְ צַ ר‬-‫ אֶ ל‬,‫יא וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫ּדנִ ּיֵאל‬-‫ל‬
ָ ַ‫ ע‬,‫יסים‬
ִ ‫ ַׂשר הַ ּסָ ִר‬,‫אֲ ֶׁשר ִמּנָה‬
.‫יׁשאֵ ל וַעֲ ז ְַריָה‬
ָ ‫ ִמ‬,‫חֲ נַנְ יָה‬
;‫עֲׂש ָרה‬
ָ ‫ י ִָמים‬,‫עֲבָ דֶ יָך‬-‫נָא אֶ ת‬-‫יב נַס‬
‫ וְ נֹ אכְ לָה ּומַ יִם‬,‫הַ ֵּזר ִֹעים‬-‫לָנּו ִמן‬-‫וְ י ְִּתנּו‬
.‫נִׁש ֶּתה‬
ְ ְ‫ו‬
,‫ מַ ְראֵ ינּו‬,‫יג וְ י ֵָראּו לְ פָ נֶיָך‬
‫ הָ אֹ כְ לִ ים אֵ ת‬,‫ּומַ ְראֵ ה הַ ְי ָל ִדים‬
,‫ּבַ ג הַ ּמֶ לְֶך; וְ ַכאֲ ֶׁשר ִּת ְראֵ ה‬-‫ּפַ ת‬
.‫עֲ בָ דֶ יָך‬-‫עֲ ֵׂשה ִעם‬
;‫ ל ַָּדבָ ר הַ ּזֶה‬,‫יד וַ ּי ְִׁשמַ ע לָהֶ ם‬
.‫עֲׂש ָרה‬
ָ ‫ י ִָמים‬,‫וַ ְינַּסֵ ם‬
‫ נִ ְרָאה‬,‫ י ִָמים עֲ ָׂש ָרה‬,‫ּומ ְקצָ ת‬
ִ ‫טו‬
-‫ ִמן‬:‫ ּובְ ִריאֵ י ּבָ ָׂשר‬,‫מַ ְראֵ יהֶ ם טוֹב‬
‫ּבַ ג‬-‫ אֵ ת ּפַ ת‬,‫הַ ְי ָל ִדים הָ אֹ כְ לִ ים‬-‫ָּכל‬
.‫הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬
-‫ּפַ ת‬-‫ נֹ ֵׂשא אֶ ת‬,‫טז וַ י ְִהי הַ ּמֶ לְ צַ ר‬
,‫ ִמ ְׁש ֵּתיהֶ ם; וְ נֹ ֵתן לָהֶ ם‬,‫ וְ יֵין‬,‫ּבָ גָם‬
.‫ז ְֵרעֹנִים‬
7 And the chief of the officers gave names unto
them: unto Daniel he gave the name of Belteshazzar; and to Chananiah, of Shadrach; and to Mishael,
of Meshach; and to Azariah, of Abed-nego.
8 But Daniel purposed in his heart that
he would not defile himself with the king’s
food, nor with the wine which he drank;
therefore he requested of the chief of the
officers that he might not defile himself.
9 And God granted Daniel mercy and compassion in the sight of the chief of the officers.
10 And the chief of the officers said unto
Daniel: ‘I fear my lord the king, who hath appointed your food and your drink; for why
should he see your faces sad in comparison
with the youths that are of your own age? so
would ye endanger my head with the king.’
11 Then said Daniel to the steward, whom
the chief of the officers had appointed over
Daniel, Chananiah, Mishael, and Azariah:
12 ‘Try thy servants, I beseech thee, ten
days; and let them give us pulse to eat, and
water to drink.
13 Then let our countenances be looked
upon before thee, and the countenance of
the youths that eat of the king’s food; and
as thou seest, deal with thy servants.’
14 So he hearkened unto them in this
matter, and tried them ten days.
15 And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer, and they were
fatter in flesh, than all the youths that did
eat of the king’s food.
16 So the steward took away their food,
and the wine that they should drink, and
gave them pulse.
Daniel 1:17 - 2:5
17 Now as for these four youths, God gave
them knowledge and skill in all learning
and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding
in all visions and dreams.
18 And at the end of the days which the
king had appointed for bringing them in,
the chief of the officers brought them in
before Nevuchadnetzar.
19 And the king spoke with them; and
among them all was found none like Daniel,
Chananiah, Mishael, and Azariah; therefore
stood they before the king.
20 And in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king inquired of them, he
found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters that were in all his realm.
21 And Daniel continued even unto the
first year of king Koresh.
And in the second year of the reign
of Nevuchadnetzar Nevuchadnetzar
dreamed dreams; and his spirit was troubled, and his sleep broke from him.
2 Then the king commanded to call the magicians, and the enchanters, and the sorcerers,
and the Chaldeans, to tell the king his dreams.
So they came and stood before the king.
3 And the king said unto them: ‘I have
dreamed a dream, and my spirit is troubled
to know the dream.’
4 Then spoke the Chaldeans to the king
in Aramaic: ‘O king, live for ever! tell thy
servants the dream, and we will declare the
5 The king answered and said to the
Chaldeans: ‘The thing is certain with me; if ye
make not known unto me the dream and the
interpretation thereof, ye shall be cut in pieces,
and your houses shall be made a dunghill.
‫ה‬:‫ ב‬- ‫זי‬:‫לאינד א‬
‫ נ ַָתן‬,‫ַארּבַ ְע ָּתם‬
ְ ‫יז וְ הַ ְיל ִָדים הָ אֵ ּלֶה‬
-‫אֱֹלהים מַ ָּדע וְ הַ ְׂשּכֵל ּבְ כָל‬
ִ ָ‫לָהֶ ם ה‬
‫חָ זוֹן‬-‫ ּבְ כָל‬,‫סֵ פֶ ר וְ חָ כְ מָ ה; וְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל הֵ בִ ין‬
.‫וַחֲ ֹלמוֹת‬
,‫ הַ ּי ִָמים‬,‫יח ּולְ ִמ ְקצָ ת‬
;‫ ַלהֲ בִ יָאם‬,‫ָאמַ ר הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬-‫אֲ ֶׁשר‬
‫ לִ פְ נֵי‬,‫יסים‬
ִ ‫וַ ְיבִ יאֵ ם ַׂשר הַ ּסָ ִר‬
.‫נְ ֻב ַכ ְדנֶּצַ ר‬
‫ וְ ֹלא‬,‫ הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬,‫יט וַ ְי ַדּבֵ ר ִא ָּתם‬
‫ ּכְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל חֲ נַנְ יָה‬,‫נִ ְמצָ א ִמ ֻּכ ָּלם‬
‫ לִ פְ נֵי‬,‫יׁשאֵ ל וַ עֲ ז ְַריָה; וַ ּיַעַ ְמדּו‬
ָ ‫ִמ‬
.‫הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬
-‫ אֲ ֶׁשר‬,‫ ְּדבַ ר חָ כְ מַ ת ּבִ ינָה‬,‫כ וְ כֹל‬
‫ הַ ּמֶ לְֶך וַ ּי ְִמצָ אֵ ם עֶ ֶׂשר‬,‫ּבִ ֵּקׁש מֵ הֶ ם‬
,‫הַ חַ ְרטֻ ִּמים הָ אַ ָּׁשפִ ים‬-‫ עַ ל ּכָל‬,‫יָדוֹת‬
.ֹ‫מַ לְ כּותו‬-‫ ּבְ כָל‬,‫אֲ ֶׁשר‬
,‫ׁשנַת ַאחַ ת‬-‫ד‬
ְ ַ‫ ע‬,‫ ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫כא וַ י ְִהי‬
.‫לְ כו ֶֹרׁש הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬
‫ לְ מַ לְ כּות‬,‫ּובִ ְׁשנַת ְׁש ַּתיִם‬
,‫ חָ לַם נְ ֻבכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬,‫נְ ֻבכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬
‫ּוׁשנָת ֹו‬
ְ ,ֹ‫וַּת ְתּפָ עֶ ם רּוחו‬
ִ ;‫חֲ ֹלמוֹת‬
.‫נִהי ְָתה עָ לָיו‬
‫ב וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר הַ ּמֶ לְֶך לִ ְקרֹא לַחַ ְרטֻ ִּמים‬
,‫ וְ ל ְַמכ ְַּׁשפִ ים וְ ַלּכ ְַׂש ִּדים‬,‫וְ לָאַ ָּׁשפִ ים‬
,‫ֹלמֹתיו; וַ ּיָבֹאּו‬
ָ ֲ‫ ח‬,‫לְ הַ ּגִיד לַּמֶ לְֶך‬
.‫וַ ּיַעַ ְמדּו לִ פְ נֵי הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬
‫ חֲ לוֹם‬,‫ג וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר לָהֶ ם הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬
-‫ ל ַָדעַ ת אֶ ת‬,‫רּוחי‬
ִ ‫וַּתּפָ עֶ ם‬
ִ ;‫חָ ל ְָמ ִּתי‬
.‫הַ חֲ לוֹם‬
,‫ד וַ י ְַדּבְ רּו הַ ּכ ְַׂש ִּדים לַּמֶ לְֶך‬
‫ לְ עָ לְ ִמין חֱ יִי אֱ מַ ר‬,‫ מַ לְ ּכָא‬:‫אֲ ָר ִמית‬
‫ ּופִ ְׁש ָרא‬,)‫חֶ לְ מָ א לעבדיך (לְ עַ בְ ָדְך‬
.‫נְ חַ ּוֵא‬
‫ה עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא וְ ָאמַ ר לכשדיא‬
‫ הֵ ן‬:‫ ִמּלְ ָתה ִמּנִ י ַאזְ ָּדא‬,)‫(לְ כ ְַׂש ָּדאֵ י‬
,‫ חֶ לְ מָ א ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬,‫לָא ְתהו ְֹדעּוּנַנִ י‬
‫ ּובָ ֵּתיכוֹן נְ וָ לִ י‬,‫הַ ָּד ִמין ִּת ְתעַ בְ דּון‬
.‫י ְִּת ָׂשמּון‬
Daniel 2:6 - 2:15
6 But if ye declare the dream and the interpretation thereof, ye shall receive of me gifts and
rewards and great honour; only declare unto
me the dream and the interpretation thereof.’
7 They answered the second time and said:
‘Let the king tell his servants the dream, and
we will declare the interpretation.’
8 The king answered and said: ‘I know of
a truth that ye would gain time, inasmuch
as ye see the thing is certain with me,
9 that, if ye make not known unto me the
dream, there is but one law for you; and ye have
agreed together to speak before me lying and
corrupt words, till the time be changed; only
tell me the dream, and I shall know that ye can
declare unto me the interpretation thereof.’
10 The Chaldeans answered before the king,
and said: ‘There is not a man upon the earth that
can declare the king’s matter; forasmuch as no
great and powerful king hath asked such a thing
of any magician, or enchanter, or Chaldean.
11 And it is a hard thing that the king
asketh, and there is none other that can
declare it before the king, except the gods,
whose dwelling is not with flesh.’
12 For this cause the king was angry and
very furious, and commanded to destroy all
the wise men of Bavel.
13 So the decree went forth, and the wise
men were to be slain; and they sought Daniel and his companions to be slain.
14 Then Daniel returned answer with
counsel and discretion to Arioch the captain of the king’s guard, who was gone forth
to slay the wise men of Bavel;
15 he answered and said to Arioch the
king’s captain: ‘Wherefore is the decree so
peremptory from the king?’ Then Arioch
made the thing known to Daniel.
‫וט‬:‫ ב‬- ‫ו‬:‫לאינד ב‬
,‫ ְּתהַ חֲ ו‍ֹן‬,‫ו וְ הֵ ן חֶ לְ מָ א ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬
‫ ְּת ַקּבְ לּון‬,‫יקר ַׂשּגִ יא‬
ָ ִ‫מַ ְּתנָן ּונְ בִ זְ ּבָ ה ו‬
‫ חֶ לְ מָ א ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬,‫ק ָדמָ י; לָהֵ ן‬-‫ן‬
ֳ ‫ִמ‬
.‫הַ חֲ ו‍ֹנִ י‬
,‫ מַ לְ ּכָא‬:‫ָאמ ִרין‬
ְ ְ‫ ו‬,‫ז עֲנ ֹו ִתנְ יָנּות‬
‫חֶ לְ מָ א יֵאמַ ר לְ עַ בְ דו ִֹהי ּופִ ְׁש ָרה‬
.‫נְהַ חֲ וֵה‬
‫י ִַּציב י ַָדע‬-‫ וְ ָאמַ ר ִמן‬,‫ח עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫קבֵ ל‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫ ִּדי ִע ָּדנָא ַאנְּתּון זָבְ נִין; ּכ‬,‫אֲ נָה‬
.‫ַאזְּדא ִמּנִי ִמּלְ ָתא‬
ָ ‫ ִּדי‬,‫ִּדי חֲ זֵיתוֹן‬
‫חֶ לְ מָ א לָא ְתהו ְֹדעֻ ּנַנִ י‬-‫ט ִּדי הֵ ן‬
‫ּומּלָה כִ ְדבָ ה‬
ִ ,‫היא ָד ְתכוֹן‬-‫ה‬
ִ ‫חֲ ָד‬
)‫(הזְ ְּד ִמנְ ּתּון‬
ִ ‫יתה הזמנתון‬
ָ ‫ּוׁש ִח‬
,‫ עַ ד ִּדי ִע ָּדנָא‬,‫לְ מֵ אמַ ר ָק ָדמַ י‬
,‫ חֶ לְ מָ א אֱ מַ רּו לִ י‬,‫י ְִׁש ַּתּנֵא; לָהֵ ן‬
.‫ ִּדי פִ ְׁש ֵרּה ְּתהַ חֲ ֻוּנַנִ י‬,‫וְ ִאנְ ַּדע‬
,‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫י עֲנ ֹו כשדיא (כ ְַׂש ָּדאֵ י) ֳק ָדם‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫יַּבֶ ְׁש ָּתא‬-‫יתי אֱ נָׁש עַ ל‬
ַ ‫א‬-‫ָא‬
ִ ‫ָאמ ִרין ל‬
ְ ְ‫ו‬
,‫קבֵ ל‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫ ּכ‬:‫ִמּלַת מַ לְ ּכָא יּוכַל לְהַ חֲ וָ יָה‬
‫ ִמּלָה כִ ְדנָה לָא‬,‫מֶ לְֶך ַרב וְ ַׁשּלִיט‬-‫ִּדי ּכָל‬
.‫חַ ְרטֹם וְ אָ ַׁשף וְ כ ְַׂש ָּדי‬-‫ לְ כָל‬,‫ְׁשאֵ ל‬
,‫ י ִַּק ָירה‬,‫מַ לְ ּכָה ָׁשאֵ ל‬-‫ּומּלְ ָתא ִדי‬
ִ ‫יא‬
‫ ִּדי יְחַ ּוִ ּנַּה ֳק ָדם‬,‫יתי‬
ַ ‫וְ ָאחֳ ָרן לָא ִא‬
-‫ ִעם‬,‫מַ לְ ּכָא; לָהֵ ן אֱ ל ִָהין ִּדי ְמ ָד ְרהוֹן‬
.‫ּבִ ְׂש ָרא לָא ִאיתו ִֹהי‬
‫ּוקצַ ף‬
ְ ‫ ּבְ נַס‬,‫קבֵ ל ְּדנָה מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫יב ּכ‬
‫ חַ ּכִ ימֵ י‬,‫ לְ כֹל‬,‫ לְ הוֹבָ ָדה‬,‫ַׂשּגִיא; וַאֲ מַ ר‬
.‫בָ בֶ ל‬
‫ וְ חַ ּכִ ימַ ּיָא‬,‫יג וְ ָד ָתא נֶפְ ַקת‬
,‫ִמ ְת ַק ְּטלִ ין; ּובְ ע ֹו ָּדנִ ּיֵאל וְ חַ בְ רו ִֹהי‬
.‫לְ ִה ְת ְקטָ לָה‬
‫ הֲ ִתיב עֵ טָ א‬,‫אדיִן ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬
ַ ֵ‫יד ּב‬
‫טַ ּבָ חַ ּיָא ִּדי‬-‫ ַרב‬,‫ַאריוְֹך‬
ְ ְ‫ ל‬,‫ּוטעֵ ם‬
‫ לְ חַ ּכִ ימֵ י‬,‫מַ לְ ּכָא ִּדי נְ פַ ק לְ ַקּטָ לָה‬
.‫ּבָ בֶ ל‬
‫ַאריוְֹך ַׁשּלִ יטָ א‬
ְ ְ‫ ל‬,‫טו עָ נֵה וְ ָאמַ ר‬
,‫מָ ה ָד ָתא ְמהַ ְח ְצפָ ה‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ִדי‬
‫ הו ַֹדע‬,‫אֱדיִן ִמּלְ ָתא‬
ַ ;‫ק ָדם מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ן‬
ֳ ‫ִמ‬
.‫ַאריוְֹך לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
Daniel 2:16 - 2:25
‫הכ‬:‫ ב‬- ‫זט‬:‫לאינד ב‬
16 Then Daniel went in, and desired of the
king that he would give him time, that he
might declare unto the king the interpretation.
:‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ עַ ל ּובְ עָ ה ִמן‬,‫טז וְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫ ּופִ ְׁש ָרא לְ הַ חֲ וָ יָה‬,‫לֵּה‬-‫ִנְּתן‬
ִ ‫ִּדי זְמָ ן י‬
.‫לְ מַ לְ ּכָא‬
;‫ לְ בַ י ְֵתּה אֲ זַל‬,‫אֱדיִן ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬
ַ ‫יז‬
,‫יׁשאֵ ל וַעֲ ז ְַריָה חַ בְ רו ִֹהי‬
ָ ‫וְ לַחֲ נַנְ יָה ִמ‬
.‫ִמּלְ ָתא הו ַֹדע‬
‫ק ָדם אֱ לָּה‬-‫ן‬
ֳ ‫ לְ ִמבְ עֵ א ִמ‬,‫יח וְ ַרחֲ ִמין‬
‫ ְּדנָה ִּדי לָא יְהוֹבְ דּון‬,‫רזָא‬-‫ל‬
ָ ַ‫ ע‬,‫ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
‫ׁשָאר חַ ּכִ ימֵ י‬-‫ם‬
ְ ‫ ִע‬,‫ָּדנִ ּיֵאל וְ חַ בְ רו ִֹהי‬
.‫בָ בֶ ל‬
‫לֵילְ יָא‬-‫ לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל ּבְ חֶ זְוָא ִדי‬,‫אֱדיִן‬
ַ ‫יט‬
‫ לֶאֱ לָּה‬,‫ ּבָ ִרְך‬,‫ ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫אֱדיִן‬
ַ ;‫ָרזָא גְלִ י‬
.‫ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
‫ וְ ָאמַ ר לֶהֱ וֵא ְׁשמֵ ּה‬,‫כ עָ נֵה ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
:‫עָ לְמָ א וְ עַ ד עָ לְמָ א‬-‫ ִמן‬,‫אֱ לָהָ א ְמבָ ַרְך‬-‫ִּדי‬
ִ ‫ ִּדי ל‬,‫ּוגְבּור ָתא‬
‫ִּדי חָ כְ ְמ ָתא‬
,‫זִמ ַנּיָא‬
ְ ְ‫ ו‬,‫כא וְ הּוא ְמהַ ְׁשנֵא ִע ָּד ַנּיָא‬
‫ּומהָ ֵקים מַ לְ כִ ין; יָהֵ ב‬
ְ ,‫ְמהַ ְעּדֵ ה מַ לְ כִ ין‬
‫נְּדעָ א לְ י ְָדעֵ י‬
ְ ַ‫ ּומ‬,‫ימין‬
ִ ִ‫חָ כְ ְמ ָתא לְ חַ ּכ‬
.‫בִ ינָה‬
,‫יק ָתא‬
ָ ‫כב הּוא ָּגלֵא עַ ִּמ‬
,‫ּומסַ ְּת ָר ָתא; י ַָדע מָ ה בַ חֲ ׁש ֹוכָא‬
.‫ונהירא (ּונְהו ָֹרא) ִעּמֵ ּה ְׁש ֵרא‬
‫ ְמהוֹדֵ א‬,‫כג לְָך אֱ לָּה אֲ בָ הָ ִתי‬
‫ ִּדי חָ כְ ְמ ָתא‬,‫ּומ ַׁשּבַ ח אֲ נָה‬
‫ יְהַ בְ ְּת לִ י; ּוכְ עַ ן הו ַֹד ְע ַּתנִ י‬,‫בּור ָתא‬
ְ ְ‫ּוג‬
‫מּלַת מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫י‬
ִ ‫ ִּד‬,‫בְ עֵ ינָא ִמּנְָך‬-‫ִּדי‬
.‫הו ַֹד ְע ֶּתנָא‬
‫ ָּדנִ ּיֵאל עַ ל‬,‫קבֵ ל ְּדנָה‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫כד ּכ‬
‫ לְ הוֹבָ ָדה‬,‫ ִּדי מַ ּנִ י מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫ַאריוְֹך‬-‫ל‬
,‫לֵּה‬-‫לְ חַ ּכִ ימֵ י בָ בֶ ל; אֲ זַל וְ כֵן אֲ מַ ר‬
‫ּתהוֹבֵ ד הַ עֵ לְ נִ י‬-‫ַאל‬
‫לְ חַ ּכִ ימֵ י בָ בֶ ל‬
‫ ּופִ ְׁש ָרא לְ מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫ֳק ָדם מַ לְ ּכָא‬
.‫אֲ חַ ּוֵא‬
,‫ַאריוְֹך ּבְ ִה ְתּבְ הָ לָה‬
ְ ‫כה אֱ ַדיִן‬
‫הַ נְ עֵ ל לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל ֳק ָדם מַ לְ ּכָא; וְ כֵן‬
‫ּבְ נֵי‬-‫הַ ְׁשּכַחַ ת ּגְ בַ ר ִמן‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫לֵּה‬-‫אֲ מַ ר‬
‫ לְ מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫ ִּדי פִ ְׁש ָרא‬,‫ָלּותא ִּדי יְהּוד‬
ָ ‫ג‬
.‫יְהו ַֹדע‬
17 Then Daniel went to his house, and
made the thing known to Chananiah,
Mishael, and Azariah, his companions;
18 that they might ask mercy of the God
of heaven concerning this secret; that Daniel and his companions should not perish
with the rest of the wise men of Bavel.
19 Then was the secret revealed unto
Daniel in a vision of the night. Then Daniel
blessed the God of heaven.
20 Daniel spoke and said: Blessed be the
name of God from everlasting even unto
everlasting; for wisdom and might are His;
21 And He changeth the times and the
seasons; He removeth kings, and setteth up
kings; He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and
knowledge to them that know understanding;
22 He revealeth the deep and secret
things; He knoweth what is in the darkness,
and the light dwelleth with Him.
23 I thank Thee, and praise Thee, O Thou
God of my fathers, who hast given me wisdom and might, and hast now made known
unto me what we desired of Thee; for Thou
hast made known unto us the king’s matter.
24 Therefore Daniel went in unto Arioch,
whom the king had appointed to destroy
the wise men of Bavel; he went and said
thus unto him: ‘Destroy not the wise men of
Bavel; bring me in before the king, and I will
declare unto the king the interpretation.’
25 Then Arioch brought in Daniel before
the king in haste, and said thus unto him:
‘I have found a man of the children of the
captivity of Yehuda, that will make known
unto the king the interpretation.’
Daniel 2:26 - 2:35
26 The king spoke and said to Daniel,
whose name was Belteshazzar: ‘Art thou able
to make known unto me the dream which I
have seen, and the interpretation thereof?’
27 Daniel answered before the king, and
said: ‘The secret which the king hath asked
can neither wise men, enchanters, magicians, nor astrologers, declare unto the king;
28 but there is a God in heaven that
revealeth secrets, and He hath made known
to the king Nevuchadnetzar what shall be in
the end of days. Thy dream, and the visions
of thy head upon thy bed, are these:
29 as for thee, O king, thy thoughts came [into
thy mind] upon thy bed, what should come to
pass hereafter; and He that revealeth secrets hath
made known to thee what shall come to pass.
30 But as for me, this secret is not revealed
to me for any wisdom that I have more than
any living, but to the intent that the interpretation may be made known to the king, and that
thou mayest know the thoughts of thy heart.
31 Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great
image. This image, which was mighty, and
whose brightness was surpassing, stood before
thee; and the appearance thereof was terrible.
32 As for that image, its head was of fine
gold, its breast and its arms of silver, its belly
and its thighs of brass,
33 its legs of iron, its feet part of iron and
part of clay.
34 Thou sawest till that a stone was cut
out without hands, which smote the image
upon its feet that were of iron and clay, and
broke them to pieces.
35 Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the
silver, and the gold, broken in pieces together,
and became like the chaff of the summer
threshing-floors; and the wind carried them
‫הל‬:‫ ב‬- ‫וכ‬:‫לאינד ב‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫כו עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא וְ ָאמַ ר לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
ָ ‫ האיתיך (הַ ִא‬:‫ְׁשמֵ ּה ּבֵ לְ ְט ַׁשאּצַ ר‬
‫חֲ זֵית‬-‫עֻתנִי חֶ לְ מָ א ִדי‬
ַ ‫ לְ הו ָֹד‬,‫ּכָהֵ ל‬
.‫ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬
:‫ וְ ָאמַ ר‬,‫כז עָ נֵה ָדנִ ּיֵאל ֳק ָדם מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ִ ִ‫מַ לְ ּכָא ָׁשאֵ ל לָא חַ ּכ‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫ָרזָא‬
‫ יָכְ לִ ין לְ הַ חֲ וָ יָה‬,‫אָ ְׁשפִ ין חַ ְרטֻ ִּמין ּג ִָזְרין‬
.‫לְ מַ לְ ּכָא‬
,‫יתי אֱ לָּה ּבִ ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
ַ ‫כח ּבְ ַרם ִא‬
‫ וְ הו ַֹדע לְ מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫ָּגלֵא ָרזִ ין‬
‫ מָ ה ִּדי לֶהֱ וֵא ּבְ ַאחֲ ִרית‬,‫נְ בּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬
-‫אׁשְך עַ ל‬
ָ ‫יוֹמַ ּיָא; חֶ לְ מָ ְך וְ חֶ זְ וֵי ֵר‬
.‫ ְּדנָה הּוא‬,‫ִמ ְׁשּכְ בָ ְך‬
‫ ַר ְעי ֹונְָך‬,‫(ַאנְּת) מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫כט אנתה‬
,‫ מָ ה ִּדי לֶהֱ וֵא‬,‫מ ְׁשּכְ בָ ְך ְסלִ קּו‬-‫ל‬
ִ ַ‫ע‬
ִ ָ‫ מ‬,‫ַאחֲ ֵרי ְדנָה; וְ ָגלֵא ָר ַזּיָא הו ְֹדעָ ְך‬
.‫לֶהֱ וֵא‬
ַ ‫א‬-‫י‬
ִ ‫ ָלא בְ חָ כְ מָ ה ִּד‬,‫ל וַ אֲ נָה‬
‫ ּגֱלִ י‬,‫ ָרזָא ְדנָה‬,‫חַ ַּיּיָא‬-‫ ָּכל‬-‫ּבִ י ִמן‬
‫ּדבְ ַרת ִּדי פִ ְׁש ָרא‬-‫ל‬
ִ ַ‫ ע‬,‫לִ י; ָלהֵ ן‬
,‫ וְ ַר ְעי ֹונֵי לִ בְ בָ ְך‬,‫לְ מַ לְ ָּכא ְיהו ְֹדעּון‬
.‫ִּתנְ ַּדע‬
‫ חָ זֵה הֲ וַ י ְָת‬,‫(ַאנְּת) מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫לא אנתה‬
‫וַאֲ לּו ְצלֵם חַ ד ַׂשּגִיא צַ לְ מָ א ִּדּכֵן ַרב‬
,‫ ָקאֵ ם לְ ָקבְ לְָך; וְ ֵרוֵּה‬,‫וְ זִיוֵּה י ִַּתיר‬
.‫ְּד ִחיל‬
‫דהַ ב‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫אׁשּה ִּד‬
ֵ ‫ ֵר‬,‫לב הּוא צַ לְ מָ א‬
‫ ִּדי כְ סַ ף; ְמעו ִֹהי‬,‫ חֲ דו ִֹהי ְּוד ָרעו ִֹהי‬,‫טָ ב‬
.‫ ִּדי נְחָ ׁש‬,‫וְ י ְַרכ ֵָתּה‬
‫ ִּדי פַ ְרזֶל; ַרגְלו ִֹהי מנהון‬,‫לג ָׁשקו ִֹהי‬
.‫(ּומּנְהֵ ן) ִּדי חֲ סַ ף‬
ִ ‫ ומנהון‬,‫(מּנְהֵ ן) ִּדי פַ ְרזֶל‬
‫ עַ ד ִּדי ִה ְתּגְ ז ֶֶרת אֶ בֶ ן‬,‫לד חָ זֵה הֲ וַ י ְָת‬
-‫ּומחָ ת לְ צַ לְ מָ א עַ ל‬
ְ ,‫לָא בִ ַידיִן‬-‫ִּדי‬
,‫ ִּדי פַ ְרזְ לָא וְ חַ ְסּפָ א; וְ הַ ּדֵ ֶקת‬,‫ַרגְלו ִֹהי‬
‫אד ִין ָּדקּו ַכחֲ ָדה ּפַ ְרזְ ָלא‬
ַ ֵ‫לה ּב‬
,‫חַ ְסּפָ א נְ חָ ָׁשא ַּכ ְסּפָ א וְ ַדהֲ בָ א‬
‫ ּונְ ָׂשא‬,‫ק ִיט‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫א ְּד ֵר‬-‫ן‬
ִ ‫וַ הֲ ו ֹו ּכְ עּור ִמ‬
-‫אֲ ַתר ָלא‬-‫ וְ ָכל‬,‫ִהּמוֹן רּוחָ א‬
Daniel 2:35 - 2:44
‫דמ‬:‫ ב‬- ‫הל‬:‫לאינד ב‬
away, so that no place was found for them;
and the stone that smote the image became a
great mountain, and filled the whole earth.
‫מחָ ת‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫ִה ְׁש ְּת ַכח לְ הוֹן; וְ ַאבְ נָא ִּד‬
‫ּומ ָלאת‬
ְ ‫ הֲ וָ ת לְ טּור ַרב‬,‫לְ צַ לְ מָ א‬
.‫ַארעָ א‬-‫ל‬
ְ ‫ָּכ‬
36 This is the dream; and we will tell the
interpretation thereof before the king.
37 Thou, O king, king of kings, unto whom
the God of heaven hath given the kingdom,
the power, and the strength, and the glory;
38 and wheresoever the children of men, the
beasts of the field, and the fowls of the heaven dwell,
hath He given them into thy hand, and hath made
thee to rule over them all; thou art the head of gold.
39 And after thee shall arise another
kingdom inferior to thee; and another
third kingdom of brass, which shall bear
rule over all the earth.
40 And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as
iron; forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and
beateth down all things; and as iron that crusheth all these, shall it break in pieces and crush.
41 And whereas thou sawest the feet and
toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, it
shall be a divided kingdom; but there shall be
in it of the firmness of the iron, forasmuch as
thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.
42 And as the toes of the feet were part of
iron, and part of clay, so part of the kingdom
shall be strong, and part thereof broken.
43 And whereas thou sawest the iron
mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle
themselves by the seed of men; but they
shall not cleave one to another, even as iron
doth not mingle with clay.
44 And in the days of those kings shall
the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which
shall never be destroyed; nor shall the
kingdom be left to another people; it shall
break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, but it shall stand for ever.
