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Religious Education
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Reading Time: 5 minutes
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Reading Time: 5 minutes
Instructions to candidates
Write your name, centre number and candidate number in the spaces provided
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There are twelve questions in this paper.
Answer four questions only.
Answer one question from Section A; one question from Section B and one question from
Section C.
The fourth question may be chosen from either Section A, Section B or Section
Write your answers in the Answer Booklet provided.
Information for candidates
All questions in this paper Carry equal marks.
Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed in the
examination room.
(a) Relate the story of the imprisonment and the death of John the Baptist. [5]
. (b) In what ways was the work of Jesus different from that of John the
Baptist? Give two points.
(i) The President of a certain country directs that, "All Government officials in
my administration should exhibit the right behaviour as they carry out their duties."
State three examples of right behaviours to be portrayed by Government officials.
(ii). How do ordinary people in secular work portray right behaviour in
Zambian Society? State three points.
In what ways are the main message of Christianity different from that of
Islam? State two points. [4]
Give an account of peter denying Jesus.[5]
state two reasons why God tests people [4]
(c) (i) John confides in you saying, “ I find it difficult to stay away from
Temptation Since I do not know the ways through which temptation comes”. As
a Christian, state three different ways in which temptation may come.[6]
(ii) How do people in modern Zambian society overcome temptations?
Give three points [6]
In what way is the Christian teaching different from that of the Hindu with
regards to temptation. Give two points[4]
Tell the story about Jesus healing a blind man at Jericho [5]
what did Jesus show in the above incident? State two points [4]
(c). (i) Each time pastor John preaches on ‘Gods kingdom’; I fail to understand
The characteristic of the kingdom of God says Mapesho. As a mature Christian,
help mapesho to understand the characteristics of the kingdom of God. State
three points [6]
(ii) How do people in modern Zambian society show that Gods kingdom
Is the most important thing in their lives? Give three points [6]
In what way is the Christian teaching on their central ideas different from
From those of the Hindus? Give two points [4]
(a) Relate the announcement of the birth of Jesus to the Shepherds.[5]
(b). How did Herod react when he heard about the birth of Jesus? [4]
(c) (i) Jane, a Christian, gives birth to a mentally retarded child. Her family
insists that They consult a witchdoctor. Give one argument the family
would use to support their Decision and give two Christian responses jane
would give against their decision? [6]
(ii) How do people in the modern Zambian society choose names for infants?
Give three Points [6]
(d). In what ways is the teaching of Christianity on religious duty and family
loyalty similar to that of the Zambian Traditions? Give two points. [4]
Give an account of the parable of weeds [5]
what does this parable teach Christians today? State two points [4]
(c). (i) before mudala was employed, he was a committed Christian.
However, once he was offered a job, he started missing church
Service and other Christian activities claiming that he was very
Busy. State three points of Christian advice which will help mudala
Realize that God’s kingdom must come first in his life. [6]
(ii) what are the examples of judgement in everyday life in modern
Zambian society? State three points [6]
contract Christian beliefs on how people will be judged to that of Muslims
state two points [4]
Tell the story of the burial of Jesus. [5]
What is the New Testament teaching about the meaning of Jesus' death?
State two points. [4]
Relate the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector [5]
what lesson can Christians learn from the above parable
Give two points [4]
(c). (i) There are many reasons why Christians pray, but I wonder why Jesus
Prayed since he is the son of God! Exclaimed Mutinta. As a Christian
Give three reasons why Jesus prayed? [6]
(ii) how can people in the modern Zambian society respond positively
To prayer”? give three points [6]
(d). in what way is the conduct of prayer in Christianity different from that of the
Zambian Tradition religion? Give two points [4]
(C). (i) Mildred is a Christian who has been terminally ill and confides
in you that she fears death. As a Christian what advice would you
give Mildred on why Christians should not fear death?
State three points. [6]
What are the negative attitudes to death in modern Zambian
Society? State three points. [6]
(d) In what ways are Christian teachings on burial practices similar to that of
Muslims? State two points. [4]
8. (a)
Tell the story of Elijah raising the widow's son at Zarephath.[5]
did Jesus mean when he called Himself, "the Resurrection and . ….
The Life?" Give two points.
(i) During a history lesson, a teacher challenged Christian learners to prove
that Jesus rose from death if he is to be converted to Christianity. Show
three "proofs" to the teacher from the New
Testament teachings on the resurrection of Jesus.
What ideas do people hold about life after death in modern
Zambian Society? State three points.
In what ways are Christian belief in life after death similar to those of
Hindus? State two points. [4]
Relate an account of Peter's vision and the Roman officer's household.[5]
Give two reasons why some early Christians at first opposed the
inclusion of the non-Jews in the church.[4]
(c).(i) In a certain local church, the congregants refuse to accept the
Pastor who was transferred from another town. What Christian
advice would you give the congregants on the need to accept
People of different tribes? State three points
of different tribes, races and cultures? State three points.[6]
(ii) how do people in modern day Zambia relate to people of different
tribe, race and culture? state three points [6]
In what ways are Christian teachings on inclusion of people of various races and
cultures different from those of Muslims? State two points. [4]
(a). Give an account of the story of Ananias and Sapphira.[5]
(b). What two sins did Ananias and Sapphira commit?[4]
(c) (i) Gunda has been a treasurer of a certain local church for some time.
However, the church discovered that some money was missing.
When asked, Gunda admitted to have used the money on personal
matters. State three Christian advice you would give Gunda against
being dishonest.[6]
(ii) How do people in modern Zambian Society resolve disagreements? State
three points.[6]
(d) In what ways are Christian teachings on the way differences are resolved in
a community similar to that of Zambian Traditionalists? State two
Narrate the stoning of Stephen [5]
State two ways in which the persecution of the early Christian Was a blessing
to the early church. [4]
During the church meeting, the chief tells the pastor and
Church elders that the preaching of God’s word and singing of
Hymns must be done in a local language of that area only.
With reference to the work of the early church, state three ways in
Which the chief’s attitude would hinder the spread of the Gospel [6]
What should be the ideal attitude and behavior of political carders to
The people who belong to other political parties, tribes, races, culture
And language in modern Zambia. State three points [6]
In what way are Christian beliefs about inclusion of people of deferent cultures
Similar to that of Zambian Traditionalist? State two points [4]
Relate the parable of the Rich Fool.[5]
From the above story, state two characteristics of rich people as
pointed out by Jesus, [4]
(i) . Chati was once a committed Christian. However, now he has
backslidden because of wealth. His son has become worried that his
father might not enter the Kingdom of God. He asks you, "Why is it
hard for a rich person to enter God's Kingdom?" What Christian
response would you give Chati's son on why it is hard for a rich
person to enter God's Kingdom? State three points.[6]
(ii). How should the positive attitude of people in modern ZambianSociety
to money and possession be? State three points. [6]
In what ways are Christian attitudes to wealth and possessions
similar to that of Hindus? Give two points. [4]