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what you learned this week in APES.

Sila Sarosh
5th Period
Write one page about what you learned this week in APES.
What assignments did you do/not do?
If you did not do many/any assignments, what kept you from doing them? Be honest. How
do you plan to overcome these challenges in the future?
Did you have an assignment you liked/did not like? Explain.
Did you find virtual learning to be easy/hard? Explain.
How was outside (Fri)day?
Discuss something APES related you learned this week.
Due to the virus I’ve been on house arrest, and I wanted to get back into my schedule so i
set time aside for apes specifically and did all of the assignments assigned this week, I wasn’t
sure what the current event was, and I couldn’t turn in the water quality chart or how to turn in
the nonpoint chart but I think we were supposed to turn that stuff in person…so . I didn’t mind
the article questions but the water chart assignment was kind of confusing I like how there was
a lot of information on one slide. Virtual learning has been interesting, like self-motivating
myself is pretty hard because I don’t really want to do anything but I do want to get back into
my routine of having school work to do and focus on other things rather than wasting my time
on Netflix. I do hope this stuff gets resolved soon, overall I don’t mind virtual learning but taking
tests and quizzes will be hard. Outside Friday was interesting I wasn’t able to go to the school
and take a picture of our soccer stand, but I did go on a walk to make up for it and it felt good
because I have a long walk to the park so I walked there and then back with my mom and it was
nice to get some fresh air. One thing I learned this week in APES was that were a throw away
society, I sort of already knew that will the trash you see in the beach and on the sides of the
roads especially in downtown. But it was interesting to read about it.