‫ ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה נֵאמַ ר‬,‫לו ְּדנָה חֶ לְ מָ א‬
.‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ֳק ָדם‬
‫ מֶ לְֶך‬,‫(ַאנְּת) מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫לז אנתה‬
ָ ְ‫ מַ ל‬,‫ ִּדי אֱ לָּה ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬:‫מַ לְ ַכּיָא‬
.‫לְָך‬-‫יק ָרא יְהַ ב‬
ָ ִ‫ִח ְסנָא וְ ָת ְקּפָ א ו‬
-‫ּדי דארין ָ(די ְִרין) ּבְ נֵי‬-‫ָל‬
ִ ‫לח ּובְ כ‬
‫ יְהַ ב‬,‫ׁשמַ ּיָא‬-‫ֹף‬
ְ ‫אֲ נ ָָׁשא חֵ יוַת ּבָ ָרא וְ עו‬
-‫ ּבְ כָּלְ הוֹן; אנתה‬,‫ וְ הַ ְׁשלְ טָ ְך‬,‫ּבִ ָידְך‬
.‫אׁשה ִּדי ַדהֲ בָ א‬
ָ ‫ ֵר‬,‫) הּוא‬-‫(ַאנְּת‬
‫ ְּתקּום מַ לְ כּו ָאחֳ ִרי‬,‫לט ּובָ ְת ָרְך‬
‫ארעא (אֲ ַרע) ִמּנְָך; ּומַ לְ כּו תליתיא‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫יתָאה) ָאחֳ ִרי ִּדי נְחָ ָׁשא‬
ָ ִ‫(תל‬
.‫ַארעָ א‬-‫ָל‬
ְ ‫ִת ְׁשלַט ּבְ כ‬
,)‫ רביעיה ְ(רבִ יעָ ָאה‬,‫מ ּומַ לְ כּו‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫קבֵ ל‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫ ּכְ פַ ְרזְ לָא; ּכ‬,‫ֶּתהֱ וֵא ַת ִּקיפָ ה‬
‫ ּוכְ פַ ְרזְ לָא‬,‫פַ ְרזְ לָא ְמהַ ּדֵ ק וְ חָ ֵׁשל ֹּכּלָא‬
. ַ‫ ַּת ִּדק וְ ֵתרֹע‬,‫אּלֵן‬-‫ָל‬
ִ ‫מ ָרעַ ע ּכ‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫ִּד‬
,‫חֲ ַזי ְָתה ַרגְ ַלּיָא וְ אֶ ְצּבְ עָ ָתא‬-‫מא וְ ִדי‬
‫פֶחָ ר ומנהון‬-‫(מּנְהֵ ן) חֲ סַ ף ִּדי‬
ִ ‫מנהון‬
ִ ,‫(ּומּנְהֵ ן) ּפַ ְרזֶל מַ לְכּו פְ לִיגָה ֶּתהֱ וֵה‬
ֳ ‫בַ ּה; ּכ‬-‫פַ ְרזְ לָא לֶהֱ וֵא‬-‫נִצּבְ ָתא ִדי‬
.‫ ּפַ ְרזְ לָא ְמעָ ַרב ּבַ חֲ סַ ף ִטינָא‬,‫ִּדי חֲ ַזי ְָתה‬
ְ )‫ מנהון ִ(מּנְהֵן‬,‫מב וְאֶ ְצּבְ עָ ת ַרגְ ַלּיָא‬
ַ‫קצָ ת מ‬-‫ן‬
ְ ‫(ּומּנְהֵ ן) חֲ סַ ף ִמ‬
ִ ‫ומנהון‬
.‫ּומּנַּה ֶּתהֱ וֵא ְתבִ ָירה‬
ִ ,‫ֶּתהֱ וֵה ַת ִּקיפָה‬
‫ ּפַ ְרזְ לָא ְמעָ ַרב‬,‫מג די (וְ ִדי) חֲ ַזי ְָת‬
‫ּבַ חֲ סַ ף ִטינָא ִמ ְתעָ ְרבִ ין לֶהֱ ‍וֹן ּבִ ַזְרע‬
-‫לֶהֱ ‍וֹן ָּדבְ ִקין ְּדנָה ִעם‬-‫ וְ לָא‬,‫אֲ נ ָָׁשא‬
‫ לָא ִמ ְתעָ ַרב‬,‫כְ ִדי פַ ְרזְ לָא‬-‫ְּדנָה; הֵ א‬
.‫חַ ְסּפָ א‬-‫ִעם‬
‫מד ּובְ יוֹמֵ יהוֹן ִּדי מַ לְ ַכּיָא‬
‫ י ְִקים אֱ לָּה ְׁשמַ ּיָא מַ לְ כּו ִּדי‬,‫ִאּנּון‬
ָ ְ‫ ּומַ ל‬,‫לְ עָ לְ ִמין לָא ִת ְתחַ ּבַ ל‬
‫לְ עַ ם ָאחֳ ָרן לָא ִת ְׁש ְּתבִ ק; ַּת ִּדק‬
‫ וְ ִהיא‬,‫אּלֵין מַ לְ כְ וָ ָתא‬-‫ָל‬
ִ ‫וְ ָתסֵ יף ּכ‬
.‫ְּתקּום לְ עָ לְ מַ ּיָא‬
Daniel 2:45 - 2:49
‫טמ‬:‫ ב‬- ‫המ‬:‫לאינד ב‬
45 Forasmuch as thou sawest that a stone
was cut out of the mountain without hands,
and that it broke in pieces the iron, the brass,
the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great
God hath made known to the king what shall
come to pass hereafter; and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.’
‫חֲ ַז ְי ָת ִּדי‬-‫קבֵ ל ִּדי‬-‫ל‬
ֳ ‫מה ָּכ‬
‫לָא‬-‫ּטּורא ִא ְתּגְ ז ֶֶרת אֶ בֶ ן ִּדי‬
ָ ‫ִמ‬
‫ וְ הַ ּדֵ ֶקת ּפַ ְרזְ לָא נְ חָ ָׁשא‬,‫יד ִין‬
ַ ִ‫ב‬
‫חַ ְסּפָ א ַּכ ְסּפָ א וְ ַדהֲ בָ א אֱ לָּה ַרב‬
‫ מָ ה ִּדי לֶהֱ ֵוא‬,‫הו ַֹדע לְ מַ לְ ָּכא‬
,‫ַאחֲ ֵרי ְדנָה; וְ י ִַּציב חֶ לְ מָ א‬
.‫ּומהֵ ימַ ן ּפִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬
kol ko-VAYL dee kha-ZAI-ta dee mi-tu-RA it-g’-ZE-ret E-ven dee la vee-DA-yin v’-ha-DAY-ket
par-z’-LA n’-kha-SHA khas-PA kas-PA v’-da-ha-VA e-LAH rav ho-DA l’-mal-KA mah
dee le-he-VAY a-kha-RAY d’-NAH v’-ya-TZEEV khel-MA um-hay-MAN pish-RAY
46 Then the king Nevuchadnetzar fell
upon his face, and worshipped Daniel, and
commanded that they should offer an offering and sweet odours unto him.
47 The king spoke unto Daniel, and said:
‘Of a truth it is, that your God is the God of
gods, and the Lord of kings, and a revealer
of secrets, seeing thou hast been able to
reveal this secret.’
48 Then the king made Daniel great, and
gave him many great gifts, and made him to
rule over the whole province of Bavel, and to
be chief prefect over all the wise men of Bavel.
49 And Daniel requested of the king, and
he appointed Shadrach, Meshach, and
Abed-nego, over the affairs of the province of
Bavel; but Daniel was in the gate of the king.
,‫אד ִין מַ לְ ָּכא נְ בּו ַכ ְדנֶּצַ ר‬
ַ ֵ‫מו ּב‬
,‫ ּולְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫ַאנְ ּפו ִֹהי‬-‫נְ פַ ל עַ ל‬
,‫ אֲ מַ ר‬,‫ וְ נִ י ֹח ִחין‬,‫ּומנְ חָ ה‬
ִ ;‫ְסגִ ד‬
.‫לְ נַּסָ ָכה לֵּה‬
‫מז עָ נֵה מַ לְ ָּכא לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫קׁשֹט ִּדי אֱ ָלהֲ כוֹן‬-‫ן‬
ְ ‫ ִמ‬,‫וְ ָאמַ ר‬
‫הּוא אֱ ָלּה אֱ ָל ִהין ּומָ ֵרא מַ לְ כִ ין‬
‫ לְ ִמגְ לֵא‬,‫ ִּדי ְיכֵלְ ָּת‬:‫וְ ָגלֵה ָרזִ ין‬
.‫ָרזָא ְדנָה‬
,‫אֱדיִן מַ לְ ּכָא לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל ַרּבִ י‬
ַ ‫מח‬
,‫לֵּה‬-‫ּומַ ְּתנָן ַרבְ ְרבָ ן ַׂשּגִיָאן יְהַ ב‬
-‫מ ִדינַת ּבָ בֶ ל; וְ ַרב‬-‫ָל‬
ְ ‫ עַ ל ּכ‬,‫וְ הַ ְׁשלְ טֵ ּה‬
.‫חַ ּכִ ימֵ י בָ בֶ ל‬-‫ ּכָל‬,‫ִסגְנִין עַ ל‬
,‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ ּבְ עָ א ִמן‬,‫מט וְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
,‫ּומַ ּנִ י עַ ל עֲ בִ ְיד ָּתא ִּדי ְמ ִדינַת ּבָ בֶ ל‬
,‫יׁשְך וַ עֲ בֵ ד נְ גוֹ; וְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
ַ ֵ‫לְ ַׁש ְד ַרְך מ‬
.‫ּבִ ְת ַרע מַ לְ ּכָא‬
2:45 A stone was cut out of the mountain without hands
Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is a preview of world history. The four main world powers
are represented by various metals. The head of gold corresponds to Babylon, the
first kingdom to rule the entire known world and capture the Jews. The silver is the
Persian-Median empire which defeats the Babylonians. The bronze represents the
Greeks and the iron symbolizes the Romans. The clay toes allude to the fact that
at the end of the final exile, the Arabs will rule. The rock that hits the toes symbolizes Israel and the rule of Messiah. According to the Rabbi Isaac Abrabanel, the
rock is cut from the mountain without human intervention, teaching that the final
redemption will come about directly from God.
Daniel 3:1 - 3:8
Nevuchadnetzar the king made an
image of gold, whose height was
threescore cubits, and the breadth thereof
six cubits; he set it up in the plain of Dura,
in the province of Bavel.
2 Then Nevuchadnetzar the king sent to gather
together the satraps, the prefects, and the governors, the judges, the treasurers, the counsellors,
the sheriffs, and all the rulers of the provinces,
to come to the dedication of the image which
Nevuchadnetzar the king had set up.
3 Then the satraps, the prefects, and the
governors, the judges, the treasurers, the
counsellors, the sheriffs, and all the rulers of
the provinces, were gathered together unto
the dedication of the image that Nevuchadnetzar the king had set up; and they stood before
the image that Nevuchadnetzar had set up.
4 And the herald cried aloud: ‘To you
it is commanded, O peoples, nations, and
5 that at what time ye hear the sound
of the horn, pipe, harp, trigon, psaltery,
bagpipe, and all kinds of music, ye fall
down and worship the golden image that
Nevuchadnetzar the king hath set up;
6 and whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into
the midst of a burning fiery furnace.’
7 Therefore at that time, when all the
peoples heard the sound of the horn,
pipe, harp, trigon, psaltery, and all kinds of
music, all the peoples, the nations, and the
languages, fell down and worshipped the
golden image that Nevuchadnetzar the king
had set up.
8 Wherefore at that time certain Chaldeans came near, and brought accusation
against the Jews.
‫ח‬:‫ ג‬- ‫א‬:‫לאינד ג‬
‫ עֲ בַ ד‬,‫נְ בּו ַכ ְדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ָּכא‬
‫ רּומֵ ּה‬,‫דהַ ב‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫ְצלֵם ִּד‬
;‫ ּפְ ָתיֵּה אַ ִּמין ִׁשת‬,‫אַ ִּמין ִׁש ִּתין‬
‫ ּבִ ְמ ִדינַת‬,‫ּדּורא‬
ָ ‫אֲ ִקימֵ ּה ּבְ בִ ְקעַ ת‬
.‫ּבָ בֶ ל‬
‫ב ּונְ בּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ּכָא ְׁשלַח‬
‫לְ ִמכְ נַׁש לַאֲ חַ ְׁש ַּד ְרּפְ ַנּיָא ִסגְ ַנּיָא‬
‫ּופַ חֲ וָ ָתא אֲ ַד ְרּגָזְ ַרּיָא גְ ָדבְ ַרּיָא‬
‫ ִׁשלְ ֹטנֵי‬,‫ וְ כֹל‬,‫ ִּתפְ ָּתיֵא‬,‫ְּד ָתבְ ַרּיָא‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫ְמ ִדינ ָָתא לְ מֵ ֵתא לַחֲ ֻנּכַת צַ לְ מָ א‬
.‫הֲ ֵקים נְ בּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫אדיִן ִמ ְתּכַּנְ ִׁשין אֲ חַ ְׁש ַּד ְרּפְ ַנּיָא‬
ַ ֵ‫ג ּב‬
‫ִסגְ ַנּיָא ּופַ חֲ וָ ָתא אֲ ַד ְרּגָזְ ַרּיָא‬
‫ וְ כֹל‬,‫גְ ָדבְ ַרּיָא ְּד ָתבְ ַרּיָא ִּתפְ ָּתיֵא‬
,‫ לַחֲ ֻנּכַת צַ לְ מָ א‬,‫ִׁשלְ ֹטנֵי ְמ ִדינ ָָתא‬
;‫ִּדי הֲ ֵקים נְ בּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫וקאמין (וְ ָקי ְִמין) ל ֳָקבֵ ל צַ לְ מָ א‬
.‫הֲ ֵקים נְ ֻבכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬
:‫ ָק ֵרא בְ חָ ִיל‬,‫ד וְ ָכר ֹוזָא‬
‫ אֻ ּמַ ּיָא‬,‫ָאמ ִרין עַ ְממַ ּיָא‬
ְ ‫לְ כוֹן‬
.‫וְ לִ ָּׁש ַנּיָא‬
‫ת ְׁש ְמעּון ָקל ַק ְרנָא‬-‫י‬
ִ ‫ה ּבְ ִע ָּדנָא ִּד‬
‫(ק ְתרֹס) ַׂשּבְ כָא‬
ַ ‫יתא קיתרס‬
ָ ‫מַ ְׁשרו ִֹק‬
‫ זְ נֵי זְמָ ָרא‬,‫ וְ כֹל‬,‫סּומּפֹ נְ יָא‬
ְ ,‫נְּת ִרין‬
ֵ ַ‫פְ ס‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫ִּתּפְ לּון וְ ִת ְסּגְדּון לְ צֶ לֶם ַּדהֲ בָ א‬
.‫הֲ ֵקים נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ּכָא‬
-‫ וְ ִי ְסּגֻד ּבַ ּה‬,‫ ָלא ִיּפֵ ל‬-‫ּדי‬-‫ן‬
ִ ַ‫ו ּומ‬
ָ ‫אַ ּתּון‬-‫ לְ גוֹא‬,‫ַׁשעֲ ָתא ִי ְת ְרמֵ א‬
.‫י ִָק ְד ָּתא‬
‫זִ ְמנָא ּכְ ִדי‬-‫קבֵ ל ְּדנָה ּבֵ ּה‬-‫ל‬
ֳ ‫ז ָּכ‬
‫עַ ְממַ ּיָא ָקל ַק ְרנָא‬-‫ָׁש ְמ ִעין ָּכל‬
)‫(ק ְתרֹס‬
ַ ‫יתא קיתרס‬
ָ ‫מַ ְׁשרו ִֹק‬
‫ זְ נֵי זְ מָ ָרא‬,‫ וְ כֹל‬,‫ ּפְ סַ נְ טֵ ִרין‬,‫ַׂשּבְ ָכא‬
,‫עַ ְממַ ּיָא אֻ ּמַ ּיָא וְ לִ ָּׁש ַנּיָא‬-‫נָפְ לִ ין ָּכל‬
,‫ ִּדי הֲ ֵקים‬,‫סָ גְ ִדין לְ צֶ לֶם ַּדהֲ בָ א‬
.‫נְ בּו ַכ ְדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ָּכא‬
‫ ְק ִרבּו‬,‫זִמנָא‬-‫ּה‬
ְ ֵ‫קבֵ ל ְּדנָה ּב‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫ח ּכ‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫ּגֻבְ ִרין ּכ ְַׂש ָּד ִאין; וַאֲ כַלּו ַק ְרצֵ יהוֹן‬
ָ ‫י‬
Daniel 3:9 - 3:17
9 They spoke and said to Nevuchadnetzar
the king: ‘O king, live for ever!
10 Thou, O king, hast made a decree,
that every man that shall hear the sound of
the horn, pipe, harp, trigon, psaltery, and
bagpipe, and all kinds of music, shall fall
down and worship the golden image;
11 and whoso falleth not down and
worshippeth shall be cast into the midst of a
burning fiery furnace.
12 There are certain Jews whom thou hast
appointed over the affairs of the province
of Bavel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego; these men, O king, have not regarded
thee: they serve not thy gods, nor worship
the golden image which thou hast set up.’
13 Then Nevuchadnetzar in his rage
and fury commanded to bring Shadrach,
Meshach, and Abed-nego. Then were these
men brought before the king.
14 Nevuchadnetzar spoke and said unto them:
‘Is it true, O Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, that ye serve not my gods, nor worship
the golden image which I have set up?
15 Now if ye be ready that at what time ye
hear the sound of the horn, pipe, harp, trigon, psaltery, and bagpipe, and all kinds of music, ye fall down and worship the image which
I have made [, well]; but if ye worship not, ye
shall be cast the same hour into the midst of a
burning fiery furnace; and who is the god that
shall deliver you out of my hands?’
16 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego,
answered and said to the king: ‘O Nevuchadnetzar, we have no need to answer thee in
this matter.
17 If our God whom we serve is able to deliver us, He will deliver us from the burning
fiery furnace, and out of thy hand, O king.
‫זי‬:‫ ג‬- ‫ט‬:‫לאינד ג‬
,‫ לִ נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬,‫ָאמ ִרין‬
ְ ְ‫ ו‬,ֹ‫ט עֲנו‬
.‫ לְ עָ לְ ִמין חֱ יִי‬,‫ מַ לְ ּכָא‬:‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬
,‫ ָׂש ְמ ָּת ְּטעֵ ם‬,‫(ַאנְּת) מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫י אנתה‬
‫י ְִׁשמַ ע ָקל ַק ְרנָא‬-‫אֱ נָׁש ִּדי‬-‫ִּדי כָל‬
‫(ק ְתרֹס) ַׂשּבְ כָא‬
ַ ‫יתא קיתרס‬
ָ ‫מַ ְׁשר ִֹק‬
‫ וְ כֹל זְ נֵי‬,)‫נְּת ִרין וסיפניה (וְ סּוּפֹ נְ יָה‬
ֵ ַ‫פְ ס‬
.‫ לְ צֶ לֶם ַּדהֲ בָ א‬,‫זְמָ ָרא יִּפֵ ל וְ י ְִסּגֻד‬
‫ וְ ִי ְסּגֻד‬,‫ ָלא ִיּפֵ ל‬-‫ּדי‬-‫ן‬
ִ ַ‫יא ּומ‬
ָ ‫אַ ּתּון‬-‫ לְ גוֹא‬,‫ִי ְת ְרמֵ א‬
.‫י ִָק ְד ָּתא‬
ָ ַ‫מ‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫ְהּודאיִן‬
ָ ‫יתי ּגֻבְ ִרין י‬
ַ ‫יב ִא‬
,‫עֲבִ ַידת ְמ ִדינַת ּבָ בֶ ל‬-‫י ְָתהוֹן עַ ל‬
,‫ וַעֲבֵ ד נְג ֹו ּגֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך‬,‫יׁשְך‬
ַ ֵ‫ַׁש ְד ַרְך מ‬
,‫ׂשמּו עליך (עֲ לְָך) מַ לְ ּכָא ְטעֵ ם‬-‫ָא‬
ָ ‫ל‬
‫ ּולְ צֶ לֶם‬,‫לאלהיך (לֵאלָהָ ְך) לָא פָ לְ ִחין‬
ִ ָ‫ימ ָּת לָא ס‬
ְ ‫ַּדהֲ בָ א ִּדי הֲ ֵק‬
,‫ ּבִ ְרגַז וַחֲ מָ א‬,‫אדיִן נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬
ַ ֵ‫יג ּב‬
‫יׁשְך וַעֲבֵ ד‬
ַ ֵ‫ לְ ַׁש ְד ַרְך מ‬,‫אֲ מַ ר לְ הַ י ְָתיָה‬
‫יתיּו ֳק ָדם‬
ָ ֵ‫ ה‬,‫אדיִן ּגֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך‬
ַ ֵ‫נְגוֹ; ּב‬
.‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬
,‫ וְ ָאמַ ר לְ הוֹן‬,‫יד עָ נֵה נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬
:ֹ‫יׁשְך וַעֲבֵ ד נְגו‬
ַ ֵ‫ ַׁש ְד ַרְך מ‬,‫הַ ְצ ָּדא‬
‫ ּולְ צֶ לֶם‬,‫יתיכוֹן ּפָ לְ ִחין‬
ֵ ‫ לָא ִא‬,‫לֵאלָהַ י‬
ִ ָ‫ לָא ס‬,‫ַּדהֲ בָ א ִּדי הֲ ֵקימֶ ת‬
,‫עֲת ִידין‬
ִ ‫יתיכוֹן‬
ֵ ‫טו ּכְ עַ ן הֵ ן ִא‬
‫ת ְׁש ְמעּון ָקל ַק ְרנָא‬-‫י‬
ִ ‫ִּדי בְ ִע ָּדנָא ִּד‬
‫(ק ְתרֹס) ַׂשּבְ כָא‬
ַ ‫יתא קיתרס‬
ָ ‫מַ ְׁשרו ִֹק‬
‫סּומּפֹ נְ יָה וְ כֹל זְ נֵי זְמָ ָרא‬
ְ ְ‫נְּת ִרין ו‬
ֵ ַ‫ּפְ ס‬
,‫עַ בְ דֵ ת‬-‫ִּתּפְ לּון וְ ִת ְסּגְדּון לְ צַ לְ מָ א ִדי‬
‫עֲתא ִת ְת ְרמוֹן‬
ָ ‫ׁש‬-‫ּה‬
ַ ַ‫ ּב‬,‫וְ הֵ ן לָא ִת ְסּגְדּון‬
‫הּוא‬-‫נּורא י ִָק ְד ָּתא; ּומַ ן‬
ָ ‫אַ ּתּון‬-‫לְ גוֹא‬
.‫י ְָדי‬-‫ ִּדי י ְֵׁשיזְבִ נְכוֹן ִמן‬,‫אֱ לָּה‬
,ֹ‫יׁשְך וַעֲבֵ ד נְגו‬
ַ ֵ‫ ַׁש ְד ַרְך מ‬,ֹ‫טז עֲנו‬
-‫ נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר לָא‬:‫ לְ מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫ָאמ ִרין‬
ְ ְ‫ו‬
,‫ּדנָה ּפִ ְתגָם‬-‫ל‬
ְ ַ‫חַ ְׁש ִחין אֲ נ ְַחנָא ע‬
ָ ‫לַהֲ ָת‬
‫אֲ נ ְַחנָא‬-‫ אֱ לָהַ נָא ִּדי‬,‫יתי‬
ַ ‫יז הֵ ן ִא‬
‫אַ ּתּון‬-‫ ִמן‬:‫ָבּותנָא‬
ַ ‫ לְ ֵׁשיז‬,‫פָ לְ ִחין יָכִ ל‬
.‫ י ְֵׁשיזִב‬,‫י ְָדְך מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ּומן‬
ִ ‫נּורא י ִָק ְד ָּתא‬
Daniel 3:18 - 3:26
18 But if not, be it known unto thee, O king,
that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship
the golden image which thou hast set up.’
19 Then was Nevuchadnetzar filled with fury, and
the form of his visage was changed, against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego; he spoke, and
commanded that they should heat the furnace
seven times more than it was wont to be heated.
20 And he commanded certain mighty
men that were in his army to bind Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, and to cast
them into the burning fiery furnace.
21 Then these men were bound in their
cloaks, their tunics, and their robes, and
their other garments, and were cast into the
midst of the burning fiery furnace.
22 Therefore because the king’s commandment was peremptory, and the
furnace exceeding hot, the flame of the
fire slew those men that took up Shadrach,
Meshach, and Abed-nego.
23 And these three men, Shadrach,
Meshach, and Abed-nego, fell down bound
into the midst of the burning fiery furnace.
24 Then Nevuchadnetzar the king was
alarmed, and rose up in haste; he spoke and
said unto his ministers: ‘Did not we cast three
men bound into the midst of the fire?’ They answered and said unto the king: ‘True, O king.’
25 He answered and said: ‘Lo, I see four
men loose, walking in the midst of the fire,
and they have no hurt; and the appearance
of the fourth is like a son of the gods.’
26 Then Nevuchadnetzar came near to the
mouth of the burning fiery furnace; he spoke and
said: ‘Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, ye servants of God Most High, come forth, and come
hither.’ Then Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, came forth out of the midst of the fire.
‫וכ‬:‫ ג‬- ‫חי‬:‫לאינד ג‬
‫לְָך מַ לְ ּכָא; ִּדי‬-‫ י ְִדיעַ לֶהֱ וֵא‬,‫יח וְ הֵ ן לָא‬
ַ ‫(א‬
ִ ‫איתינא‬-‫ לָא‬,)‫לאלהיך (לֵאלָהָ ְך‬
ְ ‫ לָא‬,‫ימ ָּת‬
ְ ‫הֲק‬
ֵ ‫ ּולְצֶ לֶם ּדַ הֲבָא ִּדי‬,‫פָלְחין‬
,‫אדיִן נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר ִה ְת ְמלִ י חֱמָ א‬
ַ ֵ‫יט ּב‬
-‫ עַ ל‬,)‫ּוצלֵם ַאנְּפו ִֹהי אשתנו (אֶ ְׁש ַּתּנִי‬
,‫ וַעֲבֵ ד נְגוֹ; עָ נֵה וְ ָאמַ ר‬,‫יׁשְך‬
ַ ֵ‫ַׁש ְד ַרְך מ‬
‫ עַ ל ִּדי‬,‫ׁשבְ עָ ה‬-‫ד‬
ִ ַ‫ ח‬,‫לְ מֵ זֵא לְ אַ ּתּונָא‬
.‫חֲ זֵה לְ מֵ זְ יֵּה‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫חַ יִל‬-‫כ ּולְ גֻבְ ִרין ּגִ ּבָ ֵרי‬
‫ לְ ַׁש ְד ַרְך‬,‫ אֲ מַ ר לְ כַּפָ ָתה‬,‫בְ חַ ְילֵּה‬
‫ לְ אַ ּתּון‬,‫יׁשְך וַ עֲ בֵ ד נְ ג ֹו לְ ִמ ְרמֵ א‬
ַ ֵ‫מ‬
.‫נּורא י ִָק ְד ָּתא‬
‫ ּכְ פִ תּו‬,‫אדיִן ּגֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך‬
ַ ֵ‫כא ּב‬
,)‫ּבְ סַ ְרּבָ לֵיהוֹן פטישיהון (ּפַ ְּט ֵׁשיהוֹן‬
-‫ לְ גוֹא‬,‫ ּולְ ב ֵֻׁשיהוֹן; ְּור ִמיו‬,‫וְ כ ְַרּבְ ל ְָתהוֹן‬
.‫נּורא י ִָק ְד ָּתא‬
ָ ‫אַ ּתּון‬
‫ּדי ִמּלַת‬-‫ן‬
ִ ‫ ִמ‬,‫קבֵ ל ְּדנָה‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫כב ּכ‬
‫ אֵ זֵה‬,‫ וְ אַ ּתּונָא‬,‫מַ לְ ּכָא מַ ְח ְצפָ ה‬
‫ ִּדי הַ ִּסקּו לְ ַׁש ְד ַרְך‬,‫י ִַּת ָירה; ּגֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך‬
‫ ְׁשבִ יבָ א‬,‫ ַק ִּטל ִהּמוֹן‬,ֹ‫יׁשְך וַעֲבֵ ד נְגו‬
ַ ֵ‫מ‬
ָ ‫ִּדי‬
‫ ַׁש ְד ַרְך‬,‫כג וְ גֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך ְּתל ֵָּתהוֹן‬
-‫אַ ּתּון‬-‫יׁשְך וַעֲבֵ ד נְג ֹו נְפַ לּו לְ גוֹא‬
ַ ֵ‫מ‬
.‫ ְמכַּפְ ִתין‬,‫נּורא י ִָק ְד ָּתא‬
,‫אֱדיִן נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ַ ‫כד‬
‫ְּתוַּה וְ ָקם ּבְ ִה ְתּבְ הָ לָה; עָ נֵה וְ ָאמַ ר‬
‫ הֲ לָא גֻבְ ִרין ְּתל ָָתה ְרמֵ ינָא‬,‫לְ הַ ָּדבְ רו ִֹהי‬
‫ָאמ ִרין‬
ְ ְ‫ עָ ַניִן ו‬,‫נּורא ְמכַּפְ ִתין‬-‫ֹא‬
‫לְ גו‬
.‫ י ִַּציבָ א מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫לְ מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫אֲ נָה חָ זֵה‬-‫ הָ א‬,‫כה עָ נֵה וְ ָאמַ ר‬
-ֹ‫ַארּבְ עָ ה ְׁש ַריִן מַ ְהלְ כִ ין ּבְ גו‬
ְ ‫ּגֻבְ ִרין‬
‫יתי ּבְ הוֹן; וְ ֵרוֵּה ִּדי‬
ַ ‫א‬-‫ָא‬
ִ ‫ ל‬,‫ וַחֲ בָ ל‬,‫נּורא‬
.‫אֱ ל ִָהין‬-‫ ָּדמֵ ה לְ בַ ר‬,)‫רביעיא ְ(רבִ יעָ ָאה‬
‫ לִ ְת ַרע‬,‫אדיִן ְק ֵרב נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬
ַ ֵ‫כו ּב‬
‫ עָ נֵה וְ ָאמַ ר ַׁש ְד ַרְך‬,‫נּורא י ִָק ְד ָּתא‬
ָ ‫אַ ּתּון‬
‫אֱ לָהָ א‬-‫נְג ֹו עַ בְ דו ִֹהי ִּדי‬-‫יׁשְך וַעֲבֵ ד‬
ַ ֵ‫מ‬
ַ ֵ‫ ּפֻקּו וֶאֱתוֹ; ּב‬,)‫(עּלָָאה‬
ִ ‫עליא‬
‫ּגוֹא‬-‫יׁשְך וַעֲבֵ ד נְג ֹו ִמן‬
ַ ֵ‫ ַׁש ְד ַרְך מ‬,‫נָפְ ִקין‬
Daniel 3:27 - 3:30
27 And the satraps, the prefects, and the
governors, and the king’s ministers, being
gathered together, saw these men, that the
fire had no power upon their bodies, nor
was the hair of their head singed, neither
were their cloaks changed, nor had the
smell of fire passed on them.
‫ל‬:‫ ג‬- ‫זכ‬:‫לאינד ג‬
‫ּומ ְת ַּכּנְ ִׁשין אֲ חַ ְׁש ַּד ְרּפְ ַנּיָא‬
ִ ‫כז‬
‫ וְ הַ ָּדבְ ֵרי‬,‫ִסגְ ַנּיָא ּופַ חֲ וָ ָתא‬
‫מַ לְ ָּכא חָ ַז ִין לְ גֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך ִּדי‬
‫נּורא ּבְ ג ְֶׁש ְמהוֹן‬
ָ ‫ׁשלֵט‬-‫א‬
ְ ‫ָל‬
,‫אׁשהוֹן ָלא ִה ְתחָ ַרְך‬
ְ ‫ּוׂשעַ ר ֵר‬
ַ‫וְ סַ ְרּבָ לֵיהוֹן ָלא ְׁשנוֹ; וְ ֵריח‬
.‫ ָלא עֲ ָדת ּבְ הוֹן‬,‫נּור‬
28 Nevuchadnetzar spoke and said: ‘Blessed
be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who hath sent His angel, and delivered
His servants that trusted in Him, and have
changed the king’s word, and have yielded
their bodies, that they might not serve nor
worship any god, except their own God.
‫ ּבְ ִריְך‬,‫כח עָ נֵה נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר וְ ָאמַ ר‬
,ֹ‫יׁשְך וַעֲבֵ ד נְגו‬
ַ ֵ‫ׁש ְד ַרְך מ‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫אֱ לָהֲ הוֹן ִּד‬
,‫ׁשלַח מַ לְ אֲ כֵּה וְ ֵׁשיזִב לְ עַ בְ דו ִֹהי‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫ִּד‬
,‫ּומּלַת מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ִ ;‫ִּדי ִה ְת ְר ִחצּו עֲלו ִֹהי‬
‫ וִ יהַ בּו גשמיהון (ג ְֶׁש ְמהוֹן) ִּדי‬,‫ַׁשּנִיו‬
,‫אֱ לָּה‬-‫י ְִסּגְדּון לְ כָל‬-‫יִפְ לְ חּון וְ לָא‬-‫לָא‬
.‫לָהֵ ן לֵאלָהֲ הוֹן‬
29 Therefore I make a decree, that every
people, nation, and language, which speak
any thing amiss against the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, shall be cut
in pieces, and their houses shall be made a
dunghill; because there is no other god that
is able to deliver after this sort.’
-‫ ִּדי ָכל‬,‫ ִׂשים ְטעֵ ם‬,‫ּומּנִ י‬
ִ ‫כט‬
‫יֵאמַ ר שלה‬-‫עַ ם אֻ ּמָ ה וְ לִ ָּׁשן ִּדי‬
‫ׁש ְד ַרְך‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫(ׁשלּו) עַ ל אֱ ָלהֲ הוֹן ִּד‬
‫ הַ ָּד ִמין ִי ְתעֲ בֵ ד‬,‫יׁשְך וַ עֲ בֵ ד נְ גוֹא‬
ַ ֵ‫מ‬
,‫קבֵ ל‬-‫ל‬
ֳ ‫ּובַ ְי ֵתּה נְ וָ לִ י ִי ְׁש ַּת ֵּוה; ָּכ‬
‫ ִיּכֻל‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫יתי אֱ ָלּה ָאחֳ ָרן‬
ַ ‫ִּדי ָלא ִא‬
.‫ ּכִ ְדנָה‬,‫לְ הַ ּצָ ָלה‬
30 Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, in the province of Bavel.
‫ הַ ְצלַח לְ ַׁש ְד ַרְך‬,‫אדיִן מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ַ ֵ‫ל ּב‬
.‫יׁשְך וַעֲבֵ ד נְג ֹו ּבִ ְמ ִדינַת ּבָ בֶ ל‬
ַ ֵ‫מ‬
bay-DA-yin mal-KA hatz-LAKH l’-shad-RAKH may-SHAKH va-a-VAYD n’-GO
bim-dee-NAT ba-VEL
3:30 Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego
These are the Babylonian names of Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, given to them by
the Babylonian chief of officers after they arrived in Babylon (1:7). This reference is
the last time that Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah are mentioned in the Book of Daniel. One opinion in the Talmud suggests that this is because they returned to the Land
of Israel. They were motivated practically by their fear of Nebuchadnezzar and what he
may do to them next. Spiritually, they had been elevated by the miraculous deliverance
from the fiery furnace and could no longer tolerate the impurities of Babylon. Once in
Israel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah learn Torah from Joshua the high priest, marry
and raise families. This incident contains a message for Jews throughout the ages: when
the environment gets hostile in foreign countries, the Land of Israel provides a safe
haven for the Jews. This is true today more than ever. As Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
wrote regarding the establishment of the State of Israel: “A Jew who flees from a hostile
country now knows that he can find a secure refuge in the land of his ancestors... Jews
who have been uprooted from their homes can find lodging in the Holy Land.”
Daniel 3:31 - 4:7
‫ז‬:‫ ד‬- ‫אל‬:‫לאינד ג‬
31 ‘Nevuchadnetzar the king, unto all peoples, nations, and languages, that dwell in all
the earth; peace be multiplied unto you.
‫עַ ְממַ ּיָא‬-‫ לְ כָל‬,‫לא נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ּכָא‬
-‫דארין ָ(די ְִרין) ּבְ כָל‬-‫אֻ ּמַ ּיָא וְ לִ ָּׁש ַנּיָא ִּדי‬
.‫ַארעָ א ְׁשל ְָמכוֹן י ְִׂשּגֵא‬
,‫ ִּדי עֲבַ ד ִע ִּמי‬,‫ וְ ִת ְמהַ ּיָא‬,‫ָאתּיָא‬
ַ ‫לב‬
,‫(עּלָָאה) ְׁשפַ ר ָק ָדמַ י‬
ִ ‫אֱ לָהָ א עליא‬
.‫לְ הַ חֲ וָ יָה‬
,‫לג ָאתו ִֹהי ּכְ מָ ה ַרבְ ְרבִ ין‬
;‫וְ ִת ְמהו ִֹהי ּכְ מָ ה ַת ִּקיפִ ין‬
‫ וְ ָׁשלְ טָ נֵּה‬,‫כּותּה מַ לְ כּות עָ ַלם‬
ֵ ְ‫מַ ל‬
.‫ּדר וְ ָדר‬-‫ם‬
ָ ‫ִע‬
32 It hath seemed good unto me to declare the signs and wonders that God Most
High hath wrought toward me.
33 How great are His signs! and how
mighty are His wonders! His kingdom is an
everlasting kingdom, and His dominion is
from generation to generation.
I Nevuchadnetzar was at rest in my
house, and flourishing in my palace.
2 I saw a dream which made me afraid;
and imaginings upon my bed and the visions of my head affrighted me.
3 Therefore made I a decree to bring in
all the wise men of Bavel before me, that
they might make known unto me the interpretation of the dream.
4 Then came in the magicians, the enchanters, the Chaldeans, and the astrologers; and I told the dream before them;
but they did not make known unto me the
interpretation thereof.
5 But at the last Daniel came in before
me, whose name was Belteshazzar, according to the name of my god, and in whom
is the spirit of the holy gods; and I told the
dream before him:
6 O Belteshazzar, master of the magicians,
because I know that the spirit of the holy
gods is in thee, and no secret causeth thee
trouble, tell me the visions of my dream that
I have seen, and the interpretation thereof.
7 Thus were the visions of my head upon
my bed: I saw, and behold a tree in the
midst of the earth, and the height thereof
was great.
‫ ְׁשלֵה הֲ וֵית‬,‫אֲ נָה נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬
.‫ ּבְ הֵ יכְ לִ י‬,‫ וְ ַר ְענַן‬,‫יתי‬
ִ ֵ‫ּבְ ב‬
;‫ידחֲ לִ ּנַנִ י‬
ַ ִ‫ ו‬,‫ב חֵ לֶם חֲ זֵית‬
ִ ‫ וְ חֶ זְ וֵי ֵר‬,‫מ ְׁשּכְ בִ י‬-‫ל‬
ִ ַ‫ ע‬,‫וְ הַ ְרה ִֹרין‬
.‫יְבַ הֲ ֻלּנַנִ י‬
,‫ ִׂשים ְטעֵ ם‬,‫ּומּנִ י‬
ִ ‫ג‬
‫ לְ כֹל חַ ּכִ ימֵ י‬,‫לְ הַ נְ עָ לָה ָק ָדמַ י‬
,‫פְ ַׁשר חֶ לְ מָ א‬-‫ ִּדי‬:‫בָ בֶ ל‬
.‫יְהו ְֹדעֻ ּנַנִ י‬
,)‫אדיִן עללין (עָ ּלִ ין‬
ַ ֵ‫ד ּב‬
‫ כשדיא‬,‫חַ ְרטֻ ּמַ ּיָא אָ ְׁשפַ ּיָא‬
‫ ָאמַ ר‬,‫ וְ גָזְ ַרּיָא; וְ חֶ לְ מָ א‬,)‫(ּכ ְַׂש ָּדאֵ י‬
-‫ לָא‬,‫ ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬,‫אֲ נָה ֳק ָדמֵ יהוֹן‬
.‫ְמהו ְֹד ִעין לִ י‬
‫ה וְ עַ ד ָאחֳ ֵרין עַ ל ָק ָדמַ י‬
,‫ׁשמֵ ּה ּבֵ לְ ְט ַׁשאּצַ ר‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫ָּדנִ ּיֵאל ִּד‬
‫אֱ ל ִָהין‬- ַ‫ וְ ִדי רּוח‬,‫ּכְ ׁשֻ ם אֱ ל ִָהי‬
‫ ָק ָדמו ִֹהי‬,‫ ּבֵ ּה; וְ חֶ לְ מָ א‬,‫יׁשין‬
ִ ‫ַק ִּד‬
.‫ַאמ ֵרת‬
‫ ַרב חַ ְרטֻ ּמַ ּיָא‬,‫ו ּבֵ לְ ְט ַׁשאּצַ ר‬
‫ִּדי אֲ נָה ִי ְדעֵ ת ִּדי רּוחַ אֱ ָל ִהין‬
‫ָאנֵס‬-‫רז ָלא‬-‫ל‬
ָ ‫ וְ ָכ‬,‫יׁשין ּבָ ְך‬
ִ ‫ַק ִּד‬
‫חֲ זֵית‬-‫ָלְך; חֶ זְ ֵוי חֶ לְ ִמי ִדי‬
.‫ אֱ מַ ר‬,‫ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬
-‫ עַ ל‬,‫אׁשי‬
ִ ‫ז וְ חֶ זְ ֵוי ֵר‬
‫ִמ ְׁשּכְ בִ י; חָ זֵה הֲ ֵוית וַ אֲ לּו‬
‫ וְ רּומֵ ּה‬,‫ַארעָ א‬
ְ ‫ִאי ָלן ּבְ ג ֹו‬
.‫ַׂשּגִ יא‬
Daniel 4:8 - 4:16
‫זט‬:‫ ד‬- ‫ח‬:‫לאינד ד‬
8 The tree grew, and was strong, and the
height thereof reached unto heaven, and
the sight thereof to the end of all the earth.
‫ּות ִקף; וְ רּומֵ ּה‬
ְ ,‫ח ְרבָ ה ִאי ָלנָא‬
-‫ וַחֲ זו ֵֹתּה לְ סוֹף ּכָל‬,‫י ְִמטֵ א לִ ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
.‫ַארעָ א‬
,‫ט עָ פְ יֵּה ַׁשּפִ יר וְ ִאנְ ּבֵ ּה ַׂשּגִ יא‬
‫בֵ ּה; ְּתחֹתו ִֹהי ַּת ְטלֵל‬-‫ּומָ זוֹן לְ ֹכּלָא‬
ָ ‫ ּובְ עַ נְ פו ִֹהי ידרון (י‬,‫חֵ יוַ ת ּבָ ָרא‬
-‫ י ְִּתזִ ין ּכָל‬,‫ּומּנֵּה‬
ִ ,‫ִצּפְ ֵרי ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
.‫ּבִ ְׂש ָרא‬
-‫ עַ ל‬,‫אׁשי‬
ִ ‫י חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית ּבְ חֶ זְ וֵי ֵר‬
‫ׁשמַ ּיָא‬-‫ן‬
ְ ‫ ִמ‬,‫ִמ ְׁשּכְ בִ י; וַאֲ לּו ִעיר וְ ַק ִּדיׁש‬
.‫נ ִָחת‬
‫ ּגֹּדּו‬,‫יא ָק ֵרא בְ חַ יִל וְ כֵן ָאמַ ר‬
,‫ אַ ַּתרּו עָ פְ יֵּה‬,‫ִאי ָלנָא וְ ַק ִּצצּו עַ נְפו ִֹהי‬
-‫ּובַ ַּדרּו ִאנְּבֵ ּה; ְּתנֻד חֵ יוְ ָתא ִמן‬
.‫עַ נְפו ִֹהי‬-‫ וְ ִצּפְ ַרּיָא ִמן‬,‫ַּת ְחּתו ִֹהי‬
‫ַארעָ א‬
ְ ְ‫ ּב‬,‫יב ּבְ ַרם ִע ַּקר ָׁש ְרׁשו ִֹהי‬
,‫פַ ְרזֶל ּונְחָ ׁש‬-‫ ּובֶ אֱסּור ִּדי‬,‫ְׁשבֻקּו‬
‫ּבְ ִד ְתָאא ִּדי בָ ָרא; ּובְ טַ ל ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
ַ ַ‫חֵ יוְ ָתא חֲ ל ֵָקּה ּב‬-‫ וְ ִעם‬,‫י ְִצטַ ּבַ ע‬
.‫ַארעָ א‬
,‫אנושא (אֲ נ ָָׁשא) י ְַׁשּנוֹן‬-‫יג לִ בְ בֵ ּה ִמן‬
‫ּולְ בַ ב חֵ יוָה י ְִתי ְִהב לֵּה; וְ ִׁשבְ עָ ה‬
.‫ י ְַחלְ פּון עֲלו ִֹהי‬,‫ִע ָּדנִין‬
‫ ּומֵ אמַ ר‬,‫יד ּבִ גְ ז ֵַרת ִע ִירין ּפִ ְתגָמָ א‬
‫ּדבְ ַרת ִּדי‬-‫ד‬
ִ ַ‫יׁשין ְׁשאֵ לְ ָתא; ע‬
ִ ‫ַק ִּד‬
ִ ‫ׁשּלִ יט עליא‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫ִנְּדעּון חַ ַּיּיָא ִּד‬
ְ ‫י‬
ִ ַ‫ ּולְ מ‬,)‫ּבְ מַ לְ כּות אנושא (אֲ נ ָָׁשא‬
‫ י ְִקים‬,‫ּוׁשפַ ל אֲ נ ִָׁשים‬
ְ ,‫י ְִצּבֵ א י ְִּתנִ ּנַּה‬
.)‫עליה (עֲ לַּה‬
‫ אֲ נָה‬,‫טו ְּדנָה חֶ לְ מָ א חֲ זֵית‬
ְ ְ‫מַ לְ ּכָא נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר; ואנתה (ו‬
‫קבֵ ל ִּדי‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫ ּכ‬,‫ּבֵ לְ ְט ַׁשאּצַ ר ּפִ ְׁש ֵרא אֱמַ ר‬
‫יָכְ לִ ין ּפִ ְׁש ָרא‬-‫כּותי לָא‬
ִ ְ‫חַ ּכִ ימֵ י מַ ל‬-‫ּכָל‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫ַאנְּת) ּכָהֵ ל‬
ְ ְ‫ ואנתה (ו‬,‫עּותנִי‬
ַ ‫לְ הו ָֹד‬
.‫יׁשין ּבָ ְך‬
ִ ‫אֱ ל ִָהין ַק ִּד‬- ַ‫רּוח‬
‫ׁשמֵ ּה‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫אֱדיִן ָּדנִ ּיֵאל ִּד‬
ַ ‫טז‬
,‫ אֶ ְׁשּתוֹמַ ם ּכְ ָׁשעָ ה חֲ ָדה‬,‫ּבֵ לְ ְט ַׁשאּצַ ר‬
,‫ יְבַ הֲ ֻלּנֵּה; עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא וְ ָאמַ ר‬,‫וְ ַר ְעיֹנֹ ִהי‬
-‫ּבֵ לְ ְט ַׁשאּצַ ר חֶ לְ מָ א ּופִ ְׁש ֵרא ַאל‬
9 The leaves thereof were fair, and the
fruit thereof much, and in it was food for
all; the beasts of the field had shadow under
it, and the fowls of the heaven dwelt in the
branches thereof, and all flesh was fed of it.
10 I saw in the visions of my head upon
my bed, and, behold, a watcher and a holy
one came down from heaven.
11 He cried aloud, and said thus: Hew down
the tree, and cut off its branches, shake off its
leaves, and scatter its fruit; let the beasts get away
from under it, and the fowls from its branches.
12 Nevertheless leave the stump of its roots
in the earth, even in a band of iron and brass,
in the tender grass of the field; and let it be
wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion
be with the beasts in the grass of the earth;
13 Let his heart be changed from man’s,
and let a beast’s heart be given unto him;
and let seven times pass over him.
14 The matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the sentence by the word of the holy
ones; to the intent that the living may know
that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of
men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will,
and setteth up over it the lowest of men.
15 This dream I king Nevuchadnetzar have
seen; and thou, O Belteshazzar, declare the
interpretation, forasmuch as all the wise men
of my kingdom are not able to make known
unto me the interpretation; but thou art able,
for the spirit of the holy gods is in thee.’
16 Then Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar,
was appalled for a while, and his thoughts affrighted him. The king spoke and said: ‘Belteshazzar,
let not the dream, or the interpretation, affright
Daniel 4:16 - 4:24
‫דכ‬:‫ ד‬- ‫זט‬:‫לאינד ד‬
thee.’ Belteshazzar answered and said: ‘My lord,
the dream be to them that hate thee, and the
interpretation thereof to thine adversaries.
‫ מָ ִראי‬,‫ עָ נֵה בֵ לְ ְט ַׁשאּצַ ר וְ ָאמַ ר‬,‫יְבַ הֲ לְָך‬
‫חֶ לְ מָ א לשנאיך (לְ ָׂשנְאָ ְך) ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬
.)‫לעריך (לְ עָ ָרְך‬
17 The tree that thou sawest, which grew,
and was strong, whose height reached unto the
heaven, and the sight thereof to all the earth;
;‫ּות ִקף‬
ְ ‫ ִּדי ְרבָ ה‬,‫יז ִאי ָלנָא ִּדי חֲ ַזי ְָת‬
-‫ וַחֲ זו ֵֹתּה לְ כָל‬,‫וְ רּומֵ ּה י ְִמטֵ א לִ ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
.‫ַארעָ א‬
,‫יח וְ עָ פְ יֵּה ַׁשּפִ יר וְ ִאנְּבֵ ּה ַׂשּגִיא‬
‫ ְּתדּור‬,‫בֵ ּה; ְּתחֹתו ִֹהי‬-‫ּומָ זוֹן לְ ֹכּלָא‬
‫ י ְִׁשּכְ נָן ִצּפְ ֵרי‬,‫ ּובְ עַ נְפו ִֹהי‬,‫חֵ יוַת ּבָ ָרא‬
.‫ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫) הּוא מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫(ַאנְּת‬
-‫יט אנתה‬
‫בּותְך ְרבָ ת‬
ָ ‫ּות ֵקפְ ְּת; ְּור‬
ְ )‫רבית ְ(רבַ ת‬
.‫ַארעָ א‬
ְ ‫ וְ ָׁשלְ טָ נְָך לְ סוֹף‬,‫ּומטָ ת לִ ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
‫כ וְ ִדי חֲ זָה מַ לְ ּכָא ִעיר וְ ַק ִּדיׁש‬
‫ׁשמַ ּיָא וְ ָאמַ ר ּגֹ ּדּו ִאי ָלנָא‬-‫ן‬
ְ ‫נ ִָחת ִמ‬
‫ ּבְ ַרם ִע ַּקר ָׁש ְרׁשו ִֹהי‬,‫לּוהי‬
ִ ְ‫וְ חַ ּב‬
‫פַ ְרזֶל‬-‫ ּובֶ אֱ סּור ִּדי‬,‫ַארעָ א ְׁשבֻקּו‬
ְ ְ‫ּב‬
‫ ּבְ ִד ְתָאא ִּדי בָ ָרא; ּובְ טַ ל‬,‫ּונְ חָ ׁש‬
‫חֵ יוַ ת ּבָ ָרא‬-‫ וְ ִעם‬,‫ְׁשמַ ּיָא י ְִצטַ ּבַ ע‬
,‫ׁשבְ עָ ה ִע ָּדנִ ין‬-‫י‬
ִ ‫ עַ ד ִּד‬,‫חֲ ל ֵָקּה‬
.‫י ְַחלְ פּון עֲ לו ִֹהי‬
18 whose leaves were fair, and the fruit thereof
much, and in it was food for all; under which the
beasts of the field dwelt, and upon whose branches the fowls of the heaven had their habitation;
19 it is thou, O king, that art grown and become
strong; for thy greatness is grown, and reacheth unto
heaven, and thy dominion to the end of the earth.
20 And whereas the king saw a watcher and a
holy one coming down from heaven, and saying:
Hew down the tree, and destroy it; nevertheless
leave the stump of the roots thereof in the earth,
even in a band of iron and brass, in the tender
grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew
of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts
of the field, till seven times pass over him-21 this is the interpretation, O king, and
it is the decree of the Most High, which is
come upon my lord the king,
22 that thou shalt be driven from men, and
thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field,
and thou shalt be made to eat grass as oxen,
and shalt be wet with the dew of heaven, and
seven times shall pass over thee; till thou know
that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of
men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will.
23 And whereas it was commanded to leave
the stump of the roots of the tree, thy kingdom shall be sure unto thee, after that thou
shalt have known that the heavens do rule.
24 Wherefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable unto thee, and break off thy sins by almsgiving,
and thine iniquities by showing mercy to the poor;
if there may be a lengthening of thy prosperity.’
‫ מַ לְ ּכָא; ּוגְ ז ֵַרת‬,‫כא ְּדנָה פִ ְׁש ָרא‬
-‫ ִּדי ְמטָ ת עַ ל‬,‫(עּלָָאה) ִהיא‬
ִ ‫עליא‬
.‫מָ ִראי מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫חֵ יוַת‬-‫אֲ נ ָָׁשא וְ ִעם‬-‫כב וְ לְָך טָ ְר ִדין ִמן‬
‫ּבָ ָרא לֶהֱ וֵה ְמד ָֹרְך וְ ִע ְׂשּבָ א כְ תו ִֹרין לְָך‬
,‫ּומּטַ ל ְׁשמַ ּיָא לְָך ְמצַ ּבְ ִעין‬
ִ ,‫יְטַ עֲמּון‬
:)‫ י ְַחלְ פּון עליך (עֲ לְָך‬,‫וְ ִׁשבְ עָ ה ִע ָּדנִין‬
ִ ‫ׁשּלִ יט עליא‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫ ִּד‬,‫נְּדע‬
ַ ‫ת‬-‫י‬
ִ ‫עַ ד ִּד‬
,‫ּדי י ְִצּבֵ א‬-‫ן‬
ִ ַ‫ ּולְ מ‬,‫ּבְ מַ לְ כּות אֲ נ ָָׁשא‬
.‫י ְִּתנִ ּנַּה‬
‫ לְ ִמ ְׁשּבַ ק ִע ַּקר‬,‫כג וְ ִדי אֲ מַ רּו‬
ָ ְ‫ מַ ל‬,‫ָׁש ְרׁשו ִֹהי ִּדי ִאי ָלנָא‬
‫ ִּדי ַׁשּלִ ִטן‬,‫ּדי ִתנְ ַּדע‬-‫ן‬
ִ ‫לְָך ַקּיָמָ א ִמ‬
.‫ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
‫ ִמלְ ּכִ י י ְִׁשּפַ ר עליך‬,‫כד לָהֵ ן מַ לְ ּכָא‬
,‫ וחטיך (וַחֲ טָ אָ ְך) ּבְ ִצ ְד ָקה פְ רֻ ק‬,)‫(עֲ לְָך‬
ְ ‫וַעֲוָ י ָָתְך ּבְ ִמחַ ן עֲ ָניִן; הֵ ן ֶּתהֱ וֵה‬
.‫לִ ְׁשלֵוְ ָתְך‬
Daniel 4:25 - 4:30
25 All this came upon the king Nevuchadnetzar.
26 At the end of twelve months he was
walking upon the royal palace of Bavel.
27 The king spoke, and said: ‘Is not this
great Bavel, which I have built for a royal
dwelling-place, by the might of my power
and for the glory of my majesty?’
28 While the word was in the king’s
mouth, there fell a voice from heaven: ‘O
king Nevuchadnetzar, to thee it is spoken:
the kingdom is departed from thee.
29 And thou shalt be driven from men,
and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of
the field; thou shalt be made to eat grass as
oxen, and seven times shall pass over thee;
until thou know that the Most High ruleth
in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to
whomsoever He will.’
‫ל‬:‫ ד‬- ‫הכ‬:‫לאינד ד‬
.‫נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫כה ֹּכּלָא ְּמטָ א‬
-‫ עַ ל‬,‫עֲׂשר‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫ ְּת ֵר‬,‫כו לִ ְקצָ ת י ְַר ִחין‬
.‫ ְמהַ ּלְֵך הֲ וָה‬,‫כּותא ִּדי בָ בֶ ל‬
ָ ְ‫הֵ יכַל מַ ל‬
-‫ הֲ לָא ָדא‬,‫כז עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא וְ ָאמַ ר‬
‫אֲ נָה ֱב ַני ְַתּה‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫ִהיא ּבָ בֶ ל ַרּבְ ָתא‬
ָ ִ‫ ּבִ ְת ַקף ִח ְסנִי וְ ל‬,‫לְ בֵ ית מַ לְ כּו‬
.‫הַ ְד ִרי‬
‫ ִמּלְ ָתא ּבְ פֻם מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫כח עוֹד‬
‫ָאמ ִרין‬
ְ ‫ לְָך‬:‫ׁשמַ ּיָא נְ פַ ל‬-‫ן‬
ְ ‫ ִמ‬,‫ָקל‬
ָ ְ‫ מַ ל‬,‫נְ בּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר מַ לְ ּכָא‬
.‫עֲ ָדת ִמּנְָך‬
‫אֲ נ ָָׁשא ָלְך טָ ְר ִדין‬-‫ּומן‬
ִ ‫כט‬
‫ ִע ְׂשּבָ א‬,‫חֵ יוַ ת ּבָ ָרא ְמד ָֹרְך‬-‫וְ ִעם‬
‫ וְ ִׁשבְ עָ ה‬,‫כְ תו ִֹרין ָלְך ְיטַ עֲ מּון‬
:)‫ י ְַחלְ פּון עליך (עֲ ָלְך‬,‫ִע ָּדנִ ין‬
‫ׁשּלִ יט עליא‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫ ִּד‬,‫תנְ ַּדע‬-‫י‬
ִ ‫עַ ד ִּד‬
-‫ ּולְ מַ ן‬,‫(ע ָּלָאה) ּבְ מַ לְ כּות אֲ נ ָָׁשא‬
.‫ ִי ְּתנִ ּנַּה‬,‫ִּדי ִי ְצּבֵ א‬
u-MIN a-na-SHA lakh ta-r’-DEEN v’-EEM khay-VAT ba-RA m’-do-RAKH is-BA kh’-to-REEN
lakh y’-ta-a-MUN v’-shiv-AH i-da-NEEN yakh-l’-FUN a-LAKH ad dee tin-DA dee sha-LEET
i-la-AH b’-mal-KHUT a-na-SHA ul-MAN dee yitz-BAY yit-ni-NAH
30 The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon
Nevuchadnetzar; and he was driven from men, and
did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with
the dew of heaven, till his hair was grown like
eagles’ feathers, and his nails like birds’ claws.
‫ ִמּלְ ָתא סָ פַ ת‬,‫עֲתא‬
ָ ‫ׁש‬-‫ּה‬
ַ ַ‫ל ּב‬
,‫אֲ נ ָָׁשא ְט ִריד‬-‫ּומן‬
ִ ,‫נְבּוכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬-‫עַ ל‬
‫ּומּטַ ל ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
ִ ‫וְ ִע ְׂשּבָ א כְ תו ִֹרין יֵאכֻל‬
‫ּגִׁשמֵ ּה י ְִצטַ ּבַ ע עַ ד ִּדי ַׂש ְע ֵרּה‬
.‫ וְ ִטפְ רו ִֹהי כְ ִצּפְ ִרין‬,‫נִׁש ִרין ְרבָ ה‬
ְ ְ‫ּכ‬
4:29 And seven times shall pass over thee
Why was Nebuchadnezzar sentenced to seven seasons of animal existence? One
reason suggested by the Sages is that this is a punishment for the way he destroyed
Jerusalem and the Temple. Although God had foretold that the destruction would
take place, Nebuchadnezzar did much more than carry out God’s will. While Nebuchadnezzar was supposed to exile the Jews, he killed many of them and treated
them inhumanely. In addition to burning the Temple, he also destroyed the earth
of the Land of Israel so that nothing was able to grow for seven years. In retribution
for his animalistic cruelty toward the people and the land, Nebuchadnezzar actually
became an animal for seven seasons. Nebuchadnezzar’s punishment is a lesson in
the sensitivity one is supposed to show to the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.
Daniel 4:31 - 5:1
‫א‬:‫ ה‬- ‫אל‬:‫לאינד ד‬
31 ‘And at the end of the days I Nevuchadnetzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and
mine understanding returned unto me, and
I blessed the Most High, and I praised and
honoured Him that liveth for ever; for His
dominion is an everlasting dominion, and His
kingdom from generation to generation;
‫לא וְ לִ ְקצָ ת יוֹמַ ּיָא אֲ נָה‬
‫נְ בּו ַכ ְדנֶּצַ ר עַ ְינַי לִ ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
,‫ ּומַ נְ ְּד ִעי עֲ ַלי ְיתּוב‬,‫נִ ְטלֵת‬
,‫ולעליא (ּולְ ִע ָּלָאה) ּבָ ְרכֵת‬
:‫ּולְ חַ י עָ לְ מָ א ַׁשּבְ חֵ ת וְ הַ ְּד ֵרת‬
,‫ִּדי ָׁשלְ טָ נֵּה ָׁשלְ טָ ן עָ ַלם‬
.‫ּדר וְ ָדר‬-‫ם‬
ָ ‫כּותּה ִע‬
ֵ ְ‫ּומַ ל‬
32 And all the inhabitants of the earth are
reputed as nothing; and He doeth according
to His will in the host of heaven, and among
the inhabitants of the earth; and none can stay
His hand, or say unto Him: What doest Thou?
,‫ַארעָ א‬
ְ )‫דארי ָ(ּדי ְֵרי‬-‫לב וְ כָל‬
‫ ּוכְ ִמ ְצּבְ יֵּה עָ בֵ ד ּבְ חֵ יל‬,‫ּכְ לָה חֲ ִׁשיבִ ין‬
‫ַארעָ א; וְ לָא‬
ְ )‫ ודארי (וְ ָדי ְֵרי‬,‫ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
‫ וְ יֵאמַ ר לֵּה‬,‫יְמַ חֵ א בִ ידֵ ּה‬-‫יתי ִּדי‬
ַ ‫ִא‬
.‫מָ ה עֲ בַ ְד ְּת‬
‫זִ ְמנָא מַ נְ ְּד ִעי‬-‫לג ּבֵ ּה‬
ִ ְ‫יקר מַ ל‬
ַ ִ‫ וְ ל‬,‫ְיתּוב עֲ ַלי‬
,‫ וְ לִ י‬,‫הַ ְד ִרי וְ זִ יוִ י ְיתּוב עֲ ַלי‬
;‫הַ ָּדבְ ַרי וְ ַרבְ ְרבָ נַי ְיבַ עוֹן‬
‫ ְּורבּו‬,‫כּותי הָ ְת ְקנַת‬
ִ ְ‫מַ ל‬-‫וְ עַ ל‬
.‫הּוספַ ת לִ י‬
ְ ‫י ִַּת ָירה‬
‫ ְמ ַׁשּבַ ח‬,‫לד ּכְ עַ ן אֲ נָה נְ ֻבכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר‬
-‫ ִּדי כָל‬,‫ּומהַ ַּדר לְ מֶ לְֶך ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
ְ ‫ּומרוֹמֵ ם‬
‫אֹרחָ ֵתּה ִּדין; וְ ִדי‬
ְ ְ‫ ו‬,‫מַ עֲבָ דו ִֹהי ְקׁשֹט‬
.‫ יָכִ ל לְ הַ ְׁשּפָ לָה‬,‫מַ ְהלְ כִ ין ּבְ גֵוָה‬
33 At the same time mine understanding
returned unto me; and for the glory of my kingdom, my majesty and my splendour returned
unto me; and my ministers and my lords sought
unto me; and I was established in my kingdom,
and surpassing greatness was added unto me.
34 Now I Nevuchadnetzar praise and extol
and honour the King of heaven; for all His
works are truth, and His ways justice; and
those that walk in pride He is able to abase.’
Belshatzar the king made a great
feast to a thousand of his lords, and
drank wine before the thousand.
‫ עֲבַ ד לְ חֶ ם‬,‫ּבֵ לְ ַׁשאּצַ ר מַ לְ ּכָא‬
;‫ אֲ לַף‬,‫ לְ ַרבְ ְרבָ נו ִֹהי‬,‫ַרב‬
.‫ חַ ְמ ָרא ָׁש ֵתה‬,‫וְ ל ֳָקבֵ ל ַאלְ ּפָ א‬
bayl-sha-TZAR mal-KA a-vad l’-KHEM rav l’-rav-r’-va-NO-hee a-LAF v’-la-ko-VAYL
al-PA kham-RA sha-TAY
5:1 Belshatzar the king made a great feast
Years before, Jeremiah uttered his famous prophecy that Babylon would rule over the
Jews for seventy years (Jeremiah 29:10). Rabbi Meir Leibush Weiser comments that according to Belshazzar’s calculations, these seventy years have now elapsed and he is still
in power. He therefore throws a feast to mark this milestone, and uses the holy vessels
from the Temple in Jerusalem to further illustrate this point (verse 2). God responds
with the famous writing on the wall that appears during the feast, and by morning Belshazzar is dead. Rabbi Isaac Abrabanel adds that this incident plants much hope in the
hearts of the Jewish people, who realize that God can turn things around in an instant.
He coordinates all events and is precise in his calculations. The Jews of Daniel’s time
witness that those who mistreat them will ultimately pay for their actions.
Daniel 5:2 - 5:10
2 Belshatzar, while he tasted the wine,
commanded to bring the golden and silver
vessels which Nevuchadnetzar his father had
taken out of the temple which was in Yerushalayim; that the king and his lords, his consorts
and his concubines, might drink therein.
3 Then they brought the golden vessels
that were taken out of the temple of the
house of God which was at Yerushalayim;
and the king, and his lords, his consorts
and his concubines, drank in them.
4 They drank wine, and praised the gods
of gold, and of silver, of brass, of iron, of
wood, and of stone.
5 In the same hour came forth fingers of
a man’s hand, and wrote over against the
candlestick upon the plaster of the wall
of the king’s palace; and the king saw the
palm of the hand that wrote.
6 Then the king’s countenance was
changed in him, and his thoughts affrighted
him; and the joints of his loins were loosed,
and his knees smote one against another.
7 The king cried aloud to bring in the enchanters, the Chaldeans, and the astrologers. The king
spoke and said to the wise men of Bavel: ‘Whosoever shall read this writing, and declare unto me
the interpretation thereof, shall be clothed with
purple, and have a chain of gold about his neck,
and shall rule as one of three in the kingdom.’
8 Then came in all the king’s wise men:
but they could not read the writing, nor
make known to the king the interpretation.
9 Then was king Belshatzar greatly affrighted, and his countenance was changed
in him, and his lords were perplexed.
10 Now the queen by reason of the words of
the king and his lords came into the banquet
house; the queen spoke and said: ‘O king, live
‫י‬:‫ ה‬- ‫ב‬:‫לאינד ה‬
,‫ב ּבֵ לְ ַׁשאּצַ ר אֲ מַ ר ּבִ ְטעֵ ם חַ ְמ ָרא‬
,‫לְ הַ ְי ָתיָה לְ מָ אנֵי ַּדהֲ בָ א וְ ַכ ְסּפָ א‬
ִ ֲ‫ִּדי הַ נְ ּפֵ ק נְ בּו ַכ ְדנֶּצַ ר א‬
‫ירּוׁשלֶם; וְ ִי ְׁשּתוֹן‬
ִ‫הֵ יכְ ָלא ִּדי ב‬-‫ִמן‬
,‫ ֵׁשגְ ָל ֵתּה‬,‫ מַ לְ ָּכא וְ ַרבְ ְרבָ נו ִֹהי‬,‫ּבְ הוֹן‬
.‫ּולְ חֵ נ ֵָתּה‬
,‫ הַ ְי ִתיו מָ אנֵי ַדהֲ בָ א‬,‫אד ִין‬
ַ ֵ‫ג ּב‬
‫בֵ ית‬-‫הֵ יכְ ָלא ִּדי‬-‫ִּדי הַ נְ ּפִ קּו ִמן‬
‫ירּוׁשלֶם; וְ ִא ְׁש ִּתיו‬
ִ‫ ִּדי ב‬,‫אֱ ָלהָ א‬
,‫ ֵׁשגְ ָל ֵתּה‬,‫ מַ לְ ָּכא וְ ַרבְ ְרבָ נו ִֹהי‬,‫ּבְ הוֹן‬
.‫ּולְ חֵ נ ֵָתּה‬
‫ חַ ְמ ָרא; וְ ַׁשּבַ חּו לֵאלָהֵ י‬,‫ד ִא ְׁש ִּתיו‬
‫ נְחָ ָׁשא פַ ְרזְ לָא ָאעָ א‬,‫ַּדהֲ בָ א וְ כ ְַסּפָ א‬
.‫וְ ַאבְ נָא‬
)‫ נפקו (נְ פַ ָקה‬,‫ׁשעֲ ָתה‬-‫ּה‬
ַ ַ‫ה ּב‬
‫ וְ ָכ ְתבָ ן ָל ֳקבֵ ל‬,‫אֱ נָׁש‬-‫אֶ ְצּבְ עָ ן ִּדי יַד‬
‫כְ ַתל‬-‫ּגִ ָירא ִּדי‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫נֶבְ ַר ְׁש ָּתא‬
,‫הֵ יכְ ָלא ִּדי מַ לְ ָּכא; ּומַ לְ ָּכא חָ זֵה‬
.‫ּפַ ס ְי ָדא ִּדי ָכ ְתבָ ה‬
,‫ו אֱ ַד ִין מַ לְ ָּכא זִ יו ִֹהי ְׁשנו ִֹהי‬
‫וְ ַר ְע ֹינֹ ִהי ְיבַ הֲ לּוּנֵּה; וְ ִק ְט ֵרי חַ ְרצֵ ּה‬
‫ַארכֻּבָ ֵתּה ָּדא לְ ָדא‬
ְ ְ‫ ו‬,‫ִמ ְׁש ָּת ַר ִין‬
.‫נ ְָק ָׁשן‬
‫ לְ הֶ עָ לָה‬,‫ ּבְ חַ יִל‬,‫ז ָק ֵרא מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ַ ‫ כשדיא (ּכ ְַׂש ָּדאֵ י) וְ ג‬,‫לְ אָ ְׁשפַ ּיָא‬
‫ ִּדי‬,‫עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא וְ ָאמַ ר לְ חַ ּכִ ימֵ י בָ בֶ ל‬
‫י ְִק ֵרה ּכְ ָתבָ ה ְדנָה ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬-‫אֱ נָׁש ִּדי‬-‫כָל‬
‫ַארּגְוָ נָא יִלְ ּבַ ׁש והמנוכא‬
ְ ,‫יְחַ ּוִ ּנַנִי‬
ֵ ְ‫צַ ּו‬-‫דהֲ בָ א עַ ל‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫(וְ הַ ְמנִיכָא) ִד‬
.‫ י ְִׁשלַט‬,‫כּותא‬
ָ ְ‫וְ ַתלְ ִּתי בְ מַ ל‬
‫ חַ ּכִ ימֵ י‬,‫ ּכֹל‬,)‫ עללין (עָ ּלִ ין‬,‫אֱדיִן‬
ַ ‫ח‬
,‫כָהֲ לִ ין ּכְ ָתבָ א לְ ִמ ְק ֵרא‬-‫מַ לְ ּכָא; וְ לָא‬
.‫ופשרא (ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה) לְ הו ָֹדעָ ה לְ מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫ ַׂשּגִיא‬,‫אֱדיִן מַ לְ ּכָא בֵ לְ ַׁשאּצַ ר‬
ַ ‫ט‬
;‫ ָׁש ַניִן עֲלו ִֹהי‬,‫ וְ זִיו ִֹהי‬,‫ִמ ְתּבָ הַ ל‬
.‫ ִמ ְׁש ַּתּבְ ִׁשין‬,‫וְ ַרבְ ְרבָ נו ִֹהי‬
‫י מַ לְ ּכְ ָתא ל ֳָקבֵ ל ִמּלֵי מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫ לְ בֵ ית ִמ ְׁש ְּתיָא עללת‬,‫וְ ַרבְ ְרבָ נו ִֹהי‬
‫ מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫(עַ ּלַת); עֲ נָת מַ לְ ּכְ ָתא וַאֲ מֶ ֶרת‬
Daniel 5:10 - 5:16
for ever! let not thy thoughts affright thee,
nor let thy countenance be changed;
‫זט‬:‫ ה‬- ‫י‬:‫לאינד ה‬
,‫יְבַ הֲ לּוְך ַר ְעי ֹונְָך‬-‫לְ עָ לְ ִמין חֱ יִי ַאל‬
.ֹ‫י ְִׁש ַּתּנו‬-‫וזיויך (וְ זִיוְָך) ַאל‬
11 there is a man in thy kingdom, in
whom is the spirit of the holy gods; and
in the days of thy father light and understanding and wisdom, like the wisdom of
the gods, was found in him; and the king
Nevuchadnetzar thy father, the king, I say, thy
father, made him master of the magicians,
enchanters, Chaldeans, and astrologers;
ָ ְ‫יתי ּגְ בַ ר ּבְ מַ ל‬
ַ ‫יא ִא‬
,‫יׁשין ּבֵ ּה‬
ִ ‫ִּדי רּוחַ אֱ ָל ִהין ַק ִּד‬
‫ּובְ יוֹמֵ י אֲ בּוְך נ ִַהירּו וְ ָׂשכְ לְ ָתנּו‬
,‫אֱ ָל ִהין‬-‫וְ חָ כְ מָ ה ּכְ חָ כְ מַ ת‬
‫ִה ְׁש ְּת ַכחַ ת ּבֵ ּה; ּומַ לְ ָּכא‬
‫ אֲ בּוְך ַרב חַ ְרטֻ ִּמין‬,‫נְ ֻב ַכ ְדנֶּצַ ר‬
‫ הֲ ִקימֵ ּה‬,‫אָ ְׁשפִ ין ַּכ ְׂש ָּד ִאין ּגָזְ ִרין‬
.‫אֲ בּוְך מַ לְ ָּכא‬
12 forasmuch as a surpassing spirit, and
knowledge, and understanding, interpreting of dreams, and declaring of riddles, and
loosing of knots, were found in the same
Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar.
Now let Daniel be called, and he will declare
the interpretation.’
‫קבֵ ל ִּדי רּוחַ י ִַּת ָירה‬-‫ל‬
ֳ ‫יב ָּכ‬
‫ּומַ נְ ַּדע וְ ָׂשכְ לְ ָתנּו ְמפַ ַּׁשר חֶ לְ ִמין‬
,‫ּומ ָׁש ֵרא ִק ְט ִרין‬
ְ ‫ידן‬
ָ ‫וְ ַאחֲ וָ יַת אֲ ִח‬
-‫ ִּדי‬,‫ִה ְׁש ְּת ַכחַ ת ּבֵ ּה ּבְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
;‫ ּבֵ לְ ְט ַׁשאּצַ ר‬,‫ׁשמֵ ּה‬-‫ם‬
ְ ‫מַ לְ ָּכא ָׂש‬
‫ ּופִ ְׁש ָרה‬,‫ּכְ עַ ן ָּדנִ ּיֵאל ִי ְת ְק ֵרי‬
.‫ְיהַ חֲ ֵוה‬
13 Then was Daniel brought in before the
king. The king spoke and said unto Daniel:
‘Art thou Daniel, who is of the children of
the captivity of Yehuda, whom the king my
father brought out of Yehuda?
‫ ֳק ָדם‬,‫ הֻעַ ל‬,‫ ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫אדיִן‬
ַ ֵ‫יג ּב‬
,‫מַ לְ ּכָא; עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא וְ ָאמַ ר לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫ּבְ נֵי‬-‫מן‬-‫י‬
ִ ‫) הּוא ָדנִ ּיֵאל ִּד‬-‫(ַאנְּת‬
,‫ ִּדי הַ י ְִתי מַ לְ ּכָא ַאבִ י‬,‫ָלּותא ִּדי יְהּוד‬
ָ ‫ג‬
,)‫יד וְ ִׁש ְמעֵ ת עליך (עֲ ָלְך‬
‫ִּדי רּוחַ אֱ ָל ִהין ּבָ ְך; וְ נ ִַהירּו‬
,‫וְ ָׂשכְ לְ ָתנּו וְ חָ כְ מָ ה י ִַּת ָירה‬
.‫ִה ְׁש ְּת ַכחַ ת ּבָ ְך‬
,‫טו ּוכְ עַ ן הֻ עַ ּלּו ָק ָדמַ י‬
‫כְ ָתבָ ה‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫חַ ּכִ ימַ ּיָא אָ ְׁשפַ ּיָא‬
;‫ ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה לְ הו ָֹדעֻ ַתנִ י‬,‫ְדנָה ִי ְקרוֹן‬
,‫מּלְ ָתא‬-‫ר‬
ִ ‫ ָכהֲ לִ ין ּפְ ַׁש‬-‫וְ ָלא‬
.‫לְ הַ חֲ וָ יָה‬
,)‫טז וַ אֲ נָה ִׁש ְמעֵ ת עליך (עֲ ָלְך‬
‫(תּכּול) ּפִ ְׁש ִרין לְ ִמפְ ַׁשר‬
ִ ‫תוכל‬-‫ִּדי‬
‫וְ ִק ְט ִרין לְ ִמ ְׁש ֵרא; ּכְ עַ ן הֵ ן תוכל‬
‫ ּופִ ְׁש ֵרּה‬,‫(ּתּכּול) ּכְ ָתבָ א לְ ִמ ְק ֵרא‬
‫ַארּגְ וָ נָא ִתלְ ּבַ ׁש‬
ְ ‫עּותנִ י‬
ַ ‫לְ הו ָֹד‬
‫דהֲ בָ א‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫והמונכא (וְ הַ ְמנִ י ָכא) ִד‬
ָ ְ‫ וְ ַתלְ ָּתא בְ מַ ל‬,‫ארְך‬
ָ ְ‫צַ ּו‬-‫עַ ל‬
.‫ִּת ְׁש ַלט‬
14 I have heard of thee, that the spirit
of the gods is in thee, and that light and
understanding and surpassing wisdom is
found in thee.
15 And now the wise men, the enchanters,
have been brought in before me, that they
should read this writing, and make known unto
me the interpretation thereof; but they could
not declare the interpretation of the thing.
16 But I have heard of thee, that thou
canst give interpretations, and loose
knots; now if thou canst read the writing,
and make known to me the interpretation thereof, thou shalt be clothed with
purple, and have a chain of gold about thy
neck, and shalt rule as one of three in the
Daniel 5:17 - 5:23
‫גכ‬:‫ ה‬- ‫זי‬:‫לאינד ה‬
17 Then Daniel answered and said before
the king: ‘Let thy gifts be to thyself, and
give thy rewards to another; nevertheless
I will read the writing unto the king, and
make known to him the interpretation.
‫ וְ ָאמַ ר‬,‫אד ִין עָ נֵה ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
ַ ֵ‫יז ּב‬
,‫ מַ ְּתנ ָָתְך לְָך לֶהֶ וְ יָן‬,‫ֳק ָדם מַ לְ ָּכא‬
,‫ּונְ בָ זְ ּבְ י ָָתְך לְ ָאחֳ ָרן הַ ב; ּבְ ַרם‬
,‫ ּופִ ְׁש ָרא‬,‫ּכְ ָתבָ א אֶ ְק ֵרא לְ מַ לְ ָּכא‬
.‫אֲ הו ְֹד ִעּנֵּה‬
,‫ מַ לְ ּכָא; אֱ לָהָ א‬,)‫(ַאנְּת‬
‫יח אנתה‬
ָ ‫כּותא ְּור‬
ָ ְ‫ מַ ל‬,)‫(עּלָָאה‬
ִ ‫עליא‬
.‫ יְהַ ב לִ נְ ֻבכ ְַדנֶּצַ ר אֲ בּוְך‬,‫יק ָרא וְ הַ ְד ָרא‬
ָ ִ‫ו‬
‫לֵּה ּכֹל‬-‫ ִּדי יְהַ ב‬,‫בּותא‬
ָ ‫ר‬-‫ן‬
ְ ‫ּומ‬
ִ ‫יט‬
‫ הֲ ו ֹו זאעין‬,‫עַ ְממַ ּיָא אֻ ּמַ ּיָא וְ לִ ָּׁש ַנּיָא‬
‫הֲ וָא‬-‫ק ָדמו ִֹהי; ִּדי‬-‫ן‬
ֳ ‫( ָזי ְִעין) וְ ָדחֲ לִ ין ִמ‬
‫הֲ וָה צָ בֵ א הֲ וָה‬-‫ וְ ִדי‬,‫צָ בֵ א הֲ וָה ָקטֵ ל‬
-‫ וְ ִדי‬,‫הֲ וָה צָ בֵ א הֲ וָה מָ ִרים‬-‫ וְ ִדי‬,‫מַ חֵ א‬
.‫הֲ וָא צָ בֵ א הֲ וָא מַ ְׁשּפִ ל‬
‫ וְ רּוחֵ ּה‬,‫כ ּוכְ ִדי ִרם לִ בְ בֵ ּה‬
-‫ִּת ְקפַ ת ַלהֲ ז ָָדה; הָ נְ חַ ת ִמן‬
‫יק ָרה הֶ ְע ִּדיו‬
ָ ִ‫ ו‬,‫כּותּה‬
ֵ ְ‫ָּכ ְרסֵ א מַ ל‬
‫ּבְ נֵי אֲ נ ָָׁשא ְט ִריד‬-‫ּומן‬
ִ ‫כא‬
,)‫(ׁשּוִ יו‬
ַ ‫חֵ יוְ ָתא שוי‬-‫וְ לִ בְ בֵ ּה ִעם‬
‫ ִע ְׂשּבָ א‬,‫עֲ ָר ַדּיָא ְמד ֵֹרּה‬-‫וְ ִעם‬
‫ּומּטַ ל ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
ִ ,‫כְ תו ִֹרין ְיטַ עֲ מּוּנֵּה‬
,‫ ְי ַדע‬-‫ עַ ד ִּדי‬:‫ּגִ ְׁשמֵ ּה ִי ְצטַ ּבַ ע‬
)‫(ע ָּלָאה‬
ִ ‫ׁשּלִ יט אֱ ָלהָ א עליא‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫ִּד‬
,‫ּדי ִי ְצּבֵ א‬-‫ן‬
ִ ַ‫ ּולְ מ‬,‫ּבְ מַ לְ כּות אֲ נ ָָׁשא‬
.)‫ְיהָ ֵקים עליה (עֲ ַלּה‬
18 O thou king, God Most High gave
Nevuchadnetzar thy father the kingdom, and
greatness, and glory, and majesty;
19 and because of the greatness that
He gave him, all the peoples, nations, and
languages trembled and feared before him:
whom he would he slew, and whom he would
he kept alive; and whom he would he raised
up, and whom he would he put down.
20 But when his heart was lifted up, and
his spirit was hardened that he dealt proudly, he was deposed from his kingly throne,
and his glory was taken from him;
21 and he was driven from the sons
of men, and his heart was made like the
beasts, and his dwelling was with the wild
asses; he was fed with grass like oxen, and
his body was wet with the dew of heaven;
until he knew that God Most High ruleth in
the kingdom of men, and that He setteth
up over it whomsoever He will.
22 And thou his son, O Belshatzar, hast
not humbled thy heart, though thou knewest all this;
23 but hast lifted up thyself against the
Lord of heaven; and they have brought the
vessels of His house before thee, and thou
and thy lords, thy consorts and thy concubines, have drunk wine in them; and thou
hast praised the gods of silver, and gold, of
brass, iron, wood, and stone, which see not,
nor hear, nor know; and the God in whose
hand thy breath is, and whose are all thy
ways, hast thou not glorified;
,‫ַאנְּת) ּבְ ֵרּה ּבֵ לְ ַׁשאּצַ ר‬
ְ ְ‫כב ואנתה (ו‬
-‫ ִּדי כָל‬,‫קבֵ ל‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫ ּכ‬:‫לָא הַ ְׁשּפֵ לְ ְּת לִ בְ בָ ְך‬
.‫ְּדנָה י ְַד ְע ָּת‬
‫ׁשמַ ּיָא ִה ְתרוֹמַ ְמ ָּת‬-‫א‬
ְ ‫כג וְ עַ ל מָ ֵר‬
‫בַ ְי ֵתּה הַ ְי ִתיו קדמיך‬-‫ּולְ מָ א ַנּיָא ִדי‬
‫ ואנתה (וְ ַאנְ ְּת) ורברבניך‬,)‫(ק ָדמָ ְך‬
‫(וְ ַרבְ ְרבָ נְָך) ֵׁשגְ ָל ָתְך ּולְ חֵ נ ָָתְך חַ ְמ ָרא‬
-‫ וְ לֵא ָלהֵ י ַכ ְסּפָ א‬,‫ָׁש ַת ִין ּבְ הוֹן‬
‫וְ ַדהֲ בָ א נְ חָ ָׁשא פַ ְרזְ ָלא ָאעָ א‬
‫ׁש ְמ ִעין‬-‫א‬
ָ ‫חָ ַז ִין וְ ָל‬-‫וְ ַאבְ נָא ִּדי ָלא‬
‫ ַׁשּבַ ְח ָּת; וְ לֵא ָלהָ א‬,‫וְ ָלא י ְָד ִעין‬
‫אֹ ְרחָ ָתְך לֵּה‬-‫ וְ ָכל‬,‫נִ ְׁש ְמ ָתְך ּבִ ידֵ ּה‬-‫ִּדי‬
.‫ָלא הַ ַּד ְר ָּת‬
Daniel 5:24 - 6:5
24 then was the palm of the hand sent
from before Him, and this writing was
25 And this is the writing that was inscribed: MENE MENE, TEKEL UPHARSIN.
26 This is the interpretation of the thing:
MENE, God hath numbered thy kingdom,
and brought it to an end.
27 TEKEL, Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.
28 PERES, thy kingdom is divided, and
given to the Medes and Persians.’
29 Then commanded Belshatzar, and they
clothed Daniel with purple, and put a chain
of gold about his neck, and made proclamation concerning him, that he should rule as
one of three in the kingdom.
30 In that night Belshatzar the Chaldean
king was slain.
And Daryavesh the Mede received
the kingdom, being about threescore and two years old.
2 It pleased Daryavesh to set over the kingdom a hundred and twenty satraps, who
should be throughout the whole kingdom;
3 and over them three presidents, of
whom Daniel was one; that these satraps
might give account unto them, and that the
king should have no damage.
4 Then this Daniel distinguished himself
above the presidents and the satraps, because
a surpassing spirit was in him; and the king
thought to set him over the whole realm.
5 Then the presidents and the satraps sought
to find occasion against Daniel as touching the
kingdom; but they could find no occasion nor
fault; forasmuch as he was faithful, neither was
there any error or fault found in him.
‫ה‬:‫ ו‬- ‫דכ‬:‫לאינד ה‬
,‫ק ָדמו ִֹהי‬-‫ן‬
ֳ ‫ ִמ‬,‫אדיִן‬
ַ ֵ‫כד ּב‬
‫י ְָדא; ּוכְ ָתבָ א‬-‫ ּפַ ּסָ א ִדי‬, ַ‫ְׁשלִ יח‬
.‫ ְר ִׁשים‬,‫ְדנָה‬
‫ ְמנֵא‬:‫ ִּדי ְר ִׁשים‬,‫כה ְּודנָה כְ ָתבָ א‬
.‫ ְּת ֵקל ּופַ ְר ִסין‬,‫ְמנֵא‬
:‫מּלְ ָתא‬-‫ר‬
ִ ‫ ּפְ ַׁש‬,‫כו ְּדנָה‬
ָ ְ‫אֱ ָלהָ א מַ ל‬-‫ְמנֵא ְמנָה‬
.‫וְ הַ ְׁשלְ מַ ּה‬
,‫כז ְּת ֵקל ְּת ִקילְ ָּת בְ מֹאזַנְ יָא‬
.‫וְ ִה ְׁש ְּתכַחַ ְּת חַ ִּסיר‬
,‫יהיבַ ת‬
ִ ִ‫ ו‬,‫כּותְך‬
ָ ְ‫ מַ ל‬,‫כח ּפְ ֵרס ּפְ ִריסַ ת‬
.‫לְ מָ ַדי ּופָ ָרס‬
,‫אדיִן אֲ מַ ר ּבֵ לְ ַׁשאּצַ ר‬
ַ ֵ‫כט ּב‬
‫ והמנוכא‬,‫ַארּגְ וָ נָא‬
ְ ‫וְ הַ לְ ּבִ ׁשּו לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
ֵ ְ‫צַ ּו‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫דהֲ בָ א‬-‫י‬
ַ ‫(וְ הַ ְמנִ יכָא) ִד‬
‫לֶהֱ וֵא ַׁשּלִ יט‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫וְ הַ כְ ִרזּו עֲ לו ִֹהי‬
ָ ְ‫ַּתלְ ָּתא ּבְ מַ ל‬
‫אׁשּצַ ר‬
ַ ְ‫ ּבֵ ל‬,‫ ְק ִטיל‬,‫ ּבְ לֵילְ יָא‬,‫ל ּבֵ ּה‬
.)‫מַ לְ ּכָא כשדיא (כ ְַׂש ָּדָאה‬
,‫ ַקּבֵ ל‬,)‫ מדיא (מָ ָדָאה‬,‫וְ ָד ְר ָיוֶׁש‬
‫ ִׁש ִּתין‬,‫כּותא ּכְ בַ ר ְׁשנִין‬
ָ ְ‫מַ ל‬
.‫וְ ַת ְר ֵּתין‬
‫ וַהֲ ִקים‬,‫ ֳק ָדם ָּד ְר ָיוֶׁש‬,‫ב ְׁשפַ ר‬
‫ לַאֲ חַ ְׁש ַּד ְרּפְ ַנּיָא ְמָאה‬,‫כּותא‬
ָ ְ‫מַ ל‬-‫עַ ל‬
ָ ְ‫מַ ל‬-‫ ּבְ כָל‬,‫וְ עֶ ְׂש ִרין ִּדי לֶהֱ ‍וֹן‬
,‫ג וְ עֵ ּלָא ִמּנְהוֹן סָ ְרכִ ין ְּתל ָָתה‬
‫לֶהֱ ‍וֹן‬-‫ ִּדי‬:‫מּנְהוֹן‬-‫ד‬
ִ ַ‫ִּדי ָדנִ ּיֵאל ח‬
‫ יָהֲ בִ ין לְ הוֹן‬,‫אֲ חַ ְׁש ַּד ְרּפְ ַנּיָא ִאּלֵין‬
.‫לֶהֱ וֵא נָזִק‬-‫ לָא‬,‫ ּומַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫טַ ְעמָ א‬
,‫ הֲ וָא ִמ ְתנַּצַ ח‬,‫ ָּדנִ ּיֵאל ְּדנָה‬,‫אֱדיִן‬
ַ ‫ד‬
,‫קבֵ ל‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫ ּכ‬:‫סָ ְר ַכּיָא וַאֲ חַ ְׁש ַּד ְרּפְ ַנּיָא‬-‫עַ ל‬
ִ ‫ ּומַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫ִּדי רּוחַ י ִַּת ָירא ּבֵ ּה‬
ָ ְ‫מַ ל‬-‫ּכָל‬-‫מּותּה עַ ל‬
ֵ ‫לַהֲ ָק‬
‫ הֲו ֹו‬,‫אֱדיִן סָ ְר ַכּיָא וַאֲ חַ ְׁש ַּד ְרּפְ ַנּיָא‬
ַ ‫ה‬
‫לְדנִ ּיֵאל ִמּצַ ד‬
ָ ‫בָ עַ יִן ִעּלָה לְהַ ְׁשּכָחָ ה‬
‫יָכְלִין‬-‫יתה לָא‬
ָ ‫ּוׁש ִח‬
ְ ‫עּלָה‬-‫ָל‬
ִ ‫לְכּותא; וְ כ‬
-‫ וְ כָל‬,‫מהֵ ימַ ן הּוא‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫קֳ בֵל ִּד‬-‫ ּכָל‬,‫לְהַ ְׁשּכָחָ ה‬
.‫ לָא ִה ְׁש ְּתכַחַ ת עֲלו ִֹהי‬,‫יתה‬
ָ ‫ּוׁש ִח‬
ְ ‫ָׁשלּו‬
Daniel 6:6 - 6:11
6 Then said these men: ‘We shall not find any
occasion against this Daniel, except we find it
against him in the matter of the law of his God.’
7 Then these presidents and satraps came
tumultuously to the king, and said thus
unto him: ‘King Daryavesh, live for ever!
8 All the presidents of the kingdom, the prefects and the satraps, the ministers and the governors, have consulted together that the king
should establish a statute, and make a strong
interdict, that whosoever shall ask a petition of
any god or man for thirty days, save of thee, O
king, he shall be cast into the den of lions.
9 Now, O king, establish the interdict, and sign
the writing, that it be not changed, according to the
law of the Medes and Persians, which altereth not.’
10 Wherefore king Daryavesh signed the
writing and the interdict.
11 And when Daniel knew that the writing
was signed, he went into his house--now his
windows were open in his upper chamber
toward Yerushalayim--and he kneeled upon his
knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave
thanks before his God, as he did aforetime.
‫אי‬:‫ ו‬- ‫ו‬:‫לאינד ו‬
‫ ִּדי לָא‬,‫ָאמ ִרין‬
ְ ,‫אֱדיִן ּגֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך‬
ַ ‫ו‬
,‫עּלָה; לָהֵ ן‬-‫ָל‬
ִ ‫ ּכ‬,‫נְהַ ְׁשּכַח לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל ְּדנָה‬
.‫הַ ְׁשּכ ְַחנָא עֲלו ִֹהי ּבְ ָדת אֱ לָהֵ ּה‬
,‫ ִאּלֵן‬,‫אֱדיִן סָ ְר ַכּיָא וַאֲ חַ ְׁש ַּד ְרּפְ ַנּיָא‬
ַ ‫ז‬
,‫ָאמ ִרין לֵּה‬
ְ ‫מַ לְ ּכָא; וְ כֵן‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫הַ ְרּגִׁשּו‬
.‫ָּד ְר ָיוֶׁש מַ לְ ּכָא לְ עָ לְ ִמין חֱ יִי‬
ָ ְ‫ח ִא ְתיָעַ טּו ּכֹל סָ ְרכֵי מַ ל‬
‫ִסגְ ַנּיָא וַאֲ חַ ְׁש ַּד ְרּפְ ַנּיָא הַ ָּדבְ ַרּיָא‬
,‫ לְ ַקּיָמָ ה ְקיָם מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫וָתא‬
ָ ֲ‫ּופַ ח‬
‫יִבְ עֵ א‬-‫ּדי‬-‫ָל‬
ִ ‫ ִּדי כ‬:‫ּולְ ַת ָּקפָ ה אֱסָ ר‬
‫יו ִֹמין‬-‫אֱ לָּה וֶאֱ נָׁש עַ ד‬-‫ּכָל‬-‫בָ עּו ִמן‬
‫ לְ גֹב‬,‫ לָהֵ ן ִמּנְָך מַ לְ ּכָא י ְִת ְרמֵ א‬,‫ְּתל ִָתין‬
ָ ‫ַארי‬
‫ ְּת ִקים אֱסָ ָרא‬,‫ט ּכְ עַ ן מַ לְ ּכָא‬
-‫ ִּדי לָא לְ הַ ְׁש ָניָה ּכְ ָדת‬:‫וְ ִת ְרׁשֻ ם ּכְ ָתבָ א‬
.‫לָא ֶת ְעּדֵ א‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫מָ ַדי ּופָ ַרס‬
,‫ ָּד ְר ָיוֶׁש‬,‫ ְּדנָה מַ לְ ּכָא‬,‫קבֵ ל‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫י ּכ‬
.‫ וֶאֱסָ ָרא‬,‫ְר ַׁשם ּכְ ָתבָ א‬
‫ר ִׁשים‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫יא וְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל ּכְ ִדי י ְַדע ִּד‬
‫ וְ כַּוִ ין ּפְ ִתיחָ ן לֵּה‬,‫ עַ ל לְ בַ י ְֵתּה‬,‫ּכְ ָתבָ א‬
‫זִמנִין ְּתל ָָתה‬
ְ ְ‫ְרּוׁשלֶם; ו‬
ְ ‫ ֶנגֶד י‬,‫יתּה‬
ֵ ִ‫ּבְ ִעּל‬
‫ּומצַ ּלֵא‬
ְ ,‫ּבִ ְרכו ִֹהי‬-‫בְ יוֹמָ א הּוא ּבָ ֵרְך עַ ל‬
‫הֲ וָא‬-‫קבֵ ל ִּדי‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫ ּכ‬,‫ּומוֹדֵ א ֳק ָדם אֱ לָהֵ ּה‬
.‫ק ְדמַ ת ְּדנָה‬-‫ן‬
ַ ‫ ִמ‬,‫עָ בֵ ד‬
v’-da-ni-YAYL k’-DEE y’-DA dee r’-SHEEM k’-ta-VA al l’-vai-TAY v’-kha-VEEN p’-tee-KHAN
lay b’-i-lee-TAY NE-ged y’-ru-sh’-LEM v’-zim-NEEN t’-la-TA v’-yo-MA hu ba-RAYKH
al bir-KHO-hee um-tza-LAY u-mo-DAY ko-DAM e-la-HAY kol ko-VAYL dee ha-VA
a-VAYD min kad-MAT d’-NAH
6:11 Now his windows were open in his upper chamber toward Yerushalayim
Even though God’s Temple had been destroyed for fifty years, Daniel continues to
turn in its direction when praying. Indeed, Jews throughout the ages have maintained the tradition to pray facing Jerusalem, showing their eternal connection with
their land. This is a fulfillment of King Solomon’s wish when dedicating the Temple: (I Kings 8:48-49) “if they return unto Thee with all their heart … in the land
of their enemies… and pray unto Thee toward their land, which Thou gavest unto
their fathers, the city which Thou hast chosen, and the house which I have built for
Thy name; then hear Thou their prayer and their supplication…”
Daniel 6:12 - 6:19
‫טי‬:‫ ו‬- ‫בי‬:‫לאינד ו‬
12 Then these men came tumultuously,
and found Daniel making petition and supplication before his God.
,‫ הַ ְרּגִׁשּו‬,‫אֱדיִן ּגֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך‬
ַ ‫יב‬
‫ ֳק ָדם‬,‫ּומ ְתחַ ּנַן‬
ִ ‫ לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל ּבָ עֵ ה‬,‫וְ הַ ְׁשּכַחּו‬
.‫אֱ לָהֵ ּה‬
-‫ָאמ ִרין ֳק ָדם‬
ְ ְ‫אדיִן ְק ִרבּו ו‬
ַ ֵ‫יג ּב‬
‫אֱ סָ ר מַ לְ ּכָא הֲ לָא‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫יִבְ עֵ א‬-‫אֱ נָׁש ִּדי‬-‫אֱ סָ ר ְר ַׁש ְמ ָּת ִּדי כָל‬
‫יו ִֹמין ְּתל ִָתין‬-‫אֱ לָּה וֶאֱ נָׁש עַ ד‬-‫ּכָל‬-‫ִמן‬
‫ י ְִת ְרמֵ א לְ גוֹב‬,‫לָהֵ ן ִמּנְָך מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫ י ִַּציבָ א‬,‫ַאריָוָ ָתא; עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא וְ ָאמַ ר‬
‫לָא‬-‫מָ ַדי ּופָ ַרס ִּדי‬-‫ִמּלְ ָתא ּכְ ָדת‬
.‫ֶת ְעּדֵ א‬
13 Then they came near, and spoke before
the king concerning the king’s interdict: ‘Hast
thou not signed an interdict, that every man that
shall make petition unto any god or man within
thirty days, save of thee, O king, shall be cast into
the den of lions?’ The king answered and said:
‘The thing is true, according to the law of the
Medes and Persians, which altereth not.’
14 Then answered they and said before
the king: ‘That Daniel, who is of the children of the captivity of Yehuda, regardeth
not thee, O king, nor the interdict that
thou hast signed, but maketh his petition
three times a day.’
15 Then the king, when he heard these
words, was sore displeased, and set his heart
on Daniel to deliver him; and he laboured till
the going down of the sun to deliver him.
16 Then these men came tumultuously
unto the king, and said unto the king: ‘Know,
O king, that it is a law of the Medes and Persians, that no interdict nor statute which the
king establisheth may be changed.’
17 Then the king commanded, and they
brought Daniel, and cast him into the den
of lions. Now the king spoke and said unto
Daniel: ‘Thy God whom thou servest continually, He will deliver thee.’
18 And a stone was brought, and laid upon the
mouth of the den; and the king sealed it with his
own signet, and with the signet of his lords; that
nothing might be changed concerning Daniel.
19 Then the king went to his palace, and
passed the night fasting; neither were diversions brought before him; and his sleep
fled from him.
‫ ֳק ָדם‬,‫ָאמ ִרין‬
ְ ְ‫אדיִן עֲ נ ֹו ו‬
ַ ֵ‫יד ּב‬
ָ ‫ּבְ נֵי ג‬-‫מַ לְ ּכָא ִּדי ָדנִ ּיֵאל ִּדי ִמן‬
‫ׂשם עליך (עֲ לְָך) מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ָא‬
ָ ‫ִּדי יְהּוד ל‬
;‫אֱ סָ ָרא ִּדי ְר ַׁש ְמ ָּת‬-‫ וְ עַ ל‬,‫ְטעֵ ם‬
‫ ּבָ עֵ א‬,‫וְ זִ ְמנִ ין ְּתל ָָתה ּבְ יוֹמָ א‬
ֵ ָ‫ּב‬
,‫אֱדיִן מַ לְ ּכָא ּכְ ִדי ִמּלְ ָתא ְׁשמַ ע‬
ַ ‫טו‬
‫ וְ עַ ל ָּדנִ ּיֵאל ָׂשם‬,‫ַׂשּגִיא ּבְ אֵ ׁש עֲלו ִֹהי‬
,‫ָבּותּה; וְ עַ ד מֶ עָ לֵי ִׁש ְמ ָׁשא‬
ֵ ‫ לְ ֵׁשיז‬,‫ּבָ ל‬
ֵ ָ‫הֲ וָא ִמ ְׁש ַּת ַּדר לְ הַ ּצ‬
‫ הַ ְרּגִ ׁשּו‬,‫אדיִן ּגֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך‬
ַ ֵ‫טז ּב‬
‫ ַּדע‬,‫ָאמ ִרין לְ מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ְ ְ‫מַ לְ ּכָא; ו‬-‫עַ ל‬
-‫כָל‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫דת לְ מָ ַדי ּופָ ַרס‬-‫י‬
ָ ‫מַ לְ ּכָא ִּד‬
‫ לָא‬,‫מַ לְ ּכָא יְהָ ֵקים‬-‫ּוקיָם ִּדי‬
ְ ‫אֱ סָ ר‬
.‫לְ הַ ְׁש ָניָה‬
‫ וְ הַ י ְִתיו‬,‫אדיִן מַ לְ ּכָא אֲ מַ ר‬
ַ ֵ‫יז ּב‬
ָ ‫ַארי‬
ְ ‫ לְ גֻּבָ א ִּדי‬,ֹ‫ ְּורמו‬,‫לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫ אֱ לָהָ ְך ִּדי‬,‫ וְ ָאמַ ר לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא‬
‫ הּוא‬,‫לֵּה ּבִ ְת ִד ָירא‬-‫(ַאנְּת) ּפָ לַח‬
.‫י ְֵׁשיזְבִ ּנְָך‬
-‫ וְ ׂשֻ מַ ת עַ ל‬,‫יתיִת אֶ בֶ ן חֲ ָדה‬
ָ ֵ‫יח וְ ה‬
,‫זְק ֵתּה‬
ְ ‫ּפֻם ּגֻּבָ א; וְ חַ ְתמַ ּה מַ לְ ּכָא ּבְ ִע‬
‫ת ְׁשנֵא‬-‫ָא‬
ִ ‫ ִּדי ל‬,‫זְקת ַרבְ ְרבָ נו ִֹהי‬
ָ ‫ּובְ ִע‬
.‫ ּבְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫ְצבּו‬
‫יט אֱ ַד ִין אֲ זַל מַ לְ ָּכא‬
,‫ וְ ַדחֲ וָ ן‬,‫ ּובָ ת ְטוָ ת‬,‫לְ הֵ יכְ לֵּה‬
,‫הַ נְ עֵ ל ָק ָדמו ִֹהי; וְ ִׁשנְ ֵּתּה‬-‫ָלא‬
.‫נ ַַּדת עֲ לו ִֹהי‬
Daniel 6:20 - 6:27
20 Then the king arose very early in the
morning, and went in haste unto the den
of lions.
21 And when he came near unto the den
to Daniel, he cried with a pained voice; the
king spoke and said to Daniel: ‘O Daniel,
servant of the living God, is thy God, whom
thou servest continually, able to deliver thee
from the lions?’
22 Then said Daniel unto the king: ‘O
king, live for ever!
23 My God hath sent His angel, and hath
shut the lions’ mouths, and they have not
hurt me; forasmuch as before Him innocency was found in me; and also before
thee, O king, have I done no hurt.’
24 Then was the king exceeding glad, and
commanded that they should take Daniel up
out of the den. So Daniel was taken up out of
the den, and no manner of hurt was found
upon him, because he had trusted in his God.
25 And the king commanded, and they
brought those men that had accused Daniel,
and they cast them into the den of lions,
them, their children, and their wives; and
they had not come to the bottom of the
den, when the lions had the mastery of
them, and broke all their bones in pieces.
26 Then king Daryavesh wrote unto all
the peoples, nations, and languages, that
dwell in all the earth: ‘Peace be multiplied
unto you.
27 I make a decree, that in all the
dominion of my kingdom men tremble
and fear before the God of Daniel; for He
is the living God, and stedfast for ever,
and His kingdom that which shall not be
destroyed, and His dominion shall be even
unto the end;
‫זכ‬:‫ ו‬- ‫כ‬:‫לאינד ו‬
‫ ּבִ ְׁשּפַ ְרּפָ ָרא יְקּום‬,‫אדיִן מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ַ ֵ‫כ ּב‬
-‫ּבְ נָגְהָ א; ּובְ ִה ְתּבְ הָ לָה לְ גֻּבָ א ִדי‬
.‫ אֲ זַל‬,‫ָוָתא‬
ָ ‫ַארי‬
,‫כא ּוכְ ִמ ְק ְרבֵ ּה לְ גֻּבָ א לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫זְעק; עָ נֵה מַ לְ ּכָא וְ ָאמַ ר‬
ִ ‫עֲציב‬
ִ ‫ּבְ ָקל‬
‫ ָּדנִ ּיֵאל עֲבֵ ד אֱ לָהָ א חַ ּיָא‬,‫לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫לֵּה‬-‫(ַאנְּת) ּפָ לַח‬
‫אֱ לָהָ ְך ִּדי אנתה‬
-‫ָבּותְך ִמן‬
ָ ‫ הַ יְכִ ל לְ ֵׁשיז‬,‫ּבִ ְת ִד ָירא‬
ָ ‫ַארי‬
:‫ מַ ּלִ ל‬,‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬-‫ ִעם‬,‫ ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫אֱדיִן‬
ַ ‫כב‬
.‫ לְ עָ לְ ִמין חֱ יִי‬,‫מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ְ ,‫כג אֱ ל ִָהי ְׁשלַח מַ לְ אֲ כֵּה‬
,‫קבֵ ל‬-‫ָל‬
ֳ ‫ָוָתא וְ לָא חַ ּבְ לּונִי; ּכ‬
ָ ‫ַארי‬
ְ ‫ּפֻם‬
‫ וְ ַאף‬,‫ִּדי ָק ָדמו ִֹהי זָכּו ִה ְׁש ְּתכַחַ ת לִ י‬
‫ חֲ בּולָה לָא‬,‫(ק ָדמָ ְך) מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ָ ‫קדמיך‬
.‫עַ בְ דֵ ת‬
‫ ַׂשּגִ יא ְטאֵ ב‬,‫אדיִן מַ לְ ּכָא‬
ַ ֵ‫כד ּב‬
‫ אֲ מַ ר לְ הַ נְ סָ ָקה‬,‫ ּולְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫עֲ לו ִֹהי‬
,‫ּגֻּבָ א‬-‫ּגֻּבָ א; וְ הֻ ּסַ ק ָּדנִ ּיֵאל ִמן‬-‫ִמן‬
ִ ֵ‫ ה‬,‫ה ְׁש ְּתכַח ּבֵ ּה ִּדי‬-‫ָא‬
ִ ‫חֲ בָ ל ל‬-‫וְ כָל‬
.‫ּבֵ אלָהֵ ּה‬
‫ וְ הַ ְי ִתיו‬,‫כה וַ אֲ מַ ר מַ לְ ָּכא‬
‫אֲ ַכלּו ַק ְרצו ִֹהי‬-‫ּגֻבְ ַרּיָא ִאּלְֵך ִּדי‬
,ֹ‫ַאריָוָ ָתא ְרמו‬
ְ ‫ ּולְ גוֹב‬,‫ִּדי ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫מט ֹו‬-‫א‬
ְ ‫ִאּנּון ּבְ נֵיהוֹן ּונְ ֵׁשיהוֹן; וְ ָל‬
‫ׁשלִ טּו‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫ עַ ד ִּד‬,‫ַאר ִעית ּגֻּבָ א‬
ְ ְ‫ל‬
,‫ּג ְַרמֵ יהוֹן‬-‫ וְ ָכל‬,‫ַאריָוָ ָתא‬
ְ ‫בְ הוֹן‬
.‫הַ ִּדקּו‬
‫ ּכְ ַתב‬,‫אד ִין ָּד ְר ָי ֶוׁש מַ לְ ָּכא‬
ַ ֵ‫כו ּב‬
‫עַ ְממַ ּיָא אֻ ּמַ ּיָא וְ לִ ָּׁש ַנּיָא‬-‫לְ ָכל‬
‫ַארעָ א‬-‫ל‬
ְ ‫(ד ְי ִרין) ּבְ ָכ‬
ָ ‫דארין‬-‫ִּדי‬
.‫ְׁש ָל ְמכוֹן ִי ְׂשּגֵא‬
‫ ִׂשים ְטעֵ ם‬,‫ק ָדמַ י‬-‫ן‬
ֳ ‫כז ִמ‬
‫כּותי לֶהֱ ו‍ֹן‬
ִ ְ‫ׁשלְ טָ ן מַ ל‬-‫ל‬
ָ ‫ִּדי ּבְ ָכ‬
‫ק ָדם‬-‫ן‬
ֳ ‫ ִמ‬,‫זאעין ( ָז ְי ִעין) וְ ָדחֲ לִ ין‬
‫הּוא‬-‫ ִּדי‬:‫דנִ ּיֵאל‬-‫י‬
ָ ‫אֱ ָלהֵ ּה ִּד‬
,‫ וְ ַקּיָם לְ עָ לְ ִמין‬,‫אֱ ָלהָ א חַ ּיָא‬
,‫ ָלא ִת ְתחַ ּבַ ל‬-‫כּותּה ִּדי‬
ֵ ְ‫ּומַ ל‬
.‫סוֹפָ א‬-‫וְ ָׁשלְ טָ נֵּה עַ ד‬
Daniel 6:28 - 7:5
28 He delivereth and rescueth, and He
worketh signs and wonders in heaven and
in earth; who hath delivered Daniel from
the power of the lions.’
29 So this Daniel prospered in the reign
of Daryavesh, and in the reign of Koresh the
In the first year of Belshatzar king of
Bavel Daniel had a dream and visions
of his head upon his bed; then he wrote the
dream and told the sum of the matters.
‫ה‬:‫ ז‬- ‫חכ‬:‫לאינד ו‬
‫כח ְמ ֵׁשיזִ ב ּומַ ִּצל וְ עָ בֵ ד‬
‫ ּבִ ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬,‫ָאתין וְ ִת ְמ ִהין‬
,‫ ִּדי ֵׁשיזִ ב לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬:‫ַארעָ א‬
ְ ְ‫ּוב‬
.‫ַאריָוָ ָתא‬
ְ ‫יַד‬-‫ִמן‬
‫ הַ ְצלַח ּבְ מַ לְ כּות‬,‫כט וְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל ְּדנָה‬
‫ ּכו ֶֹרׁש פרסיא‬,‫ ּובְ מַ לְ כּות‬,‫ָּד ְר ָיוֶׁש‬
.)‫(ּפָ ְרסָ ָאה‬
‫אׁשּצַ ר מֶ לְֶך‬
ַ ְ‫ לְ בֵ ל‬,‫ּבִ ְׁשנַת חֲ ָדה‬
‫ וְ חֶ זְ וֵי‬,‫ ָּדנִ ּיֵאל חֵ לֶם חֲ זָה‬,‫ּבָ בֶ ל‬
‫אדיִן חֶ לְ מָ א‬
ַ ֵ‫מ ְׁשּכְ בֵ ּה; ּב‬-‫ל‬
ִ ַ‫אׁשּה ע‬
ֵ ‫ֵר‬
.‫ ֵראׁש ִמּלִ ין אֲ מַ ר‬,‫כְ ַתב‬
bish-NAT kha-DAH l’-vayl-sha-TZAR ME-lekh ba-VEL da-ni-YAYL KHAY-lem kha-ZAH
v’-khez-VAY ray-SHAY al mish-k’-VAY bay-DA-yin khel-MA khi-TAV raysh mi-LEEN a-MAR
2 Daniel spoke and said: I saw in my vision
by night, and, behold, the four winds of the
heaven broke forth upon the great sea.
3 And four great beasts came up from the
sea, diverse one from another.
4 The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s
wings; I beheld till the wings thereof were
plucked off, and it was lifted up from the
earth, and made stand upon two feet as a
man, and a man’s heart was given to it.
5 And behold another beast, a second,
like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one
side, and it had three ribs in its mouth
between its teeth; and it was said thus unto
it: ‘Arise, devour much flesh.’
‫ חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית‬,‫ב עָ נֵה ָדנִ ּיֵאל וְ ָאמַ ר‬
‫ַארּבַ ע רּוחֵ י‬
ְ ,‫לֵילְ יָא; וַאֲ רּו‬-‫ּבְ חֶ זְוִ י ִעם‬
.‫ לְ יַּמָ א ַרּבָ א‬,‫ ְמגִיחָ ן‬,‫ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬
-‫ סָ לְ ָקן ִמן‬,‫ַארּבַ ע חֵ יוָן ַרבְ ְרבָ ן‬
ְ ְ‫ג ו‬
ָ ‫ ָּדא ִמ‬,‫ ָׁשנְ יָן‬,‫יַּמָ א‬
-‫ וְ גַּפִ ין ִּדי‬,‫ַאריֵה‬
ְ ְ‫ד ַק ְדמָ י ְָתא כ‬
‫ּמ ִריטּו‬-‫י‬
ְ ‫נְ ַׁשר לַּה; חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית עַ ד ִּד‬
,‫ַארעָ א‬-‫ן‬
ְ ‫גפיה (גַּפַ ּה) ּונְ ִטילַת ִמ‬
‫ ּולְ בַ ב‬,‫רגְ ַליִן ּכֶאֱ נָׁש הֳ ִקימַ ת‬-‫ל‬
ַ ַ‫וְ ע‬
.‫ י ְִהיב לַּה‬,‫אֱ נָׁש‬
‫ה וַ אֲ רּו חֵ יוָ ה ָאחֳ ִרי ִתנְ ָינָה‬
,‫חַ ד הֳ ִקמַ ת‬-‫ וְ לִ ְׂשטַ ר‬,‫ָּד ְמיָה לְ דֹב‬
‫ ּבֵ ין שניה‬,‫ּותלָת ִעלְ ִעין ּבְ פֻּמַ ּה‬
‫קּומי אֲ כֻלִ י‬
ִ ,‫ָאמ ִרין לַּה‬
ְ ‫(ׁשּנַּה); וְ כֵן‬
.‫ּבְ ַׂשר ַׂשּגִ יא‬
7:1 Daniel had a dream
Lest anyone think that history is coincidental, God shows Daniel a preview of all
that will transpire. According to Rabbi Isaac Abrabanel, Daniel’s visions are meant
to comfort the Jewish people throughout their long and bitter exile. God is like a
doctor who explains a difficult treatment to his patient but promises that all the
painful symptoms guarantee a full recovery at the end. When we see that the suffering that was predicted has occurred, we can be assured that redemption, with all
the promise it holds, will come true as well.
Daniel 7:6 - 7:13
‫גי‬:‫ ז‬- ‫ו‬:‫לאינד ז‬
6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like
a leopard, which had upon the sides of it
four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four
heads; and dominion was given to it.
‫ וַאֲ רּו‬,‫אתר ְּדנָה חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית‬
ַ ָ‫ו ּב‬
,‫עוֹף‬-‫ַארּבַ ע ִּדי‬
ְ ‫ וְ לַּה ּגַּפִ ין‬,‫ָאחֳ ִרי ּכִ נְמַ ר‬
ִ ‫ַארּבְ עָ ה ֵר‬
ְ ְ‫גביה (ּגַּבַ ּה); ו‬-‫עַ ל‬
.‫ וְ ָׁשלְ טָ ן י ְִהיב לַּה‬,‫לְ חֵ יוְ ָתא‬
‫אתר ְּדנָה חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית ּבְ חֶ זְ וֵי‬
ַ ָ‫ז ּב‬
)‫ וַאֲ רּו חֵ יוָה רביעיה ְ(רבִ יעָ ָאה‬,‫לֵילְ יָא‬
‫ימ ָתנִי וְ ַת ִּקיפָ א י ִַּת ָירה‬
ְ ֵ‫ְּד ִחילָה וְ א‬
‫ ָאכְ לָה‬,‫פַ ְרזֶל לַּה ַרבְ ְרבָ ן‬-‫וְ ִׁש ַּניִן ִּדי‬
)‫ָארא ברגליה (ּבְ ַרגְ לַּה‬
ָ ‫ּוׁש‬
ְ ,‫ּומַ ּדֱ ָקה‬
ָ ֵ‫ח‬-‫ּכָל‬-‫ ִמן‬,‫ָרפְ סָ ה; וְ ִהיא ְמ ַׁשּנְ יָה‬
.‫ לַּה‬,‫עֲׂשר‬
ַ ‫ וְ ַק ְר ַניִן‬,)‫(ק ָדמַ ּה‬
ָ ‫ִּדי קדמיה‬
7 After this I saw in the night visions,
and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and
terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had
great iron teeth; it devoured and broke in
pieces, and stamped the residue with its
feet; and it was diverse from all the beasts
that were before it; and it had ten horns.
8 I considered the horns, and, behold,
there came up among them another horn,
a little one, before which three of the first
horns were plucked up by the roots; and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of
a man, and a mouth speaking great things.
9 I beheld till thrones were placed, and
one that was ancient of days did sit: his
raiment was as white snow, and the hair of
his head like pure wool; his throne was fiery
flames, and the wheels thereof burning fire.
10 A fiery stream issued and came forth
from before him; thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times
ten thousand stood before him; the judgment was set, and the books were opened.
11 I beheld at that time because of the
voice of the great words which the horn
spoke, I beheld even till the beast was slain,
and its body destroyed, and it was given to
be burned with fire.
12 And as for the rest of the beasts, their
dominion was taken away; yet their lives
were prolonged for a season and a time.
13 I saw in the night visions, and, behold, there
came with the clouds of heaven one like unto
a son of man, and he came even to the Ancient
of days, and he was brought near before Him.
‫ וַאֲ לּו‬,‫ח ִמ ְׂש ַּתּכַל הֲ וֵית ּבְ ַק ְר ַנּיָא‬
‫ֶק ֶרן ָאחֳ ִרי זְעֵ ָירה ִסלְ ָקת ביניהון‬
,‫ק ְר ַנּיָא ַק ְדמָ י ָָתא‬-‫ן‬
ַ ‫ּותלָת ִמ‬
ְ ,)‫(ּבֵ ינֵיהֵ ן‬
‫קדמיה‬-‫עֲק ָרה) ִמן‬
ַ ‫אתעקרו (אֶ ְת‬
,‫(ק ָדמַ ּה); וַאֲ לּו עַ יְנִין ּכְ עַ ְינֵי אֲ נ ָָׁשא‬
.‫ ְממַ ּלִ ל ַרבְ ְרבָ ן‬,‫ ּופֻם‬,‫דא‬-‫ָא‬
ָ ‫ּבְ ַק ְרנ‬
,‫ עַ ד ִּדי כ ְָרסָ וָן ְר ִמיו‬,‫ט חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית‬
‫בּוׁשּה ּכִ ְתלַג‬
ֵ ְ‫ י ְִתב; ל‬,‫וְ עַ ִּתיק יו ִֹמין‬
ֵ ‫אׁשּה ּכַעֲמַ ר‬
ֵ ‫ּוׂשעַ ר ֵר‬
ְ ,‫ִחּוָר‬
‫ ּגַלְ ּגִּלו ִֹהי נּור‬,‫נּור‬-‫ּכ ְָר ְסיֵּה ְׁשבִ בִ ין ִּדי‬
.‫ָּדלִ ק‬
-‫ ָנגֵד וְ נָפֵ ק ִמן‬,‫נּור‬-‫י נְ הַ ר ִּדי‬
)‫ אֶ לֶף אלפים (ַאלְ פִ ין‬,‫ֳק ָדמו ִֹהי‬
)‫ וְ ִרּב ֹו רבון ִ(רבְ בָ ן‬,‫י ְַׁש ְּמׁשּוּנֵּה‬
,‫ָק ָדמו ִֹהי יְקּומּון; ִּדינָא י ְִתב‬
.‫וְ ִספְ ִרין ּפְ ִתיחּו‬
ָ ‫אדיִן ִמ‬
ַ ֵ‫יא חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית ּב‬
;‫ ִּדי ַק ְרנָא ְממַ ֱּללָה‬,‫ִמ ַּלּיָא ַרבְ ְרבָ ָתא‬
,‫חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית עַ ד ִּדי ְק ִטילַת חֵ יוְ ָתא‬
‫יק ַדת‬
ֵ ִ‫ ל‬,‫יהיבַ ת‬
ִ ִ‫ ו‬,‫וְ הּובַ ד ּגִ ְׁשמַ ּה‬
.‫אֶ ָּׁשא‬
,‫ הֶ ְע ִּדיו‬,‫יוָתא‬
ָ ֵ‫ ח‬,‫ּוׁשָאר‬
ְ ‫יב‬
,‫ַארכָה בְ חַ ּיִין י ְִהיבַ ת לְ הוֹן‬
ְ ְ‫ָׁשלְ טָ נְהוֹן; ו‬
.‫זְמַ ן וְ ִע ָּדן‬-‫עַ ד‬
,‫ ּבְ חֶ זְ וֵי לֵילְ יָא‬,‫יג חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית‬
‫ ּכְ בַ ר אֱ נָׁש‬,‫עֲ ָננֵי ְׁשמַ ּיָא‬-‫וַאֲ רּו ִעם‬
,‫עַ ִּתיק יוֹמַ ּיָא ְמטָ ה‬-‫ָאתה הֲ וָא; וְ עַ ד‬
ִ ‫ּוק ָדמו ִֹהי הַ ְק ְר‬
Daniel 7:14 - 7:23
‫גכ‬:‫ ז‬- ‫די‬:‫לאינד ז‬
14 And there was given him dominion,
and glory, and a kingdom, that all the peoples, nations, and languages should serve
him; his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his
kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.
ָ ִ‫ ו‬,‫יד וְ לֵּה ְי ִהב ָׁשלְ טָ ן‬
‫ וְ כֹל עַ ְממַ ּיָא אֻ ּמַ ּיָא‬,‫ּומַ לְ כּו‬
;‫ לֵּה ִיפְ לְ חּון‬,‫וְ לִ ָּׁש ַנּיָא‬
‫ ָלא‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫ָׁשלְ טָ נֵּה ָׁשלְ טָ ן עָ ַלם‬
‫ ָלא‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫כּותּה‬
ֵ ְ‫ ּומַ ל‬,‫י ְֶעּדֵ ה‬
.‫ִת ְתחַ ּבַ ל‬
‫רּוחי אֲ נָה‬
ִ ‫טו אֶ ְתּכְ ִרּיַת‬
ִ ‫ ּבְ ג ֹו נִ ְדנֶה; וְ חֶ זְ ֵוי ֵר‬,‫ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
.‫ְיבַ הֲ ֻלּנַנִ י‬
-‫חַ ד ִמן‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫טז ִק ְרבֵ ת‬
ִ ֵ‫ וְ י ִַּציבָ א אֶ בְ ע‬,‫ָקאֲ מַ ּיָא‬
‫ ּופְ ַׁשר‬,‫לִ י‬-‫ּדנָה; וַ אֲ מַ ר‬-‫ל‬
ְ ‫ ָּכ‬-‫עַ ל‬
.‫ִמ ַּלּיָא ְיהו ְֹד ִעּנַנִ י‬
‫ ִּדי ִאּנִין‬,‫יוָתא ַרבְ ְרבָ ָתא‬
ָ ֵ‫יז ִאּלֵין ח‬
.‫ַארעָ א‬-‫ן‬
ְ ‫ יְקּומּון ִמ‬,‫ַארּבְ עָ ה מַ לְכִין‬
ְ ‫ַארּבַ ע‬
ֵ ‫ ַק ִּד‬,‫כּותא‬
ָ ְ‫ מַ ל‬,‫יקּבְ לּון‬
ַ ִ‫יח ו‬
,‫עָ לְ מָ א‬-‫כּותא עַ ד‬
ָ ְ‫עֶ לְ יוֹנִין; וְ י ְַח ְסנּון מַ ל‬
.‫וְ עַ ד עָ לַם עָ לְ מַ ּיָא‬
‫חֵ יוְ ָתא‬-‫ ְצבִ ית לְ יַּצָ בָ א עַ ל‬,‫אֱדיִן‬
ַ ‫יט‬
‫כלהון‬-‫ ִמן‬,‫הֲ וָת ָׁשנְ יָה‬-‫ ִּדי‬,‫ְרבִ יעָ י ְָתא‬
ִ ‫ שניה‬,‫ ְּד ִחילָה י ִַּת ָירה‬:)‫(ּכָּלְ הֵ ן‬
,‫נְחָ ׁש‬-‫פַ ְרזֶל וטפריה (וְ ִטפְ ַרּה) ִּדי‬-‫ִּדי‬
‫ָארא ברגליה‬
ָ ‫ּוׁש‬
ְ ,‫ָאכְ לָה מַ ְּד ָקה‬
.‫(ּבְ ַרגְ לַּה) ָרפְ סָ ה‬
ַ ‫ ִּדי בְ ֵר‬,‫עֲׂשר‬
ַ ‫ק ְר ַנּיָא‬-‫ל‬
ַ ַ‫כ וְ ע‬
)‫ ונפלו (ּונְפַ לָה‬,‫וְ ָאחֳ ִרי ִּדי ִסלְ ַקת‬
‫(ק ָדמַ ּה) ְּתלָת; וְ ַק ְרנָא ִדּכֵן‬
ֳ ‫קדמיה‬-‫ִמן‬
,‫ וְ חֶ זְוַּה‬,‫ ּופֻם ְממַ ּלִ ל ַרבְ ְרבָ ן‬,‫וְ עַ יְנִין לַּה‬
.‫חַ בְ ָר ַתּה‬-‫ַרב ִמן‬
‫ עָ בְ ָדא‬,‫כא חָ זֵה הֲ וֵית וְ ַק ְרנָא ִדּכֵן‬
.‫ לְ הֹן‬,‫יׁשין; וְ יָכְ לָה‬
ִ ‫ק ִּד‬-‫ם‬
ַ ‫ְק ָרב ִע‬
,‫ עַ ִּתיק יוֹמַ ּיָא‬,‫אֲ ָתה‬-‫כב עַ ד ִּדי‬
ְ ְ‫יׁשי עֶ לְ יוֹנִין; ו‬
ֵ ‫ לְ ַק ִּד‬,‫וְ ִדינָא י ְִהב‬
ִ ‫חֱסנּו ַק ִּד‬
ִ ֶ‫כּותא ה‬
ָ ְ‫ ּומַ ל‬,‫ְמטָ ה‬
,‫ חֵ יוְ ָתא ְרבִ יעָ י ְָתא‬,‫ אֲ מַ ר‬,‫כג ּכֵן‬
‫מַ לְ כּו רביעיה ְ(רבִ יעָ ָאה) ֶּתהֱ וֵא‬
ָ ְ‫מַ לְ כ‬-‫ּכָל‬-‫ַארעָ א ִּדי ִת ְׁשנֵא ִמן‬
ְ ְ‫ב‬
ִ ‫ּות‬
ְ ,‫ַארעָ א‬-‫ָל‬
ְ ‫ ּכ‬,‫וְ ֵתאכֻל‬
.‫וְ ַת ְּד ִקּנַּה‬
15 As for me Daniel, my spirit was pained
in the midst of my body, and the visions of
my head affrighted me.
16 I came near unto one of them that
stood by, and asked him the truth concerning all this. So he told me, and made me
know the interpretation of the things:
17 ‘These great beasts, which are four, are
four kings, that shall arise out of the earth.
18 But the saints of the Most High shall
receive the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.’
19 Then I desired to know the truth
concerning the fourth beast, which was diverse from all of them, exceeding terrible,
whose teeth were of iron, and its nails of
brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and
stamped the residue with its feet;
20 and concerning the ten horns that were on
its head, and the other horn which came up, and
before which three fell; even that horn that had
eyes, and a mouth that spoke great things, whose
appearance was greater than that of its fellows.
21 I beheld, and the same horn made war
with the saints, and prevailed against them;
22 until the Ancient of days came, and judgment
was given for the saints of the Most High; and the
time came, and the saints possessed the kingdom.
23 Thus he said: ‘The fourth beast shall
be a fourth kingdom upon earth, which
shall be diverse from all the kingdoms, and
shall devour the whole earth, and shall
tread it down, and break it in pieces.
Daniel 7:24 - 8:4
‫ד‬:‫ ח‬- ‫דכ‬:‫לאינד ז‬
24 And as for the ten horns, out of this kingdom shall ten kings arise; and another shall
arise after them; and he shall be diverse from
the former, and he shall put down three kings.
ָ ְ‫עֲׂשר ִמּנַּה מַ ל‬
ַ ‫כד וְ ַק ְר ַנּיָא‬
‫עַ ְׂש ָרה מַ לְ כִ ין יְקֻ מּון; וְ ָאחֳ ָרן יְקּום‬
,‫ק ְדמָ יֵא‬-‫ן‬
ַ ‫ וְ הּוא י ְִׁשנֵא ִמ‬,‫ַאחֲ ֵריהֹן‬
.‫ יְהַ ְׁשּפִ ל‬,‫ּותל ָָתה מַ לְ כִ ין‬
ִ ‫ לְ צַ ד עליא‬,‫ּומּלִ ין‬
ִ ‫כה‬
;‫ יְבַ ּלֵא‬,‫יׁשי עֶ לְ יוֹנִ ין‬
ֵ ‫ ּולְ ַק ִּד‬,‫יְמַ ּלִ ל‬
,‫ לְ הַ ְׁש ָניָה זִ ְמנִ ין וְ ָדת‬,‫וְ י ְִסּבַ ר‬
‫ע ָּדן וְ ִע ָּדנִ ין‬-‫ד‬
ִ ַ‫ ע‬,‫וְ י ְִתיַהֲ בּון ּבִ ידֵ ּה‬
.‫ּופְ לַג ִע ָּדן‬
‫ ִי ִּתב; וְ ָׁשלְ טָ נֵּה‬,‫כו וְ ִדינָא‬
-‫ לְ הַ ְׁשמָ ָדה ּולְ הוֹבָ ָדה עַ ד‬,‫ְיהַ ְעּדוֹן‬
.‫סוֹפָ א‬
ָ ‫כּותא וְ ָׁשלְ טָ נָא ְּור‬
ָ ְ‫כז ּומַ ל‬
,‫ י ְִהיבַ ת‬,‫ׁשמַ ּיָא‬-‫ָל‬
ְ ‫ִּדי מַ לְ כְ וָת ְּתחוֹת ּכ‬
ֵ ְ‫יׁשי עֶ לְ יוֹנִין; מַ ל‬
ֵ ‫לְ עַ ם ַק ִּד‬
‫ לֵּה‬,‫ וְ כֹל ָׁשלְ טָ ַנּיָא‬,‫מַ לְ כּות עָ לַם‬
.‫יִפְ לְ חּון וְ י ְִׁש ַּת ְּמעּון‬
;‫מּלְ ָתא‬-‫י‬
ִ ‫ סוֹפָ א ִד‬,‫ּכָה‬-‫כח עַ ד‬
,‫אֲ נָה ָדנִ ּיֵאל ַׂשּגִ יא ַר ְעי ֹונַי יְבַ הֲ ֻלּנַנִ י‬
‫ ּבְ לִ ּבִ י‬,‫ּומּלְ ָתא‬
ִ ,‫וְ זִ יוַ י י ְִׁש ַּתּנוֹן עֲ לַי‬
.‫נִ ְט ֵרת‬
25 And he shall speak words against the Most
High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most
High; and he shall think to change the seasons
and the law; and they shall be given into his
hand until a time and times and half a time.
26 But the judgment shall sit, and his
dominions shall be taken away, to be consumed and to be destroy unto the end.
27 And the kingdom and the dominion, and the
greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven,
shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most
High; their kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and
all dominions shall serve and obey them.’
28 Here is the end of the matter. As for
me Daniel, my thoughts much affrighted
me, and my countenance was changed in
me; but I kept the matter in my heart.
In the third year of the reign of king Belshatzar
a vision appeared unto me, even unto me
Daniel, after that which appeared unto me at the first.
2 And I saw in the vision; now it was so,
that when I saw, I was in Shushan the castle,
which is in the province of Elam; and I saw
in the vision, and I was by the stream Ulai.
3 And I lifted up mine eyes, and saw,
and, behold, there stood before the stream
a ram which had two horns; and the two
horns were high; but one was higher than
the other, and the higher came up last.
4 I saw the ram pushing westward, and
northward, and southward; and no beasts
could stand before him, neither was there any
that could deliver out of his hand; but he did
according to his will, and magnified himself.
‫ לְמַ לְ כּות‬,‫ּבִ ְׁשנַת ָׁשלוֹׁש‬
,‫ּבֵלְאׁשּצַ ר הַ ּמֶ לְֶך חָ זוֹן ְנִרָאה אֵ לַי‬
.‫ּבַּת ִחּלָה‬
ְ ,‫ַאחֲרי הַ ְּנִרָאה אֵ לַי‬
ֵ ,‫אֲנִי ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
ִ ‫ וַ י ְִהי ּבִ ְר‬,‫ ּבֶ חָ זוֹן‬,‫ב וָאֶ ְראֶ ה‬
‫ׁשּוׁשן הַ ּבִ ָירה אֲ ֶׁשר ּבְ עֵ ילָם‬
ַ ְ‫וַאֲ נִי ּב‬
ִ ‫ וַאֲ נִי הָ י‬,‫ ּבֶ חָ זוֹן‬,‫הַ ְּמ ִדינָה; וָאֶ ְראֶ ה‬
.‫אּובַ ל אּולָי‬-‫עַ ל‬
‫ וְ ִהּנֵה‬,‫ וָ אֶ ְראֶ ה‬,‫ג וָ אֶ ָּׂשא עֵ ינַי‬
‫ וְ ל ֹו‬,‫ַאיִל אֶ חָ ד עֹמֵ ד לִ פְ נֵי הָ אֻ בָ ל‬
‫ וְ הָ ַאחַ ת‬,‫ְק ָר ָניִם; וְ הַ ְּק ָר ַניִם ּגְ בֹ הוֹת‬
‫ ֹעלָה‬,‫ וְ הַ ּגְ בֹ הָ ה‬,‫הַ ֵּׁשנִ ית‬-‫ּגְ בֹ הָ ה ִמן‬
.‫ּבָ ַאחֲ ֹרנָה‬
ַ‫הָ ַא ִיל ְמ ַנּגֵח‬-‫יתי אֶ ת‬
ִ ‫ד ָר ִא‬
-‫ וְ ָכל‬,‫יָּמָ ה וְ צָ פ ֹונָה וָ נֶגְ ּבָ ה‬
‫ וְ אֵ ין‬,‫יַעַ ְמדּו לְ פָ נָיו‬-‫חַ ּיוֹת ֹלא‬
,ֹ‫ ִמּיָדוֹ; וְ עָ ָׂשה כִ ְר ֹצנו‬,‫מַ ִּציל‬
.‫וְ ִהגְ ִּדיל‬
Daniel 8:5 - 8:13
5 And as I was considering, behold, a
he-goat came from the west over the face
of the whole earth, and touched not the
ground; and the goat had a conspicuous
horn between his eyes.
6 And he came to the ram that had the two
horns, which I saw standing before the stream,
and ran at him in the fury of his power.
7 And I saw him come close unto the ram,
and he was moved with choler against him,
and smote the ram, and broke his two horns;
and there was no power in the ram to stand before him; but he cast him down to the ground,
and trampled upon him; and there was none
that could deliver the ram out of his hand.
8 And the he-goat magnified himself
exceedingly; and when he was strong, the
great horn was broken; and instead of it
there came up the appearance of four
horns toward the four winds of heaven.
9 And out of one of them came forth a
little horn, which waxed exceeding great,
toward the south, and toward the east, and
toward the beauteous land.
10 And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and some of the host and of the stars it cast
down to the ground, and trampled upon them.
11 Yea, it magnified itself, even to the
prince of the host; and from him the continual burnt-offering was taken away, and
the place of his sanctuary was cast down.
12 And the host was given over to it together with the continual burnt-offering through
transgression; and it cast down truth to the
ground, and it wrought, and prospered.
13 Then I heard a holy one speaking; and
another holy one said unto that certain one who
spoke: ‘How long shall be the vision concerning
the continual burnt-offering, and the transgres-
‫גי‬:‫ ח‬- ‫ה‬:‫לאינד ח‬
‫ וְ ִהּנֵה‬,‫יתי מֵ בִ ין‬
ִ ‫ה וַ אֲ נִ י הָ ִי‬
‫הַ ּמַ עֲ ָרב‬-‫הָ ִעּזִ ים ּבָ א ִמן‬-‫ְצפִ יר‬
, ַ‫ וְ אֵ ין נ ֹוגֵע‬,‫ָארץ‬
ֶ ָ‫ה‬-‫ּפְ נֵי ָכל‬-‫עַ ל‬
‫ ּבֵ ין‬,‫ָארץ; וְ הַ ּצָ פִ יר ֶק ֶרן חָ זּות‬
ֶ ָ‫ּב‬
.‫עֵ ינָיו‬
,‫הָ ַאיִל ּבַ עַ ל הַ ְּק ָר ַניִם‬-‫ עַ ד‬,‫ו וַ ּיָבֹא‬
‫ עֹמֵ ד לִ פְ נֵי הָ אֻ בָ ל; וַ ּי ָָרץ‬,‫יתי‬
ִ ‫אֲ ֶׁשר ָר ִא‬
.ֹ‫ ּבַ חֲ מַ ת ּכֹחו‬,‫אֵ לָיו‬
‫יתיו מַ ּגִ יעַ אֵ צֶ ל‬
ִ ‫ז ְּור ִא‬
‫ וַ ִּי ְתמַ ְרמַ ר אֵ ָליו וַ ּיְַך‬,‫הָ ַא ִיל‬
‫ׁש ֵּתי‬-‫ת‬
ְ ֶ‫הָ ַא ִיל וַ ְי ַׁשּבֵ ר א‬-‫אֶ ת‬
,‫הָ יָה כֹחַ ּבָ ַא ִיל‬-‫ וְ ֹלא‬,‫ְק ָרנָיו‬
‫ַלעֲ מֹ ד לְ פָ נָיו; וַ ּי ְַׁשלִ יכֵהּו‬
‫הָ יָה‬-‫ וְ ֹלא‬,‫ַארצָ ה וַ ִּי ְר ְמסֵ הּו‬
.ֹ‫מַ ִּציל ָלַא ִיל ִמּיָדו‬
‫ ִהגְ ִּדיל‬,‫ּוצפִ יר הָ ִעּזִ ים‬
ְ ‫ח‬
‫ נִ ְׁשּבְ ָרה‬,ֹ‫מאֹ ד; ּוכְ עָ ְצמו‬-‫ד‬
ְ ַ‫ע‬
‫ וַ ַּתעֲ ֶלנָה חָ זּות‬,‫הַ ֶּק ֶרן הַ ּגְ ֹד ָלה‬
‫ַארּבַ ע רּוחוֹת‬
ְ ְ‫ ל‬, ָ‫ַארּבַ ע ַּת ְח ֶּתיה‬
.‫הַ ָּׁשמָ ִים‬
‫ יָצָ א‬,‫הָ ַאחַ ת מֵ הֶ ם‬-‫ּומן‬
ִ ‫ט‬
-‫ַאחַ ת ִמ ְּצ ִע ָירה; וַ ִּתגְ ַּדל‬-‫ֶק ֶרן‬
,‫הַ ִּמזְ ָרח‬-‫הַ ֶּנגֶב וְ אֶ ל‬-‫י ֶֶתר אֶ ל‬
.‫הַ ּצֶ בִ י‬-‫וְ אֶ ל‬
;‫צבָ א הַ ָּׁשמָ ִים‬-‫ד‬
ְ ַ‫ ע‬,‫י וַ ִּתגְ ַּדל‬
ִ ‫הַ ּצָ בָ א‬-‫ַארצָ ה ִמן‬
ְ ‫וַ ַּתּפֵ ל‬
.‫ וַ ִּת ְר ְמסֵ ם‬,‫הַ ּכ ֹו ָכבִ ים‬
,‫הַ ּצָ בָ א‬-‫יא וְ עַ ד ַׂשר‬
‫ּומּמֶ ּנּו הרים‬
ִ ;‫ִהגְ ִּדיל‬
‫ וְ הֻ ְׁש ַלְך ְמכוֹן‬,‫הַ ָּת ִמיד‬
.ֹ‫ִמ ְק ָּדׁשו‬
-‫יב וְ צָ בָ א ִּתּנ ֵָתן עַ ל‬
‫ ּבְ פָ ַׁשע; וְ ַת ְׁשלְֵך‬,‫הַ ָּת ִמיד‬
‫ וְ עָ ְׂש ָתה‬,‫ַארצָ ה‬
ְ ‫אֱ מֶ ת‬
.‫וְ ִה ְצלִ יחָ ה‬
ָ ָ‫יג וָ אֶ ְׁש ְמעָ ה אֶ ח‬
‫ְמ ַדּבֵ ר; וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר אֶ חָ ד ָקדוֹׁש‬
‫מָ ַתי‬-‫ עַ ד‬,‫ַלּפַ לְ מוֹנִ י הַ ְמ ַדּבֵ ר‬
‫הֶ חָ זוֹן הַ ָּת ִמיד וְ הַ ּפֶ ַׁשע‬
Daniel 8:13 - 8:21
‫אכ‬:‫ ח‬- ‫גי‬:‫לאינד ח‬
sion that causes appalment, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trampled under foot?’
,‫ׁשֹמֵ ם ֵּתת וְ קֹ דֶ ׁש וְ צָ בָ א‬
.‫ִמ ְרמָ ס‬
14 And he said unto me: ‘Unto two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings; then shall the sanctuary be victorious.’
,‫יד וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר אֵ לַי עַ ד עֶ ֶרב ּב ֶֹקר‬
,‫ּוׁשֹלׁש מֵ אוֹת; וְ נִ ְצ ַּדק‬
ְ ‫ַאלְ ּפַ יִם‬
.‫קֹ דֶ ׁש‬
‫ ּבִ ְראֹ ִתי אֲ נִ י ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫טו וַ ְי ִהי‬
,‫הֶ חָ זוֹן; וָ אֲ בַ ְק ָׁשה בִ ינָה‬-‫אֶ ת‬
-‫וְ ִהּנֵה עֹמֵ ד לְ נֶגְ ִּדי ּכְ מַ ְראֵ ה‬
.‫גָבֶ ר‬
;‫ ּבֵ ין אּולָי‬,‫ָאדם‬-‫ֹל‬
‫טז וָ אֶ ְׁשמַ ע קו‬
‫ הָ בֵ ן לְ הַ ּלָז‬,‫ ּגַבְ ִריאֵ ל‬,‫ וַ ּיֹאמַ ר‬,‫וַ ּי ְִק ָרא‬
.‫הַ ּמַ ְראֶ ה‬-‫אֶ ת‬
‫ ּובְ בֹ א ֹו‬,‫ אֵ צֶ ל עָ ְמ ִדי‬,‫יז וַ ּיָבֹ א‬
‫ּפָ נָי; וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר‬-‫ וָ אֶ ּפְ ָלה עַ ל‬,‫נִ בְ עַ ִּתי‬
ֵ ֶ‫ ּכִ י לְ ע‬,‫ָאדם‬-‫ן‬
ֶ‫אֵ ַלי הָ בֵ ן ּב‬
.‫הֶ חָ זוֹן‬
‫ּפָ נַי‬-‫ נִ ְר ַּד ְמ ִּתי עַ ל‬,‫יח ּובְ ַדּבְ ר ֹו ִע ִּמי‬
-‫ עַ ל‬,‫ּבִ י וַ ּיַעֲ ִמידֵ נִ י‬-‫ָארצָ ה; וַ ִּיּגַע‬
.‫עָ ְמ ִדי‬
‫ אֵ ת‬,‫יט וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר ִהנְ נִ י מו ִֹדיעֲ ָך‬
,‫ ּכִ י‬:‫י ְִהיֶה ּבְ ַאחֲ ִרית הַ ּזָעַ ם‬-‫אֲ ֶׁשר‬
.‫לְ מוֹעֵ ד ֵקץ‬
‫ ּבַ עַ ל הַ ְּק ָר ָניִם‬,‫ית‬
ָ ‫ר ִא‬-‫ר‬
ָ ‫כ הָ ַאיִל אֲ ֶׁש‬
.‫ מָ ַדי ּופָ ָרס‬,‫מַ לְ כֵי‬
;‫ מֶ לְֶך יָוָן‬,‫כא וְ הַ ּצָ פִ יר הַ ָּׂש ִעיר‬
‫ הּוא‬,‫עֵ ינָיו‬-‫וְ הַ ֶּק ֶרן הַ ּגְד ֹולָה אֲ ֶׁשר ּבֵ ין‬
.‫הַ ּמֶ לְֶך הָ ִראׁשוֹן‬
15 And it came to pass, when I, even I
Daniel, had seen the vision, that I sought
to understand it; and, behold, there stood
before me as the appearance of a man.
16 And I heard the voice of a man between
the banks of Ulai, who called, and said: ‘Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision.’
17 So he came near where I stood; and when
he came, I was terrified, and fell upon my face;
but he said unto me: ‘Understand, O son of man;
for the vision belongeth to the time of the end.’
18 Now as he was speaking with me, I fell into
a deep sleep with my face toward the ground;
but he touched me, and set me upright.
19 And he said: ‘Behold, I will make thee know
what shall be in the latter time of the indignation;
for it belongeth to the appointed time of the end.
20 The ram which thou sawest having the two
horns, they are the kings of Media and Paras.
21 And the rough he-goat is the king of
Yavan; and the great horn that is between
his eyes is the first king.
v’-ha-tza-FEER ha-sa-EER ME-lekh ya-VAN v’-ha-KE-ren ha-g’-do-LAH a-SHER bayn
ay-NAV hu ha-ME-lekh ha-ri-SHON
8:21 And the rough he-goat is the king of Yavan
In Daniel’s first vision, the second and third kingdoms are represented by vicious
beasts – a bear and a leopard. In this vision, they are represented by more tame animals – the ram and the he-goat. Rabbi Isaac Abrabanel explains that the first vision
depicts the empires’ objective strength, while the second vision portrays how these
kingdoms treated the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. During Persian-Median
rule, Cyrus encouraged the Jews to return to Israel. Darius allowed the completion of the Temple’s construction and Xerxes provided material to help this cause.
Alexander the Great, the first ruler of Greece, retreated peacefully from Jerusalem.
Only later, under the rule of Antiochus, did the Jews really begin to suffer.
Daniel 8:22 - 9:3
‫ג‬:‫ ט‬- ‫בכ‬:‫לאינד ח‬
22 And as for that which was broken, in
the place whereof four stood up, four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation, but
not with his power.
‫כב וְ הַ ּנִ ְׁשּבֶ ֶרת וַ ַּתעֲ מֹ ְדנָה‬
‫ַארּבַ ע‬
ְ : ָ‫ ַּת ְח ֶּתיה‬,‫ַארּבַ ע‬
‫ וְ ֹלא‬,‫מַ לְ כֻיוֹת ִמּגוֹי יַעֲ מֹ ְדנָה‬
.ֹ‫בְ כֹחו‬
ָ ְ‫ מַ ל‬,‫כג ּובְ ַאחֲ ִרית‬
‫ הַ ּפֹ ְׁש ִעים יַעֲ מֹ ד‬,‫ּכְ הָ ֵתם‬
‫ ּומֵ בִ ין‬,‫ּפָ נִ ים‬-‫מֶ לְֶך עַ ז‬
,ֹ‫כד וְ עָ צַ ם ּכֹח ֹו וְ ֹלא בְ כֹחו‬
ַ‫וְ נִ פְ ָלאוֹת י ְַׁש ִחית וְ ִה ְצלִ יח‬
-‫ וְ עַ ם‬,‫צּומים‬
ִ ֲ‫וְ עָ ָׂשה; וְ ִה ְׁש ִחית ע‬
.‫ְקד ִֹׁשים‬
ַ‫ וְ ִה ְצלִ יח‬,ֹ‫ׂשכְ לו‬-‫ל‬
ִ ַ‫כה וְ ע‬
,‫ ּובִ לְ בָ ב ֹו יַגְ ִּדיל‬,ֹ‫ִמ ְרמָ ה ּבְ יָדו‬
‫ּובְ ַׁשלְ וָ ה י ְַׁש ִחית ַרּבִ ים; וְ עַ ל‬
‫ ּובְ אֶ פֶ ס יָד‬,‫ׂש ִרים יַעֲ מֹ ד‬-‫ר‬
ָ ‫ַׂש‬
.‫ִי ָּׁשבֵ ר‬
‫כו ּומַ ְראֵ ה הָ עֶ ֶרב וְ הַ ֹּב ֶקר‬
;‫ אֱ מֶ ת הּוא‬,‫אֲ ֶׁשר נֶאֱ מַ ר‬
‫ ּכִ י לְ י ִָמים‬,‫וְ אַ ָּתה ְס ֹתם הֶ חָ זוֹן‬
.‫ַרּבִ ים‬
ִ ‫ֵיתי וְ נֶחֱ ל‬
ִ ‫נִהי‬
ְ ,‫כז וַאֲ נִי ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
ְ ֶ‫ וָאֶ ע ֱֶׂשה א‬,‫ וָָאקּום‬,‫י ִָמים‬
‫ וְ אֵ ין‬,‫הַ ּמַ ְראֶ ה‬-‫הַ ּמֶ לְֶך; וָאֶ ְׁשּתוֹמֵ ם עַ ל‬
.‫מֵ בִ ין‬
23 And in the latter time of their kingdom,
when the transgressors have completed their
transgression, there shall stand up a king of fierce
countenance, and understanding stratagems.
24 And his power shall be mighty, but not by his
own power; and he shall destroy wonderfully, and
shall prosper and do; and he shall destroy them
that are mighty and the people of the saints.
25 And through his cunning he shall cause craft
to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself
in his heart, and in time of security shall he destroy
many; he shall also stand up against the prince of
princes; but he shall be broken without hand.
26 And the vision of the evenings and
mornings which hath been told is true;
but thou, shut thou up the vision; for it
belongeth to many days to come.’
27 And I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days; then I rose up, and did the king’s
business; and I was appalled at the vision,
but understood it not.
In the first year of Daryavesh the son
of Achashveirosh, of the seed of the
Medes, who was made king over the realm
of the Chaldeans;
2 in the first year of his reign I Daniel
meditated in the books, over the number of
the years, whereof the word of the LORD
came to Yirmiyahu the prophet, that He
would accomplish for the desolations of
Yerushalayim seventy years.
3 And I set my face unto the Lord God, to
seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes.
‫ לְ ָד ְר ָי ֶוׁש‬,‫ּבִ ְׁשנַת ַאחַ ת‬
‫אֲ חַ ְׁש ֵורוֹׁש ִמּז ֶַרע‬-‫ּבֶ ן‬
‫ עַ ל מַ לְ כּות‬,‫ אֲ ֶׁשר הָ ְמ ַלְך‬:‫מָ ָדי‬
.‫ַּכ ְׂש ִּדים‬
‫ אֲ נִ י‬,ֹ‫ לְ מָ לְ כו‬,‫ב ּבִ ְׁשנַת ַאחַ ת‬
‫ ִמ ְסּפַ ר‬:‫ ּבִ ינֹ ִתי ּבַ ְּספָ ִרים‬,‫ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫ ְיהוָ ה‬-‫ אֲ ֶׁשר הָ יָה ְדבַ ר‬,‫הַ ָּׁשנִ ים‬
‫ לְ מַ ֹּלאות‬,‫ ִי ְר ְמיָה הַ ּנָבִ יא‬-‫אֶ ל‬
‫ ִׁשבְ ִעים‬,‫רּוׁש ִ ַלם‬
ָ ‫לְ חָ ְרבוֹת ְי‬
‫אֲ ֹדנָי‬-‫ אֶ ל‬,‫ּפָ נַי‬-‫ג וָאֶ ְּתנָה אֶ ת‬
‫ וְ ַתחֲ נּונִים‬,‫ לְ בַ ֵּקׁש ְּתפִ ּלָה‬,‫אֱֹלהים‬
ִ ָ‫ה‬
.‫ וְ ַׂשק וָאֵ פֶ ר‬,‫ּבְ צוֹם‬
Daniel 9:4 - 9:12
4 And I prayed unto the LORD my God,
and made confession, and said: ‘O Lord,
the great and awful God, who keepest covenant and mercy with them that love Thee
and keep Thy commandments,
5 we have sinned, and have dealt iniquitously, and have done wickedly, and have
rebelled, and have turned aside from Thy
commandments and from Thine ordinances;
6 neither have we hearkened unto Thy
servants the prophets, that spoke in Thy
name to our kings, our princes, and our
fathers, and to all the people of the land.
7 Unto Thee, O Lord, belongeth righteousness, but unto us confusion of face, as at this
day; to the men of Yehuda, and to the inhabitants of Yerushalayim, and unto all Israel, that
are near, and that are far off, through all the
countries whither Thou hast driven them,
because they dealt treacherously with Thee.
8 O LORD, to us belongeth confusion of
face, to our kings, to our princes, and to our
fathers, because we have sinned against Thee.
9 To the Lord our God belong compassions and forgivenesses; for we have
rebelled against Him;
10 neither have we hearkened to the voice of
the LORD our God, to walk in His laws, which
He set before us by His servants the prophets.
11 Yea, all Israel have transgressed Thy law, and
have turned aside, so as not to hearken to Thy voice;
and so there hath been poured out upon us the
curse and the oath that is written in the Law of Moshe
the servant of God; for we have sinned against Him.
12 And He hath confirmed His word, which
He spoke against us, and against our judges
that judged us, by bringing upon us a great evil;
so that under the whole heaven hath not been
done as hath been done upon Yerushalayim.
‫בי‬:‫ ט‬- ‫ד‬:‫לאינד ט‬
,‫ד וָ אֶ ְתּפַ לְ ָלה ַליהוָ ה אֱ ֹלהַ י‬
‫ אָ ּנָא אֲ ֹדנָי‬,‫וָ אֶ ְתוַ ּדֶ ה; וָ אֹ ְמ ָרה‬
‫ ׁשֹמֵ ר‬,‫הָ אֵ ל הַ ּגָדוֹל וְ הַ ּנו ָֹרא‬
‫ לְ אֹ הֲ בָ יו ּולְ ׁש ְֹמ ֵרי‬,‫הַ ּבְ ִרית וְ הַ חֶ סֶ ד‬
.‫ִמ ְצו‍ ָֹתיו‬
,‫ה חָ טָ אנּו וְ עָ וִ ינּו‬
)‫(ה ְר ַׁש ְענּו‬
ִ ‫והרשענו‬
,‫ּומָ ָר ְדנּו; וְ סוֹר ִמ ִּמ ְצו‍ ֶֹתָך‬
.‫ּומ ִּמ ְׁשּפָ טֶ יָך‬
‫עֲבָ דֶ יָך‬-‫ אֶ ל‬,‫ו וְ ֹלא ָׁשמַ ְענּו‬
-‫ אֶ ל‬,‫ אֲ ֶׁשר ִּדּבְ רּו ּבְ ִׁש ְמָך‬,‫יאים‬
ִ ִ‫הַ ּנְב‬
‫עַ ם‬-‫ ּכָל‬,‫בֹתינּו וְ אֶ ל‬
ֵ ֲ‫ְמ ָלכֵינּו ָׂש ֵרינּו וַא‬
ֶ ָ‫ה‬
‫ וְ ָלנּו‬,‫ז לְ ָך אֲ ֹדנָי הַ ְּצ ָד ָקה‬
‫ֹּב ֶׁשת הַ ּפָ נִ ים ַּכּיוֹם הַ ּזֶה; לְ ִאיׁש‬
,‫רּוׁש ִ ַלם‬
ָ ‫ ּולְ ֹי ְׁשבֵ י ְי‬,‫הּודה‬
ָ ‫ְי‬
‫ ִי ְׂש ָראֵ ל הַ ְּקרֹבִ ים‬-‫ּולְ ָכל‬
‫הָ אֲ ָרצוֹת אֲ ֶׁשר‬-‫וְ הָ ְר ֹח ִקים ּבְ ָכל‬
‫ ּבְ מַ עֲ ָלם אֲ ֶׁשר‬,‫ִה ַּד ְח ָּתם ָׁשם‬
.‫בָ ְך‬-‫מָ עֲ לּו‬
,‫ ָלנּו ֹּב ֶׁשת הַ ּפָ נִ ים‬,‫ח ְיהוָ ה‬
:‫ וְ ַלאֲ בֹ ֵתינּו‬,‫לִ ְמ ָלכֵינּו לְ ָׂש ֵרינּו‬
.‫ ָלְך‬,‫אֲ ֶׁשר חָ טָ אנּו‬
,‫ט ַלא ֹדנָי אֱ ֹלהֵ ינּו‬
‫ ּכִ י‬:‫הָ ַרחֲ ִמים וְ הַ ְּסלִ חוֹת‬
.ֹ‫ ּבו‬,‫מָ ַר ְדנּו‬
‫ ּבְ קוֹל יְהוָה אֱֹלהֵ ינּו‬,‫י וְ ֹלא ָׁשמַ ְענּו‬
,‫ָל ֶלכֶת ּבְ ת ֹור ָֹתיו אֲ ֶׁשר נ ַָתן לְ פָ נֵינּו‬
ִ ִ‫ּבְ יַד עֲבָ ָדיו הַ ּנְב‬
,‫ּתו ָֹר ֶתָך‬-‫ עָ בְ רּו אֶ ת‬,‫י ְִׂש ָראֵ ל‬-‫יא וְ כָל‬
‫וַּת ַּתְך‬
ִ ;‫ לְ בִ לְ ִּתי ְׁשמוֹעַ ּבְ קֹ לֶָך‬,‫וְ סוֹר‬
‫ אֲ ֶׁשר ּכְ תּובָ ה‬,‫עָ לֵינּו הָ ָאלָה וְ הַ ְּׁשבֻעָ ה‬
‫אֱֹלהים ּכִ י‬
ִ ָ‫ה‬-‫מֹׁשה עֶ בֶ ד‬
ֶ ‫ּבְ תו ַֹרת‬
.ֹ‫ לו‬,‫חָ טָ אנּו‬
)ֹ‫דבריו ְ(ּדבָ רו‬-‫יב וַ ּי ֶָקם אֶ ת‬
‫ וְ עַ ל ׁשֹפְ טֵ ינּו אֲ ֶׁשר‬,‫ּדּבֶ ר עָ לֵינּו‬-‫ר‬
ִ ‫אֲ ֶׁש‬
:‫ ָרעָ ה גְ ֹדלָה‬,‫ְׁשפָ טּונּו לְ הָ בִ יא עָ לֵינּו‬
,‫הַ ָּׁשמַ יִם‬-‫ ַּתחַ ת ּכָל‬,‫נֶעֶ ְׂש ָתה‬-‫אֲ ֶׁשר ֹלא‬
.‫ירּוׁש ִ ָלם‬
ִ‫ ּב‬,‫ּכַאֲ ֶׁשר נֶעֶ ְׂש ָתה‬
Daniel 9:13 - 9:16
‫זט‬:‫ ט‬- ‫גי‬:‫לאינד ט‬
13 As it is written in the Law of Moshe, all
this evil is come upon us; yet have we not
entreated the favour of the LORD our God,
that we might turn from our iniquities, and
have discernment in Thy truth.
15 And now, O Lord our God, that hast brought
Thy people forth out of the land of Mitzrayim with
a mighty hand, and hast gotten Thee renown, as at
this day; we have sinned, we have done wickedly.
‫יג ּכַאֲ ֶׁשר ּכָתּוב ּבְ תו ַֹרת‬
‫הָ ָרעָ ה הַ ּזֹאת‬-‫ אֵ ת ּכָל‬,‫מֹ ֶׁשה‬
‫ּפְ נֵי‬-‫חּלִ ינּו אֶ ת‬-‫ֹלא‬
ְ‫ּבָ ָאה עָ לֵינּו; ו‬
,‫ לָׁשּוב מֵ עֲ ‍ֹונֵנּו‬,‫יְהוָ ה אֱ ֹלהֵ ינּו‬
.‫ ּבַ אֲ ִמ ֶּתָך‬,‫ּולְ הַ ְׂשּכִ יל‬
ָ‫ וַ יְבִ יאֶ ה‬,‫הָ ָרעָ ה‬-‫יד וַ ּי ְִׁשקֹד יְהוָה עַ ל‬
-‫ עַ ל‬,‫צַ ִּדיק יְהוָה אֱֹלהֵ ינּו‬-‫ ּכִ י‬:‫עָ לֵינּו‬
,‫ וְ ֹלא ָׁשמַ ְענּו‬,‫עֲׂשיו אֲ ֶׁשר עָ ָׂשה‬
ָ ַ‫מ‬-‫ּכָל‬
.ֹ‫ּבְ קֹלו‬
‫ אֲ ֶׁשר‬,‫טו וְ עַ ָּתה אֲ ֹדנָי אֱֹלהֵ ינּו‬
‫עַ ְּמָך מֵ אֶ ֶרץ ִמ ְצ ַריִם ּבְ יָד‬-‫את אֶ ת‬
ָ ֵ‫הוֹצ‬
:‫ ּכַּיוֹם הַ ּזֶה‬,‫לְ ָך ֵׁשם‬-‫וַּתעַ ׂש‬
ַ ,‫חֲ ז ָָקה‬
.‫ ָר ָׁש ְענּו‬,‫חָ טָ אנּו‬
16 O Lord, according to all Thy righteousness,
let Thine anger and Thy fury, I pray Thee, be
turned away from Thy city Yerushalayim, Thy holy
mountain; because for our sins, and for the iniquities of our fathers, Yerushalayim and Thy people
are become a reproach to all that are about us.
‫צ ְדקֹ ֶתָך‬-‫ל‬
ִ ‫ ּכְ ָכ‬,‫טז אֲ ֹדנָי‬
‫ מֵ ִע ְירָך‬,‫נָא אַ ּפְ ָך וַ חֲ מָ ְתָך‬-‫י ָָׁשב‬
‫ ּכִ י‬:‫ק ְד ֶׁשָך‬-‫ר‬
ָ ַ‫ ה‬,‫רּוׁש ִ ַלם‬
ָ ‫ְי‬
,‫בַ חֲ טָ אֵ ינּו ּובַ עֲ ו‍ֹנוֹת אֲ בֹ ֵתינּו‬
-‫רּוׁש ִ ַלם וְ עַ ְּמָך לְ חֶ ְרּפָ ה לְ ָכל‬
ָ ‫ְי‬
.‫ְסבִ יבֹ ֵתינּו‬
14 And so the LORD hath watched over the
evil, and brought it upon us; for the LORD our
God is righteous in all His works which He hath
done, and we have not hearkened to His voice.
a-do-NAI k’-KHOL tzid-ko-TE-kha ya-SHOV na a-p’-KHA va-kha-ma-t’-KHA may-ee-r’-KHA
y’-ru-sha-LA-yim har kod-SHE-kha kee va-kha-ta-AY-nu u-va-a-vo-NOT a-vo-TAY-nu
y’-ru-sha-LA-yim v’-a-m’-KHA l’-kher-PAH l-KHOL s’-vee-vo-TAY-nu
9:16 Yerushalayim and Thy people are become a reproach to all that are about us
In his prayer, Daniel lists three compelling reasons for God to accept his prayer and
redeem the Jewish people from Babylon: for the sake of Jerusalem, for the Temple
and for the Jewish people. Rabbi Isaac Abrabanel elaborates on these points. Regarding Jerusalem, Daniel points out that it is an embarrassment to God when his beautiful city lies in ruins. He further questions how God can ignore the Temple Mount
where His presence was manifest most clearly on earth. Lastly, it is a desecration of
God’s name when His chosen people are despised. Daniel groups Jerusalem and the
Jewish people together, “Jerusalem and Thy people are become a reproach to all that
are about us,” since the Jews and Jerusalem are one. Without their holy city, how can
they succeed in exile, and how can Jerusalem flourish without her children? Indeed,
for nearly two millennia, as the land switched hands numerous times between various
foreign powers, including the Romans, the Muslims and the Turks, the land lay utterly
desolate. Amazingly, the modern rebirth of the Jewish homeland has brought with it
astounding development to the point where once again the Jewish people can claim a
flourishing country all their own. And at the heart of it all is the holy city of Jerusalem.
Daniel 9:17 - 9:25
‫הכ‬:‫ ט‬- ‫זי‬:‫לאינד ט‬
17 Now therefore, O our God, hearken unto
the prayer of Thy servant, and to his supplications, and cause Thy face to shine upon Thy
sanctuary that is desolate, for the Lord’s sake.
,‫יז וְ עַ ָּתה ְׁשמַ ע אֱ ֹלהֵ ינּו‬
,‫ּתחֲ נּונָיו‬-‫ל‬
ַ ֶ‫ּתפִ ַּלת עַ בְ ְּדָך וְ א‬-‫ל‬
ְ ֶ‫א‬
‫מ ְק ָּד ְׁשָך הַ ָּׁשמֵ ם‬-‫ל‬
ִ ַ‫ ע‬,‫וְ הָ אֵ ר ּפָ נֶיָך‬
.‫ אֲ ֹדנָי‬,‫לְ מַ עַ ן‬
‫ּוׁשמָ ע‬
ְ ,‫יח הַ ּטֵ ה אֱ ֹלהַ י ָאזְ נְ ָך‬
‫פקחה (ּפְ ַקח) עֵ ינֶיָך ְּוראֵ ה‬
‫נִ ְק ָרא‬-‫ וְ הָ ִעיר אֲ ֶׁשר‬,‫ׁש ְֹממֹ ֵתינּו‬
,‫צ ְדקֹ ֵתינּו‬-‫ל‬
ִ ַ‫ ּכִ י ֹלא ע‬: ָ‫ִׁש ְמָך עָ לֶיה‬
‫אֲ נ ְַחנּו מַ ּפִ ילִ ים ַּתחֲ נּונֵינּו לְ פָ נֶיָך‬
.‫רחֲ מֶ יָך הָ ַרּבִ ים‬-‫ל‬
ַ ַ‫ ע‬,‫ּכִ י‬
,‫ אֲ ֹדנָי ְסלָחָ ה‬,‫יט אֲ ֹדנָי ְׁשמָ עָ ה‬
:‫ּתַאחַ ר‬-‫ַאל‬
ֵ ‫אֲ ֹדנָי הַ ְק ִׁשיבָ ה‬
-‫ עַ ל‬,‫נִק ָרא‬
ְ ‫ׁש ְמָך‬-‫י‬
ִ ִ‫לְ מַ עַ נְָך אֱֹלהַ י ּכ‬
.‫עַ ּמֶ ָך‬-‫ִע ְירָך וְ עַ ל‬
,‫כ וְ עוֹד אֲ נִ י ְמ ַדּבֵ ר‬
ִ ָ‫ּומ ְתוַ ּדֶ ה חַ ּט‬
ִ ,‫ּומ ְתּפַ ּלֵל‬
‫וְ חַ ּטַ את עַ ִּמי ִי ְׂש ָראֵ ל; ּומַ ּפִ יל‬
,‫ לִ פְ נֵי ְיהוָ ה אֱ ֹלהַ י עַ ל‬,‫ְּת ִחּנ ִָתי‬
.‫קֹ דֶ ׁש אֱ ֹלהָ י‬-‫הַ ר‬
;‫ ּבַ ְּתפִ ּלָה‬,‫כא וְ עוֹד אֲ נִי ְמ ַדּבֵ ר‬
‫יתי בֶ חָ זוֹן‬
ִ ‫וְ הָ ִאיׁש ּגַבְ ִריאֵ ל אֲ ֶׁשר ָר ִא‬
‫ ּכְ עֵ ת‬,‫ נֹ גֵעַ אֵ לַי‬,‫ מֻ עָ ף ּבִ יעָ ף‬,‫ּבַ ְּת ִחּלָה‬
.‫עָ ֶרב‬-‫ִמנְחַ ת‬
‫ וַ ְי ַדּבֵ ר ִע ִּמי; וַ ּיֹאמַ ר‬,‫כב וַ ּיָבֶ ן‬
‫אתי לְ הַ ְׂשּכִ ילְ ָך‬
ִ ָ‫ עַ ָּתה יָצ‬,‫ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬
.‫בִ ינָה‬
‫כג ּבִ ְת ִח ַּלת ַּתחֲ נּונֶיָך יָצָ א‬
‫אתי לְ הַ ּגִ יד ּכִ י‬
ִ ָ‫ וַ אֲ נִ י ּב‬,‫ָדבָ ר‬
,‫ ּבַ ָּדבָ ר‬,‫ אָ ָּתה; ּובִ ין‬,‫חֲ מּודוֹת‬
.‫ ּבַ ּמַ ְראֶ ה‬,‫וְ הָ בֵ ן‬
-‫כד ָׁשב ִֻעים ִׁשבְ ִעים נ ְֶח ַּתְך עַ ל‬
‫ לְ ַכּלֵא הַ ּפֶ ַׁשע‬,‫עיר ָק ְד ֶׁשָך‬-‫ל‬
ִ ַ‫עַ ְּמָך וְ ע‬
)‫ולחתם (ּולְ הָ ֵתם) חטאות (חַ ּטָ את‬
;‫ צֶ דֶ ק ֹעל ִָמים‬,‫ ּולְ הָ בִ יא‬,‫ּולְ כַּפֵ ר עָ ‍וֹן‬
‫ וְ לִ ְמׁשֹחַ קֹדֶ ׁש‬,‫וְ ל ְַחּתֹם חָ זוֹן וְ נָבִ יא‬
.‫ָק ָד ִׁשים‬
‫מֹ צָ א‬-‫כה וְ ֵת ַדע וְ ַת ְׂשּכֵל ִמן‬
‫רּוׁש ִ ַלם‬
ָ ‫ לְ הָ ִׁשיב וְ לִ בְ נוֹת ְי‬,‫ָדבָ ר‬
;‫ ִׁשבְ עָ ה‬,‫מָ ִׁשיחַ נָגִ יד ָׁש ֻב ִעים‬-‫עַ ד‬
18 O my God, incline Thine ear, and hear;
open Thine eyes, and behold our desolations, and the city upon which Thy name is
called; for we do not present our supplications before Thee because of our righteousness, but because of Thy great compassions.
19 O Lord, hear, O Lord, forgive, O
Lord, attend and do, defer not; for Thine
own sake, O my God, because Thy name is
called upon Thy city and Thy people.’
20 And while I was speaking, and praying,
and confessing my sin and the sin of my
people Israel, and presenting my supplication before the LORD my God for the holy
mountain of my God;
21 yea, while I was speaking in prayer, the man
Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the
beginning, being caused to fly swiftly, approached
close to me about the time of the evening offering.
22 And he made me to understand, and talked
with me, and said: ‘O Daniel, I am now come
forth to make thee skilful of understanding.
23 At the beginning of thy supplications a
word went forth, and I am come to declare it;
for thou art greatly beloved; therefore look
into the word, and understand the vision.
24 Seventy weeks are decreed upon thy
people and upon thy holy city, to finish the
transgression, and to make an end of sin,
and to forgive iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal vision and
prophet, and to anoint the most holy place.
25 Know therefore and discern, that from
the going forth of the word to restore and to
build Yerushalayim unto one anointed, a prince,
Daniel 9:25 - 10:2
shall be seven weeks; and for threescore and
two weeks, it shall be built again, with broad
place and moat, but in troublous times.
26 And after the threescore and two weeks
shall an anointed one be cut off, and be no
more; and the people of a prince that shall
come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary;
but his end shall be with a flood; and unto the
end of the war desolations are determined.
27 And he shall make a firm covenant with
many for one week; and for half of the week he
shall cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease;
and upon the wing of detestable things shall be
that which causeth appalment; and that until the
extermination wholly determined be poured out
upon that which causeth appalment.’
In the third year of Koresh king of Paras
a word was revealed unto Daniel, whose
name was called Belteshazzar; and the word was
true, even a great warfare; and he gave heed to
the word, and had understanding of the vision.
2 In those days I Daniel was mourning
three whole weeks.
‫ב‬:‫ י‬- ‫הכ‬:‫לאינד ט‬
‫ ָּתׁשּוב‬,‫ּוׁש ַנ ִים‬
ְ ‫וְ ָׁש ֻב ִעים ִׁש ִּׁשים‬
,‫ ּובְ צוֹק‬,‫וְ נִ בְ נְ ָתה ְרחוֹב וְ חָ רּוץ‬
.‫הָ ִע ִּתים‬
‫כו וְ ַאחֲ ֵרי הַ ָּׁש ֻב ִעים ִׁש ִּׁשים‬
‫ ִי ָּכ ֵרת מָ ִׁשיחַ וְ אֵ ין‬,‫ּוׁש ַנ ִים‬
‫לוֹ; וְ הָ ִעיר וְ הַ ֹּקדֶ ׁש י ְַׁש ִחית‬
,‫ וְ ִקּצ ֹו בַ ֶּׁשטֶ ף‬,‫עַ ם נָגִ יד הַ ּבָ א‬
‫ נֶחֱ ֶרצֶ ת‬,‫וְ עַ ד ֵקץ ִמלְ חָ מָ ה‬
.‫ׁשֹמֵ מוֹת‬
‫כז וְ ִהגְ ּבִ יר ּבְ ִרית‬
;‫ ָׁשבּועַ אֶ חָ ד‬,‫ָל ַרּבִ ים‬
‫וַ חֲ ִצי הַ ָּׁשבּועַ י ְַׁשּבִ ית‬
‫ וְ עַ ל ּכְ נַף‬,‫ּומנְ חָ ה‬
ִ ‫זֶבַ ח‬
-‫ וְ עַ ד‬,‫ּקּוצים ְמׁשֹמֵ ם‬
ִ ‫ִׁש‬
‫ ִּת ַּתְך‬,‫ָּכ ָלה וְ נֶחֱ ָרצָ ה‬
.‫ׁשֹמֵ ם‬-‫עַ ל‬
‫ לְ כו ֶֹרׁש מֶ לְֶך‬,‫ּבִ ְׁשנַת ָׁשלוֹׁש‬
,‫ ָּדבָ ר נִגְ לָה לְ ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫ּפָ ַרס‬
‫אׁשּצַ ר; וֶאֱמֶ ת‬
ַ ‫נִק ָרא ְׁשמ ֹו ּבֵ לְ ְט‬-‫ר‬
ְ ‫אֲ ֶׁש‬
,‫הַ ָּדבָ ר‬-‫ ּובִ ין אֶ ת‬,‫ וְ צָ בָ א גָדוֹל‬,‫הַ ָּדבָ ר‬
.‫ּובִ ינָה ל ֹו ּבַ ּמַ ְראֶ ה‬
ִ ‫ הָ הֵ ם אֲ נִי ָדנִ ּיֵאל הָ י‬,‫ב ּבַ ּי ִָמים‬
.‫ֹלׁשה ָׁשב ִֻעים י ִָמים‬
ָ ‫ ְׁש‬,‫ִמ ְתאַ ּבֵ ל‬
ba-ya-MEEM ha-HAYM a-NEE da-ni-YAYL ha-YEE-tee mit-a-BAYL sh’-lo-SHAH
sha-vu-EEM ya-MEEM
10:2 I Daniel was mourning three whole weeks
According to Rabbi David Altschuler, Daniel mourns for three weeks over the cessation of the construction of the Temple during the reign of Cyrus (Ezra 4:24). Similarly, to this day Jews mourn the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple for three
weeks each year. The mourning period starts with the 17th of the Hebrew month
of ‘Tammuz,’ the day the walls of Jerusalem were breached by the Romans, and culminates on the 9th of ‘Av’ when both the first and second Temples were set ablaze.
Like Daniel, for part of this time they do not eat meat or drink wine, remembering
the animal offerings and wine libations offered in the Temple that can no longer be
brought. Mourning Jerusalem strengthens the connection between the Jewish people
and their land. Napoleon is quoted as having once said: “Any people that can mourn
an event that occurred thousands of years ago will one day return to their Land.”
Daniel 10:3 - 10:12
3 I ate no pleasant bread, neither came
flesh nor wine in my mouth, neither did I
anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks
were fulfilled.
4 And in the four and twentieth day of
the first month, as I was by the side of the
great river, which is Tigris,
5 I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and
behold a man clothed in linen, whose loins
were girded with fine gold of Uphaz;
6 his body also was like the beryl, and his face
as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as
torches of fire, and his arms and his feet like in
colour to burnished brass, and the voice of his
words like the voice of a multitude.
7 And I Daniel alone saw the vision;
for the men that were with me saw not
the vision; howbeit a great trembling
fell upon them, and they fled to hide
8 So that I was left alone, and saw this great
vision, and there remained no strength in
me; for my comeliness was turned in me into
corruption, and I retained no strength.
9 Yet heard I the voice of his words; and
when I heard the voice of his words, then
was I fallen into a deep sleep on my face,
with my face toward the ground.
10 And, behold, a hand touched me,
which set me tottering upon my knees and
upon the palms of my hands.
11 And he said unto me: ‘O Daniel, thou
man greatly beloved, give heed unto the words
that I speak unto thee, and stand upright; for
now am I sent unto thee’; and when he had
spoken this word unto me, I stood trembling.
12 Then said he unto me: ‘Fear not, Daniel; for from the first day that thou didst set
thy heart to understand, and to humble thy-
‫בי‬:‫ י‬- ‫ג‬:‫לאינד י‬
,‫ג לֶחֶ ם חֲ מֻ דוֹת ֹלא ָאכַלְ ִּתי‬
‫ּפִ י וְ סוְֹך‬-‫בָ א אֶ ל‬-‫ּובָ ָׂשר וָ ַייִן ֹלא‬
ֶ ‫ ְׁש‬,‫מֹלאת‬-‫ד‬
ְ ַ‫ ע‬:‫סָ כְ ִּתי‬-‫ֹלא‬
.‫ָׁשב ִֻעים י ִָמים‬
‫ ַלחֹדֶ ׁש‬,‫ַארּבָ עָ ה‬
ְ ְ‫ד ּובְ יוֹם עֶ ְׂש ִרים ו‬
‫ִיתי עַ ל יַד הַ ּנָהָ ר‬
ִ ‫ הָ י‬,‫ וַאֲ נִי‬:‫הָ ִראׁשוֹן‬
.‫הַ ּגָדוֹל הּוא ִח ָּד ֶקל‬
‫ וְ ִהּנֵה‬,‫עֵ ינַי וָאֵ ֶרא‬-‫ה וָאֶ ָּׂשא אֶ ת‬
‫אֶ חָ ד לָבּוׁש ּבַ ִּדים; ּומָ ְתנָיו‬-‫ִאיׁש‬
.‫ ּבְ כ ֶֶתם אּופָ ז‬,‫חֲ ג ִֻרים‬
‫ ּופָ נָיו‬,‫ו ּוגְ וִ ּיָת ֹו כְ ַת ְר ִׁשיׁש‬
‫ּכְ מַ ְראֵ ה בָ ָרק וְ עֵ ינָיו ּכְ ַלּפִ ידֵ י‬
‫ ּכְ עֵ ין‬,‫ֹלתיו‬
ָ ְ‫ ּוזְ ֹרע ָֹתיו ּומַ ְרּג‬,‫אֵ ׁש‬
‫ ּכְ קוֹל‬,‫נְ ֹח ֶׁשת ָק ָלל; וְ קוֹל ְּדבָ ָריו‬
.‫הָ מוֹן‬
,‫יתי אֲ נִי ָדנִ ּיֵאל לְ בַ ִּדי‬
ִ ‫ז וְ ָר ִא‬
‫ וְ הָ אֲ נ ִָׁשים אֲ ֶׁשר הָ יּו‬,‫הַ ּמַ ְרָאה‬-‫אֶ ת‬
,‫הַ ּמַ ְרָאה; אֲ בָ ל‬-‫ ֹלא ָראּו אֶ ת‬,‫ִע ִּמי‬
,‫ וַ ּיִבְ ְרחּו‬,‫חֲ ָר ָדה גְ ֹדלָה נָפְ לָה עֲ לֵיהֶ ם‬
.‫ּבְ הֵ חָ בֵ א‬
‫ וָאֶ ְראֶ ה‬,‫ַאר ִּתי לְ בַ ִּדי‬
ְ ‫נִׁש‬
ְ ,‫ח וַאֲ נִי‬
‫ וְ ֹלא‬,‫הַ ּמַ ְרָאה הַ ּגְ ֹדלָה הַ ּזֹאת‬-‫אֶ ת‬
‫ נ ְֶהּפַ ְך עָ לַי‬,‫ּבִ י ּכֹחַ ; וְ הו ִֹדי‬-‫נִׁשַאר‬
. ַ‫ ּכֹח‬,‫ וְ ֹלא עָ צַ ְר ִּתי‬,‫לְ מַ ְׁש ִחית‬
;‫קוֹל ְּדבָ ָריו‬-‫ אֶ ת‬,‫ט וָ אֶ ְׁשמַ ע‬
‫ וַ אֲ נִ י‬,‫קוֹל ְּדבָ ָריו‬-‫ אֶ ת‬,‫ּוכְ ָׁש ְמ ִעי‬
‫ ּופָ נַי‬,‫ּפָ נַי‬-‫יתי נִ ְר ָּדם עַ ל‬
ִ ‫הָ ִי‬
.‫ָארצָ ה‬
;‫ נָגְ עָ ה ּבִ י‬,‫יָד‬-‫י וְ ִהּנֵה‬
‫ וְ ַכּפוֹת‬,‫ּבִ ְר ַּכי‬-‫וַ ְּתנִ יעֵ נִ י עַ ל‬
.‫י ָָדי‬
‫חֲ מֻ דוֹת‬-‫יא וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר אֵ לַי ָּדנִ ּיֵאל ִאיׁש‬
,‫הָ בֵ ן ּבַ ְּדבָ ִרים אֲ ֶׁשר ָאנֹ כִ י דֹבֵ ר אֵ לֶיָך‬
‫ ׁשֻ ּל ְַח ִּתי‬,‫עָ ְמדֶ ָך ּכִ י עַ ָּתה‬-‫וַעֲמֹד עַ ל‬
,‫הַ ָּדבָ ר הַ ּזֶה‬-‫אֵ לֶיָך; ּובְ ַדּבְ ר ֹו ִע ִּמי אֶ ת‬
.‫עָ מַ ְד ִּתי מַ ְר ִעיד‬
‫ּת ָירא‬-‫ַאל‬
,‫יב וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר אֵ ַלי‬
‫הַ ּיוֹם הָ ִראׁשוֹן אֲ ֶׁשר‬-‫ָדנִ ּיֵאל ּכִ י ִמן‬
‫לִ ּבְ ָך לְ הָ בִ ין ּולְ ִה ְתעַ ּנוֹת‬-‫נ ַָת ָּת אֶ ת‬
Daniel 10:12 - 10:21
self before thy God, thy words were heard;
and I am come because of thy words.
13 But the prince of the kingdom of Paras
withstood me one and twenty days; but, lo,
Michael, one of the chief princes, came to
help me; and I was left over there beside
the kings of Paras.
14 Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the
end of days; for there is yet a vision for the
15 And when he had spoken unto me according to these words, I set my face toward
the ground, and was dumb.
16 And, behold, one like the similitude
of the sons of men touched my lips; then
I opened my mouth, and spoke and said
unto him that stood before me: ‘O my lord,
by reason of the vision my pains are come
upon me, and I retain no strength.
17 For how can this servant of my lord
talk with this my lord? for as for me,
straightway there remained no strength in
me, neither was there breath left in me.’
18 Then there touched me again one like the
appearance of a man, and he strengthened me.
19 And he said: ‘O man greatly beloved,
fear not! peace be unto thee, be strong, yea,
be strong.’ And when he had spoken unto
me, I was strengthened, and said: ‘Let my
lord speak; for thou hast strengthened me.’
20 Then said he: Knowest thou wherefore
I come unto thee? and now will I return to
fight with the prince of Paras; and when I
go forth, lo, the prince of Yavan shall come.
21 Howbeit I will declare unto thee that
which is inscribed in the writing of truth;
and there is none that holdeth with me
against these, except Michael your prince.
‫אכ‬:‫ י‬- ‫בי‬:‫לאינד י‬
;‫ נִ ְׁש ְמעּו ְדבָ ֶריָך‬,‫לִ פְ נֵי אֱ ֹלהֶ יָך‬
.‫ ּבִ ְדבָ ֶריָך‬,‫אתי‬
ִ ָ‫ב‬-‫וַ אֲ נִ י‬
‫ עֹמֵ ד‬,‫יג וְ ַׂשר מַ לְ כּות ּפָ ַרס‬
‫ וְ ִהּנֵה‬,‫לְ נֶגְ ִּדי עֶ ְׂש ִרים וְ אֶ חָ ד יוֹם‬
,‫ִמי ָכאֵ ל ַאחַ ד הַ ָּׂש ִרים הָ ִראׁשֹנִ ים‬
,‫ּבָ א לְ עָ זְ ֵרנִ י; וַ אֲ נִ י נו ַֹת ְר ִּתי ָׁשם‬
.‫אֵ צֶ ל מַ לְ כֵי פָ ָרס‬
‫ אֵ ת‬,‫ ַלהֲ בִ ינְ ָך‬,‫אתי‬
ִ ָ‫יד ּוב‬
‫ ּבְ ַאחֲ ִרית‬,‫ ִי ְק ָרה לְ עַ ְּמָך‬-‫אֲ ֶׁשר‬
,‫עוֹד חָ זוֹן‬-‫ ּכִ י‬:‫הַ ּי ִָמים‬
.‫ַלּי ִָמים‬
‫ ַּכ ְּדבָ ִרים‬,‫טו ּובְ ַדּבְ ר ֹו ִע ִּמי‬
,‫ַארצָ ה‬
ְ ‫הָ אֵ ּלֶה נ ַָת ִּתי פָ נַי‬
.‫וְ נֶאֱ ָל ְמ ִּתי‬
‫ ּכִ ְדמּות ּבְ נֵי‬,‫טז וְ ִהּנֵה‬
;‫ׂשפָ ָתי‬-‫ל‬
ְ ַ‫ ע‬, ַ‫ נֹ גֵע‬,‫ָאדם‬
‫ וָ אֲ ַדּבְ ָרה וָ אֹ ְמ ָרה‬,‫ּפִ י‬-‫וָ אֶ פְ ַּתח‬
‫ אֲ דֹנִ י‬,‫הָ עֹמֵ ד לְ נֶגְ ִּדי‬-‫אֶ ל‬
,‫ּבַ ּמַ ְרָאה נֶהֶ פְ כּו ִצ ַירי עָ ַלי‬
. ַ‫וְ ֹלא עָ צַ ְר ִּתי ּכֹח‬
,‫ עֶ בֶ ד אֲ דֹנִ י זֶה‬,‫יז וְ הֵ יְך יּו ַכל‬
‫אֲ דֹנִ י זֶה; וַ אֲ נִ י מֵ עַ ָּתה‬-‫ ִעם‬,‫לְ ַדּבֵ ר‬
‫ ּונְ ָׁשמָ ה ֹלא‬, ַ‫ּבִ י כֹח‬-‫יַעֲ מָ ד‬-‫ֹלא‬
.‫בִ י‬-‫נִ ְׁשאֲ ָרה‬
ָ ‫ּבִ י ּכְ מַ ְראֵ ה‬-‫יח וַ ּיֹסֶ ף וַ ִּיּגַע‬
ֵ ַ‫וַ יְח‬
-‫ּת ָירא ִאיׁש‬-‫ַאל‬
‫יט וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר‬
;‫ ָׁשלוֹם ָלְך חֲ זַק וַ חֲ זָק‬,‫חֲ מֻ דוֹת‬
,‫ּוכְ ַדּבְ ר ֹו ִע ִּמי ִה ְתחַ ּז ְַק ִּתי‬
‫וָ אֹ ְמ ָרה ְי ַדּבֵ ר אֲ דֹנִ י ּכִ י‬
.‫ִחּז ְַק ָּתנִ י‬
ִ ָ‫ּב‬-‫ הֲ י ַָד ְע ָּת ָלּמָ ה‬,‫כ וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר‬
‫ לְ ִה ָּלחֵ ם‬,‫ וְ עַ ָּתה אָ ׁשּוב‬,‫אֵ לֶיָך‬
‫ וְ ִהּנֵה‬,‫ׂשר ּפָ ָרס; וַ אֲ נִ י יוֹצֵ א‬-‫ם‬
ַ ‫ִע‬
.‫יָוָ ן ּבָ א‬-‫ַׂשר‬
-‫ אֶ ת‬,‫כא אֲ בָ ל אַ ּגִ יד לְ ָך‬
‫הָ ָרׁשּום ּבִ כְ ָתב אֱ מֶ ת; וְ אֵ ין אֶ חָ ד‬
-‫ ּכִ י ִאם‬,‫אֵ ּלֶה‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫ִמ ְתחַ ּזֵק ִע ִּמי‬
.‫ ַׂש ְרכֶם‬,‫ִמי ָכאֵ ל‬
Daniel 11:1 - 11:9
‫ט‬:‫ אי‬- ‫א‬:‫לאינד אי‬
And as for me, in the first year of
Daryavesh the Mede, I stood up to be
a supporter and a stronghold unto him.
‫ לְ ָד ְר ָיוֶׁש‬,‫וַאֲ נִי ּבִ ְׁשנַת ַאחַ ת‬
‫הַ ּמָ ִדי עָ ְמ ִדי לְ מַ חֲ זִיק‬
.ֹ‫ לו‬,‫ּולְ מָ עוֹז‬
-‫ אֱמֶ ת אַ ּגִיד לְָך; ִהּנֵה‬,‫ב וְ עַ ָּתה‬
,‫ֹלׁשה ְמלָכִ ים ע ְֹמ ִדים לְ פָ ַרס‬
ָ ‫עוֹד ְׁש‬
,‫ּגָדוֹל ִמּכֹל‬-‫ַעֲׁשיר ע ֶֹׁשר‬
ִ ‫יעי י‬
ִ ִ‫וְ הָ ְרב‬
‫ י ִָעיר הַ ּכֹל אֵ ת‬,ֹ‫זְקת ֹו בְ עָ ְׁשרו‬
ָ ֶ‫ּוכְ ח‬
.‫מַ לְ כּות יָוָן‬
;‫ מֶ לְֶך ּגִ ּבוֹר‬,‫ג וְ עָ מַ ד‬
‫ וְ עָ ָׂשה‬,‫ּומָ ַׁשל ִמ ְמ ָׁשל ַרב‬
.ֹ‫ּכִ ְרצוֹנו‬
,ֹ‫ ִּת ָּׁשבֵ ר מַ לְ כּותו‬,ֹ‫ד ּוכְ עָ ְמדו‬
‫ַארּבַ ע רּוחוֹת‬
ְ ְ‫ ל‬,‫וְ ֵתחָ ץ‬
‫ וְ ֹלא‬,ֹ‫הַ ָּׁשמָ ִים; וְ ֹלא לְ ַאחֲ ִריתו‬
‫כְ מָ ְׁשל ֹו אֲ ֶׁשר מָ ָׁשל ּכִ י ִתּנ ֵָתׁש‬
-‫ וְ ַלאֲ חֵ ִרים ִמּלְ בַ ד‬,ֹ‫מַ לְ כּותו‬
.‫אֵ ּלֶה‬
,‫הַ ֶּנגֶב‬-‫ה וְ יֶחֱ זַק מֶ לְֶך‬
‫ׂש ָריו; וְ יֶחֱ זַק עָ ָליו‬-‫ן‬
ָ ‫ּומ‬
‫ ִמ ְמ ָׁשל ַרב‬,‫ּומָ ָׁשל‬
.ֹ‫מֶ ְמ ַׁשלְ ּתו‬
,‫ ִי ְתחַ ּבָ רּו‬,‫ו ּולְ ֵקץ ָׁשנִ ים‬
-‫הַ ֶּנגֶב ָּתבוֹא אֶ ל‬-‫ּובַ ת מֶ לְֶך‬
;‫יׁש ִרים‬
ָ ֵ‫ ַלעֲ ׂשוֹת מ‬,‫מֶ לְֶך הַ ּצָ פוֹן‬
‫ וְ ֹלא‬, ַ‫ת ְע ֹצר ּכוֹחַ הַ ּזְ רוֹע‬-‫ֹלא‬
‫ וְ ִתּנ ֵָתן ִהיא‬,ֹ‫יַעֲ מֹ ד ּוזְ רֹעו‬
‫ ּומַ חֲ זִ ָקּה‬,‫ּומבִ יאֶ יהָ וְ הַ ּיֹלְ ָדּה‬
.‫ּבָ ִע ִּתים‬
2 And now will I declare unto thee the truth.
Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Paras; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all;
and when he is waxed strong through his riches,
he shall stir up all against the realm of Yavan.
3 And a mighty king shall stand up, that
shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will.
4 And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided
toward the four winds of heaven; but not to
his posterity, nor according to his dominion
wherewith he ruled; for his kingdom shall be
plucked up, even for others beside those.
5 And the king of the south shall be
strong, and one of his princes; and he shall
be strong above him, and have dominion;
his dominion shall be a great dominion.
6 And at the end of years they shall join themselves
together; and the daughter of the king of the south
shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement; but she shall not retain the strength of her
arm; neither shall he stand, nor his arm; but she shall
be given up, and they that brought her, and he that
begot her, and he that obtained her in those times.
7 But one of the shoots of her roots shall stand
up in his place, and shall come unto the army, and
shall enter into the stronghold of the king of the
north, and shall deal with them, and shall prevail;
8 and also their gods, with their molten images,
and with their precious vessels of silver and of gold,
shall he bring into captivity into Mitzrayim; and he
shall desist some years from the king of the north.
9 And he shall come into the kingdom of
the king of the south, but he shall return
into his own land.
;ֹ‫ ַּכּנו‬, ָ‫ז וְ עָ מַ ד ִמּנֵצֶ ר ָׁש ָר ֶׁשיה‬
‫ וְ יָבֹ א ּבְ מָ עוֹז‬,‫הַ חַ ִיל‬-‫וְ יָבֹ א אֶ ל‬
,‫ וְ עָ ָׂשה בָ הֶ ם‬,‫מֶ לְֶך הַ ּצָ פוֹן‬
.‫וְ הֶ חֱ זִ יק‬
-‫נְסכֵיהֶ ם ִעם‬-‫ם‬
ִ ‫ח וְ גַם אֱֹלהֵ יהֶ ם ִע‬
‫ ּבַ ְּׁשבִ י יָבִ א‬,‫ּכְ לֵי חֶ ְמ ָּד ָתם ּכֶסֶ ף וְ זָהָ ב‬
‫ ִמּמֶ לְֶך‬,‫ִמ ְצ ָריִם; וְ הּוא ָׁשנִים יַעֲמֹד‬
.‫הַ ּצָ פוֹן‬
‫ ּבְ מַ לְ כּות מֶ לְֶך‬,‫ט ּובָ א‬
,‫ וְ ָׁשב‬,‫הַ ֶּנגֶב‬
.ֹ‫ַאדמָ תו‬-‫ל‬
Daniel 11:10 - 11:18
‫חי‬:‫ אי‬- ‫י‬:‫לאינד אי‬
10 And his sons shall stir themselves up,
and shall assemble a multitude of great
forces, and he shall come on, and overflow,
as he passes through; and he shall return
and stir himself up, even to his stronghold.
ְ ְ‫ ו‬,‫י ּובָ נָו ִי ְתּגָרּו‬
‫ ּובָ א‬,‫הֲ מוֹן חֲ יָלִ ים ַרּבִ ים‬
‫ וְ ָׁשטַ ף וְ עָ בָ ר; וְ ָיׁשֹב‬,‫בוֹא‬
-‫ עַ ד‬,)‫ויתגרו (וְ ִי ְתּג ֶָרה‬
.‫מָ עֻ ּזֹה‬
‫ מֶ לְֶך‬,‫יא וְ ִי ְתמַ ְרמַ ר‬
‫ וְ נִ לְ חַ ם ִעּמ ֹו‬,‫ וְ יָצָ א‬,‫הַ ֶּנגֶב‬
‫מֶ לְֶך הַ ּצָ פוֹן; וְ הֶ ֱע ִמיד‬-‫ִעם‬
‫ וְ נִ ַּתן הֶ הָ מוֹן‬,‫הָ מוֹן ָרב‬
.ֹ‫ּבְ יָדו‬
)‫ ירום (וְ ָרם‬,‫יב וְ נִ ָּׂשא הֶ הָ מוֹן‬
‫ וְ ֹלא‬,‫לְ בָ בוֹ; וְ ִהּפִ יל ִר ֹּבאוֹת‬
‫ וְ הֶ ֱע ִמיד‬,‫ מֶ לְֶך הַ ּצָ פוֹן‬,‫יג וְ ָׁשב‬
‫הָ ִראׁשוֹן; ּולְ ֵקץ‬-‫ ַרב ִמן‬,‫הָ מוֹן‬
‫ ּבְ חַ ִיל‬,‫הָ ִע ִּתים ָׁשנִ ים יָבוֹא בוֹא‬
.‫ּגָדוֹל ּובִ ְרכּוׁש ָרב‬
‫ ַרּבִ ים‬,‫יד ּובָ ִע ִּתים הָ הֵ ם‬
‫מֶ לְֶך הַ ֶּנגֶב; ּובְ נֵי‬-‫יַעַ ְמדּו עַ ל‬
‫ ִיּנ ְַּׂשאּו לְ הַ עֲ ִמיד‬,‫ּפָ ִריצֵ י עַ ְּמָך‬
.‫חָ זוֹן וְ נִ כְ ָׁשלּו‬
‫ וְ י ְִׁשּפֹ ְך‬,‫ מֶ לְֶך הַ ּצָ פוֹן‬,‫טו וְ יָבֹא‬
‫ וְ ָלכַד ִעיר ִמבְ צָ רוֹת; ּוזְ רֹעוֹת‬,‫סוֹלְ לָה‬
‫ וְ אֵ ין‬,‫ וְ עַ ם ִמבְ חָ ָריו‬,‫ ֹלא יַעֲמֹדּו‬,‫הַ ֶּנגֶב‬
.‫ּכֹחַ לַעֲמֹד‬
‫טז וְ יַעַ ׂש הַ ּבָ א אֵ ָליו‬
;‫ וְ אֵ ין עוֹמֵ ד לְ פָ נָיו‬,ֹ‫ּכִ ְרצוֹנו‬
‫ וְ ָכ ָלה‬,‫הַ ְּצבִ י‬-‫וְ יַעֲ מֹ ד ּבְ אֶ ֶרץ‬
.ֹ‫בְ יָדו‬
‫יז וְ י ֵָׂשם ּפָ נָיו ָלבוֹא ּבְ ֹת ֶקף‬
‫יׁש ִרים ִעּמ ֹו‬
ָ ִ‫ ו‬,ֹ‫מַ לְ כּותו‬-‫ָּכל‬
‫ל ֹו‬-‫וְ עָ ָׂשה; ּובַ ת הַ ּנ ִָׁשים ִי ֶּתן‬
-‫ וְ ֹלא ַתעֲ מֹ ד וְ ֹלא‬,‫יתּה‬
ָ ‫לְ הַ ְׁש ִח‬
.‫ל ֹו ִת ְהיֶה‬
‫יח וישב (וְ י ֵָׂשם) ּפָ נָיו‬
;‫ וְ ָל ַכד ַרּבִ ים‬,‫לְ ִא ִּיים‬
‫וְ ִה ְׁשּבִ ית ָק ִצין חֶ ְרּפָ ת ֹו‬
‫ ּבִ לְ ִּתי חֶ ְרּפָ ת ֹו י ִָׁשיב‬,ֹ‫לו‬
11 And the king of the south shall be moved
with choler, and shall come forth and fight
with him, even with the king of the north; and
he shall set forth a great multitude, but the
multitude shall be given into his hand.
12 and the multitude shall be carried away,
and his heart shall be lifted up; and he shall cast
down tens of thousands; but he shall not prevail.
13 And the king of the north shall again set
forth a multitude, greater than the former; and
he shall come on at the end of the times, even of
years, with a great army and with much substance.
14 And in those times there shall many stand up
against the king of the south; also the children of
the violent among thy people shall lift themselves
up to establish the vision; but they shall stumble.
15 And the king of the north shall come, and cast
up a mound, and take a well-fortified city; and the arms
of the south shall not withstand; and as for his chosen
people, there shall be no strength in them to withstand.
16 But he that cometh against him shall do
according to his own will, and none shall stand
before him; and he shall stand in the beauteous
land, and in his hand shall be extermination.
17 And he shall set his face to come with
the strength of his whole kingdom, but shall
make an agreement with him; and he shall
give him the daughter of women, to destroy
it; but it shall not stand, neither be for him.
18 After this shall he set his face unto
the isles, and shall take many; but a captain
shall cause the reproach offered by him to
cease; yea, he shall cause his own reproach
to return upon him.
Daniel 11:19 - 11:27
‫זכ‬:‫ אי‬- ‫טי‬:‫לאינד אי‬
19 Then he shall turn his face toward the
strongholds of his own land; but he shall
stumble and fall, and shall not be found.
‫ לְ מָ עּוּזֵי‬,‫יט וְ י ֵָׁשב ּפָ נָיו‬
‫ וְ ֹלא‬,‫ַארצוֹ; וְ נִ כְ ַׁשל וְ נָפַ ל‬
.‫ִיּמָ צֵ א‬
‫ ַּכּנ ֹו מַ עֲ בִ יר‬-‫כ וְ עָ מַ ד עַ ל‬
‫ הֶ דֶ ר מַ לְ כּות; ּובְ י ִָמים‬,‫נ ֹוגֵׂש‬
‫ וְ ֹלא בְ אַ ּפַ ִים וְ ֹלא‬,‫אֲ חָ ִדים ִי ָּׁשבֵ ר‬
.‫בְ ִמלְ חָ מָ ה‬
‫ ַּכּנ ֹו‬-‫כא וְ עָ מַ ד עַ ל‬
‫נ ְָתנּו עָ ָליו‬-‫ וְ ֹלא‬,‫נִ בְ זֶה‬
‫הוֹד מַ לְ כּות; ּובָ א‬
‫ וְ הֶ חֱ זִ יק מַ לְ כּות‬,‫בְ ַׁשלְ וָ ה‬
.‫ּבַ חֲ ַל ְק ַלּקוֹת‬
‫כב ּוזְ רֹעוֹת הַ ֶּׁשטֶ ף ִי ָּׁש ְטפּו‬
‫ נְ גִ יד‬,‫ וְ ִי ָּׁשבֵ רּו; וְ גַם‬,‫ִמּלְ פָ נָיו‬
.‫ּבְ ִרית‬
,‫ה ְתחַ ּבְ רּות אֵ ָליו‬-‫ן‬
ִ ‫ּומ‬
ִ ‫כג‬
,‫יַעֲ ֶׂשה ִמ ְרמָ ה; וְ עָ ָלה וְ עָ צַ ם‬
.‫ּגוֹי‬-‫ּבִ ְמעַ ט‬
‫כד ּבְ ַׁשלְ וָ ה ּובְ ִמ ְׁשמַ ּנֵי‬
‫ וְ עָ ָׂשה אֲ ֶׁשר‬,‫ יָבוֹא‬,‫ְמ ִדינָה‬
‫עָ ׂשּו אֲ בֹ ָתיו וַ אֲ בוֹת‬-‫ֹלא‬
‫ ּבִ ּזָה וְ ָׁש ָלל ְּורכּוׁש‬,‫אֲ בֹ ָתיו‬
‫ָלהֶ ם ִיבְ זוֹר; וְ עַ ל ִמבְ צָ ִרים‬
-‫ וְ עַ ד‬,‫ְיחַ ֵּׁשב מַ ְח ְׁשבֹ ָתיו‬
.‫עֵ ת‬
20 Then shall stand up in his place one that
shall cause an exactor to pass through the glory
of the kingdom; but within few days he shall be
destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.
21 And in his place shall stand up a
contemptible person, upon whom had not
been conferred the majesty of the kingdom;
but he shall come in time of security, and
shall obtain the kingdom by blandishments.
22 And the arms of the flood shall be
swept away from before him, and shall be
broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant.
23 And after the league made with him
he shall work deceitfully; and he shall come
up and become strong, with a little nation.
24 In time of security shall he come even
upon the fattest places of the province;
and he shall do that which his fathers have
not done, nor his fathers’ fathers: he shall
scatter among them prey, and spoil, and
substance; yea, he shall devise his devices
against fortresses, but only until the time.
25 And he shall stir up his power and his
courage against the king of the south with a
great army; and the king of the south shall
stir himself up to battle with a very great
and mighty army; but he shall not stand, for
they shall devise devices against him.
26 Yea, they that eat of his food shall destroy him, and his army shall be swept away;
and many shall fall down slain.
27 And as for both these kings, their
hearts shall be to do mischief, and they
shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not
prosper, for the end remaineth yet for the
time appointed.
‫כה וְ יָעֵ ר ּכֹח ֹו ּולְ בָ ב ֹו‬
,‫ ּבְ חַ ִיל ּגָדוֹל‬,‫מֶ לְֶך הַ ֶּנגֶב‬-‫עַ ל‬
,‫ּומֶ לְֶך הַ ֶּנגֶב ִי ְתּג ֶָרה ַל ִּמלְ חָ מָ ה‬
;‫מאֹ ד‬-‫ד‬
ְ ַ‫ּגָדוֹל וְ עָ צּום ע‬-‫ּבְ חַ ִיל‬
‫י ְַח ְׁשבּו עָ ָליו‬-‫ ּכִ י‬,‫וְ ֹלא יַעֲ מֹ ד‬
.‫מַ חֲ ָׁשבוֹת‬
,‫ּבָ ג ֹו ִי ְׁשּבְ רּוהּו‬-‫כו וְ אֹ כְ לֵי פַ ת‬
‫ חֲ ָללִ ים‬,‫וְ חֵ יל ֹו ִי ְׁשטוֹף; וְ נָפְ לּו‬
.‫ַרּבִ ים‬
‫ּוׁשנֵיהֶ ם הַ ְּמ ָלכִ ים‬
ְ ‫כז‬
-‫ וְ עַ ל‬,‫לְ בָ בָ ם לְ מֵ ָרע‬
;‫ׁשֻ לְ חָ ן אֶ חָ ד ָּכזָב ְי ַדּבֵ רּו‬
‫עוֹד ֵקץ‬-‫ ּכִ י‬,‫וְ ֹלא ִת ְצ ָלח‬
.‫ַלּמוֹעֵ ד‬
Daniel 11:28 - 11:37
‫זל‬:‫ אי‬- ‫חכ‬:‫לאינד אי‬
28 And he shall return to his own land
with great substance; and his heart shall be
against the holy covenant; and he shall do
his pleasure, and return to his own land.
‫ַארצ ֹו ּבִ ְרכּוׁש‬
ְ ‫כח וְ ָיׁשֹב‬
‫ּבְ ִרית‬-‫ ּולְ בָ ב ֹו עַ ל‬,‫ּגָדוֹל‬
‫ וְ ָׁשב‬,‫קֹ דֶ ׁש; וְ עָ ָׂשה‬
ְ ְ‫ל‬
‫ ּובָ א‬,‫כט ַלּמוֹעֵ ד יָׁשּוב‬
ְ‫בַ ֶּנגֶב; ו‬
ֹ ‫ת ְהיֶה ָכ ִרא‬-‫ֹלא‬
.‫וְ ָכַאחֲ ר ֹונָה‬
,‫ל ּובָ אּו ב ֹו ִצ ִּיים ּכִ ִּתים‬
-‫ וְ ָׁשב וְ זָעַ ם עַ ל‬,‫וְ נִ כְ ָאה‬
;‫ וְ עָ ָׂשה‬,‫קוֹדֶ ׁש‬-‫ּבְ ִרית‬
‫עֹזְ בֵ י ּבְ ִרית‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫וְ ָׁשב וְ יָבֵ ן‬
.‫קֹ דֶ ׁש‬
;‫ ִמּמֶ ּנּו יַעֲ מֹ דּו‬,‫לא ּוזְ ר ִֹעים‬
‫ וְ הֵ ִסירּו‬,‫וְ ִחּלְ לּו הַ ִּמ ְק ָּדׁש הַ ּמָ עוֹז‬
‫ הַ ִּׁשּקּוץ‬,‫ וְ נ ְָתנּו‬,‫הַ ָּת ִמיד‬
.‫ְמׁשֹמֵ ם‬
‫ יַחֲ נִ יף‬,‫לב ּומַ ְר ִׁשיעֵ י בְ ִרית‬
,‫ּבַ חֲ ַלּקוֹת; וְ עַ ם ֹי ְדעֵ י אֱ ֹלהָ יו‬
.‫יַחֲ זִ קּו וְ עָ ׂשּו‬
‫ יָבִ ינּו‬,‫לג ּומַ ְׂשּכִ ילֵי עָ ם‬
‫ָל ַרּבִ ים; וְ נִ כְ ְׁשלּו ּבְ חֶ ֶרב‬
‫ ּבִ ְׁשבִ י ּובְ בִ ּזָה‬,‫ּובְ לֶהָ בָ ה‬
.‫י ִָמים‬
‫ יֵעָ זְ רּו עֵ זֶר‬,‫לד ּובְ ִהּכ ְָׁשלָם‬
,‫ְמעָ ט; וְ נִ לְ וּו עֲ לֵיהֶ ם ַרּבִ ים‬
.‫ּבַ חֲ ל ְַקלַּקוֹת‬
‫הַ ּמַ ְׂשּכִ ילִ ים‬-‫ּומן‬
ִ ‫לה‬
‫ לִ ְצרוֹף ּבָ הֶ ם ּולְ בָ ֵרר‬,‫ִי ָּכ ְׁשלּו‬
,‫עוֹד‬-‫ ּכִ י‬:‫עֵ ת ֵקץ‬-‫וְ ַללְ ּבֵ ן עַ ד‬
.‫ַלּמוֹעֵ ד‬
,‫לו וְ עָ ָׂשה כִ ְר ֹצנ ֹו הַ ּמֶ לְֶך‬
-‫וְ ִי ְתרוֹמֵ ם וְ ִי ְתּגַּדֵ ל עַ ל‬
,‫ וְ עַ ל אֵ ל אֵ לִ ים‬,‫אֵ ל‬-‫ָּכל‬
ַ‫ְי ַדּבֵ ר נִ פְ ָלאוֹת; וְ ִה ְצלִ יח‬
‫ ּכִ י נֶחֱ ָרצָ ה‬,‫ ָּכ ָלה זַעַ ם‬-‫עַ ד‬
.‫ֶנ ֱע ָׂש ָתה‬
-‫ וְ עַ ל‬,‫בֹתיו ֹלא יָבִ ין‬
ָ ֲ‫אֱֹלהֵ י א‬-‫לז וְ עַ ל‬
:‫אֱלוֹּהַ ֹלא יָבִ ין‬-‫ּכָל‬-‫חֶ ְמ ַּדת נ ִָׁשים וְ עַ ל‬
.‫ י ְִתּג ַָּדל‬,‫ּכֹל‬-‫ּכִ י עַ ל‬
29 At the time appointed he shall return,
and come into the south; but it shall not be
in the latter time as it was in the former.
30 For ships of Kittim shall come against him,
and he shall be cowed, and he shall return, and
have indignation against the holy covenant, and
shall do his pleasure; and he shall return, and have
regard unto them that forsake the holy covenant.
31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall
profane the sanctuary, even the stronghold, and shall
take away the continual burnt-offering, and they shall
set up the detestable thing that causeth appalment.
32 And such as do wickedly against the covenant
shall be corrupt by blandishments; but the people
that know their God shall show strength, and prevail.
33 And they that are wise among the
people shall cause the many to understand;
yet they shall stumble by the sword and by
flame, by captivity and by spoil, many days.
34 Now when they shall stumble, they shall
be helped with a little help; but many shall join
themselves unto them with blandishments.
35 And some of them that are wise shall
stumble, to refine among them, and to purify, and to make white, even to the time of
the end; for it is yet for the time appointed.
36 And the king shall do according to his will;
and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself
above every god, and shall speak strange things
against the God of gods; and he shall prosper
till the indignation be accomplished; for that
which is determined shall be done.
37 Neither shall he regard the gods of his fathers;
and neither the desire of women, nor any god, shall
he regard; for he shall magnify himself above all.
Daniel 11:38 - 11:42
‫במ‬:‫ אי‬- ‫חל‬:‫לאינד אי‬
38 But in his place shall he honour the god
of strongholds; and a god whom his fathers
knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver,
and with precious stones, and costly things.
40 And at the time of the end shall the king
of the south push at him; and the king of the
north shall come against him like a whirlwind,
with chariots, and with horsemen, and with
many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow, as he passes through.
;‫ ְיכַּבֵ ד‬,ֹ‫ּכַּנו‬-‫ עַ ל‬,‫ מָ עֻּזִים‬, ַ‫לח וְ לֶאֱֹלּה‬
ָ ֲ‫י ְָדעֻהּו א‬-‫וְ לֶאֱלוֹּהַ אֲ ֶׁשר ֹלא‬
‫ְיכַּבֵ ד ּבְ זָהָ ב ּובְ כֶסֶ ף ּובְ אֶ בֶ ן י ְָק ָרה‬
.‫ּובַ חֲ מֻ דוֹת‬
‫לט וְ עָ ָׂשה לְ ִמבְ ְצ ֵרי‬
‫ אֲ ֶׁשר‬,‫אֱ לוֹּהַ ֵנ ָכר‬-‫ ִעם‬,‫מָ עֻ ּזִ ים‬
;‫ י ְַרּבֶ ה ָכבוֹד‬,)‫הכיר (יַּכִ יר‬
,‫ וַ אֲ ָדמָ ה‬,‫ ּבָ ַרּבִ ים‬,‫וְ ִה ְמ ִׁשי ָלם‬
.‫ְיחַ ּלֵק ּבִ ְמ ִחיר‬
‫ ִי ְת ַנּגַח‬,‫מ ּובְ עֵ ת ֵקץ‬
‫ וְ ִי ְׂש ָּתעֵ ר‬,‫ִעּמ ֹו מֶ לְֶך הַ ֶּנגֶב‬
‫עָ ָליו מֶ לְֶך הַ ּצָ פוֹן ּבְ ֶרכֶב‬
;‫ ּובָ אֳ נִ ּיוֹת ַרּבוֹת‬,‫ּובְ פָ ָר ִׁשים‬
‫ וְ ָׁשטַ ף‬,‫ּובָ א בַ אֲ ָרצוֹת‬
.‫וְ עָ בָ ר‬
41 He shall enter also into the beauteous land,
and many countries shall be overthrown; but
these shall be delivered out of his hand, Edom,
and Moav, and the chief of the children of Amon.
,‫מא ּובָ א ּבְ אֶ ֶרץ הַ ְּצבִ י‬
‫ ִיּמָ לְ טּו‬,‫וְ ַרּבוֹת ִי ָּכ ֵׁשלּו; וְ אֵ ּלֶה‬
ִ ‫ וְ ֵר‬,‫ִמּיָד ֹו אֱ דוֹם ּומוָֹאב‬
.‫ּבְ נֵי עַ ּמוֹן‬
39 And he shall deal with the strongest
fortresses with the help of a foreign god;
whom he shall acknowledge, shall increase
glory; and he shall cause them to rule over
many, and shall divide the land for a price.
u-VA b'-E-retz ha-tz’-VEE v’-ra-BOT yi-ka-SHAY-lu v’-AY-leh yi-ma-l’-TU mi-ya-DO
e-DOM u-mo-AV v’-ray-SHEET b’-NAY a-MON
42 He shall stretch forth his hand also
upon the countries; and the land of Mitzrayim shall not escape.
;‫ ּבַ אֲ ָרצוֹת‬,ֹ‫מב וְ ִי ְׁש ַלח יָדו‬
‫ ֹלא ִת ְהיֶה‬,‫וְ אֶ ֶרץ ִמ ְצ ַר ִים‬
.‫לִ פְ לֵיטָ ה‬
11:41 Into the beauteous land
There are many explanations given for the reference to the Land of Israel in this
verse, “eretz hatzvi” (literally “land of the deer”). Our translation reads “beauteous land,” while other commentators say that it is a desired land. The Talmud,
following the literal connotation, draws various parallels between the deer and
the Land of Israel. For example, just like the deer is swift, Israel’s fruits ripen
quickly. Furthermore, just as the hide of the deer has the capacity to contain its
body but shrinks when separated from it, so too the Land of Israel can expand
to include its rightful inhabitants but shrinks when the Jews are exiled from it.
Perhaps a deeper message can be applied to Israel’s inhabitants as well. Rabbi Zvi
Teichman suggests that just as the land stretches to include its inhabitants, the
inhabitants must also “stretch themselves” to appreciate the holiness and unique
qualities of the “land of the deer.”
Daniel 11:43 - 12:6
‫ו‬:‫ בי‬- ‫גמ‬:‫לאינד אי‬
43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver, and over all the precious things of Mitzrayim; and the Libyans
and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.
‫ ּבְ ִמכְ מַ ּנֵי הַ ּזָהָ ב‬,‫מג ּומָ ַׁשל‬
‫ חֲ מֻ דוֹת‬,‫ ּובְ כֹל‬,‫וְ הַ ּכֶסֶ ף‬
,‫ִמ ְצ ָר ִים וְ לֻבִ ים וְ כ ִֻׁשים‬
.‫ּבְ ִמ ְצעָ ָדיו‬
‫ ִמ ִּמ ָזְרח‬,‫ּוׁשמֻ עוֹת יְבַ הֲ לֻהּו‬
ְ ‫מד‬
‫ לְ הַ ְׁש ִמיד‬,‫ּומּצָ פוֹן; וְ יָצָ א ּבְ חֵ מָ א גְ ֹדלָה‬
.‫ּולְ הַ חֲ ִרים ַרּבִ ים‬
,ֹ‫מה וְ ִיּטַ ע ָאהֳ לֵי אַ ּפַ ְדנו‬
;‫קֹ דֶ ׁש‬-‫צבִ י‬-‫ר‬
ְ ַ‫ּבֵ ין י ִַּמים לְ ה‬
,‫ וְ אֵ ין ע ֹוזֵר‬,ֹ‫קּצו‬-‫ד‬
ִ ַ‫ ע‬,‫ּובָ א‬
44 But tidings out of the east and out of the
north shall affright him; and he shall go forth with
great fury to destroy and utterly to take away many.
45 And he shall plant the tents of his
palace between the seas and the beauteous
holy mountain; and he shall come to his
end, and none shall help him.
And at that time shall Michael stand
up, the great prince who standeth for
the children of thy people; and there shall be
a time of trouble, such as never was since there
was a nation even to that same time; and at
that time thy people shall be delivered, every
one that shall be found written in the book.
‫ּובָ עֵ ת הַ ִהיא יַעֲ מֹ ד‬
,‫ִמי ָכאֵ ל הַ ַּׂשר הַ ּגָדוֹל‬
‫ וְ הָ ְי ָתה עֵ ת‬,‫ּבְ נֵי עַ ּמֶ ָך‬-‫הָ עֹמֵ ד עַ ל‬
‫נִ ְה ְי ָתה ִמ ְהיוֹת‬-‫ אֲ ֶׁשר ֹלא‬,‫צָ ָרה‬
‫ּגוֹי עַ ד הָ עֵ ת הַ ִהיא; ּובָ עֵ ת הַ ִהיא‬
‫הַ ּנִ ְמצָ א ָּכתּוב‬-‫ ָּכל‬,‫ִיּמָ לֵט עַ ְּמָך‬
.‫ּבַ ּסֵ פֶ ר‬
2 And many of them that sleep in the
dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to reproaches and
everlasting abhorrence.
-‫ַאדמַ ת‬
ְ ‫ ִמ ְּי ֵׁשנֵי‬,‫ב וְ ַרּבִ ים‬
,‫עָ פָ ר י ִָקיצּו; אֵ ּלֶה לְ חַ ּיֵי ע ֹו ָלם‬
‫וְ אֵ ּלֶה ַלחֲ ָרפוֹת לְ ִד ְראוֹן‬
.‫ע ֹו ָלם‬
,‫ג וְ הַ ּמַ ְׂשּכִ לִ ים יַזְ ִהרּו‬
ֵ ‫ּכְ ֹזהַ ר הָ ָר ִקיעַ ; ּומַ ְצ ִּד‬
‫ לְ ע ֹו ָלם‬,‫ ַּכּכ ֹו ָכבִ ים‬,‫הָ ַרּבִ ים‬
.‫וָ עֶ ד‬
‫ ְס ֹתם‬,‫ד וְ אַ ָּתה ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
‫עֵ ת‬-‫הַ ְּדבָ ִרים וַ חֲ ֹתם הַ ּסֵ פֶ ר עַ ד‬
‫ וְ ִת ְרּבֶ ה‬,‫ֵקץ; ְיׁש ְֹטטּו ַרּבִ ים‬
.‫הַ ָּדעַ ת‬
‫ וְ ִהּנֵה‬,‫יתי אֲ נִ י ָדנִ ּיֵאל‬
ִ ‫ה וְ ָר ִא‬
‫ אֶ חָ ד הֵ ּנָה‬:‫ְׁש ַנ ִים אֲ חֵ ִרים ע ְֹמ ִדים‬
‫ וְ אֶ חָ ד הֵ ּנָה לִ ְׂשפַ ת‬,‫לִ ְׂשפַ ת הַ ְיאֹ ר‬
.‫הַ ְיאֹ ר‬
‫ ָל ִאיׁש לְ בּוׁש‬,‫ו וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר‬
,‫ אֲ ֶׁשר ִמּמַ עַ ל‬,‫הַ ּבַ ִּדים‬
‫ ֵקץ‬,‫מָ ַתי‬-‫ עַ ד‬:‫לְ מֵ ימֵ י הַ ְיאֹ ר‬
.‫הַ ּפְ ָלאוֹת‬
3 And they that are wise shall shine as the
brightness of the firmament; and they that
turn the many to righteousness as the stars
for ever and ever.
4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words,
and seal the book, even to the time of the
end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.’
5 Then I Daniel looked, and, behold,
there stood other two, the one on the bank
of the river on this side, and the other on
the bank of the river on that side.
6 And one said to the man clothed in
linen, who was above the waters of the
river: ‘How long shall it be to the end of the
Daniel 12:7 - 12:13
‫גי‬:‫ בי‬- ‫ז‬:‫לאינד בי‬
7 And I heard the man clothed in linen, who
was above the waters of the river, when he lifted up
his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and
swore by Him that liveth for ever that it shall be
for a time, times, and a half; and when they have
made an end of breaking in pieces the power of
the holy people, all these things shall be finished.
‫הָ ִאיׁש לְ בּוׁש‬-‫ז וָ אֶ ְׁשמַ ע אֶ ת‬
‫ אֲ ֶׁשר ִמּמַ עַ ל לְ מֵ ימֵ י‬,‫הַ ּבַ ִּדים‬
‫ּוׂשמֹ אל ֹו‬
ְ ‫ וַ ּי ֶָרם ְי ִמינ ֹו‬,‫הַ ְיאֹ ר‬
‫ וַ ִּי ָּׁשבַ ע ּבְ חֵ י‬,‫הַ ָּׁשמַ ִים‬-‫אֶ ל‬
‫ ּכִ י לְ מוֹעֵ ד מוֹעֲ ִדים‬:‫הָ ע ֹו ָלם‬
‫קֹ דֶ ׁש‬-‫עַ ם‬-‫ ּוכְ ַכּלוֹת נַּפֵ ץ יַד‬,‫וָ חֵ ִצי‬
.‫אֵ ּלֶה‬-‫ִּתכְ לֶינָה ָכל‬
8 And I heard, but I understood not; then
said I: ‘O my lord, what shall be the latter
end of these things?’
;‫ וְ ֹלא ָאבִ ין‬,‫ח וַ אֲ נִ י ָׁשמַ ְע ִּתי‬
‫ מָ ה ַאחֲ ִרית‬,‫וָ אֹ ְמ ָרה אֲ דֹנִ י‬
.‫אֵ ּלֶה‬
9 And he said: ‘Go thy way, Daniel; for the
words are shut up and sealed till the time of
the end.
-‫ ּכִ י‬:‫ לְֵך ָּדנִ ּיֵאל‬,‫ט וַ ּיֹאמֶ ר‬
-‫ עַ ד‬,‫ְסתֻ ִמים וַ חֲ תֻ ִמים הַ ְּדבָ ִרים‬
.‫עֵ ת ֵקץ‬
va-YO-mer laykh da-ni-YAYL kee s’-tu-MEEM va-kha-tu-MEEM ha-d’-va-REEM ad ayt kaytz
10 Many shall purify themselves, and make
themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked
shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but they that are wise shall understand.
11 And from the time that the continual burntoffering shall be taken away, and the detestable
thing that causes appalment set up, there shall be
a thousand two hundred and ninety days.
12 Happy is he that waiteth, and cometh to the
thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.
13 But go thou thy way till the end be;
and thou shalt rest, and shalt stand up to
thy lot, at the end of the days.’
,‫י ִי ְתּבָ ְררּו וְ ִי ְת ַלּבְ נּו וְ ִיּצָ ְרפּו‬
‫ וְ ֹלא‬,‫ וְ ִה ְר ִׁשיעּו ְר ָׁש ִעים‬,‫ַרּבִ ים‬
,‫ר ָׁש ִעים; וְ הַ ּמַ ְׂשּכִ לִ ים‬-‫ל‬
ְ ‫יָבִ ינּו ָּכ‬
.‫יָבִ ינּו‬
‫יא ּומֵ עֵ ת הּוסַ ר‬
‫ וְ ָל ֵתת ִׁשּקּוץ‬,‫הַ ָּת ִמיד‬
‫את ִים‬
ַ ָ‫ אֶ לֶף מ‬,‫ׁשֹמֵ ם י ִָמים‬
.‫וְ ִת ְׁש ִעים‬
‫ לְ י ִָמים‬: ַ‫ וְ יַּגִיע‬,‫יב אַ ְׁש ֵרי הַ ְמחַ ּכֶה‬
.‫ֹלׁשים וַחֲ ִמ ָּׁשה‬
ִ ‫ ְׁשֹלׁש מֵ אוֹת ְׁש‬,‫אֶ לֶף‬
;‫ לְֵך ַל ֵּקץ‬,‫יג וְ אַ ָּתה‬
‫ לְ ֵקץ‬,‫וְ ָתנּוחַ וְ ַתעֲ מֹ ד לְ גֹ ָרלְ ָך‬
.‫הַ ּי ִָמין‬
12:9 For the words are shut up and sealed till the time of the end
Generations of commentators have interpreted the various visions in Daniel. Many
different opinions are offered regarding which events are foretold in these prophesies. The various opinions are not contradictions, however, because the visions
of Daniel are deliberately vague and can be fulfilled in numerous ways. Only in
retrospect will it be possible to match up the visions with their actualization. The
way in which they are actually fulfilled will be based on the Jewish people’s actions.
Many possible dates for redemption have passed, but since the Jews were not ready,
the final redemption has not yet come. At any point, however, the Jews can improve
their ways. God is waiting to bring the redemption.
Abrabanel, Rabbi Isaac (1437-1508) - Statesman, philosopher and Bible
commentator. Born in Portugal, he fled to Spain in 1483. He tried to convince
king Ferdinand to revoke the edict expelling the Jews from Spain in 1492 but
was unsuccessful.
Altschuler, Rabbi David (18th century) - Commonly known by the name of
his commentary, Metzudat David. He lived in Galicia where he died a martyr’s
death. He wrote two Biblical commentaries: the Metzudat David to expound
upon the meaning of the text, and Metzudat Tzion to explain words in the
text. The Metzudat David commentary is considered basic for understanding
the books of the prophets. After his death, his works were finished by his son,
Rabbi Hillel Altschuler. They were first published in 1753.
Soloveitchik, Rabbi Joseph B. (1903-1933) – Born in Pruzhany, then part
of Russia. He was a renowned religious leader, Talmudic scholar, author and
modern Jewish philosopher. He headed the rabbinical school of Yeshiva University in New York and led the Orthodox Jewish community in Boston, MA.
Teichman, Rabbi Zvi - Rabbi and head of the Torah study program at Ohel
Moshe in Baltimore, Maryland. He has been involved in Jewish education for
over 25 years and authored Eretz HaTzvi, a guide to the commandments that
pertain specifically to the Land of Israel.
Weiser, Rabbi Meir Leibush (1809-1879) - Known by his acronym, Malbim
(Meir Leibush ben Yehiel Michel), he lived in the Russian empire where he
was a Rabbi, master of Hebrew grammar and Bible commentator. He is known
for his principle that every word in the Torah carries its own meaning, even
distinct from its synonyms.