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Food for Hair

If you’ve been wishing to grow healthy hair, chances are that you have been bombarded with thousands
of products from hair-care product manufacturers. That might have made you forget about the
important role played by healthy nutrition in healthy hair growth.
Scientists from across the world agree that a good diet, one that comprises certain key ingredients, can
not only boost your hair growth but also keep your nails and skin in top shape.
Talking about vital ingredients, some of the key ones you need to work toward if you want your mane to
grow stronger include:
Omega-3 fatty acids
Lean proteins
Fat-soluble vitamins
Vitamins B-complex
It is also worth remembering that the kind of food you eat can also have a huge effect on your loss of
hair. With that said, you want to steer clear of processed and pre-packaged food items as most of them
tend to be of poor nutritional value.
Stock up instead on real, natural food items. Of course, you also want to avoid junk food or any kind of
food that’s loaded with crazy additives and artificial ingredients.
Now, we’re onto some real examples of food that are generally thought to boost haironex growth:
Since they are rich in Biotin, eggs are thought to support hair growth. Other examples of biotin-rich food
items are fish, seeds, broccoli, and nuts.
*Brazilian Nuts
These nuts have the reputation of containing high levels of a mineral known as selenium. Selenium is
greatly involved in the formation of new hair strands.
*Vitamin D
This particular vitamin is not only important for hair growth but also your immune system functions as
well as nerve function. Be sure to get a few hours of sunshine every other day and above all, load up on
yogurt, breakfast cereals and, beef liver.
Final Thoughts
This is by no means an exhaustive list of the kind of hunting gear you need to eat to maintain healthy
hair. So, always be sure to consult with a knowledgeable nutrition-informed health expert. Also, visit
your dermatologist for a proper diagnosis if you are yet to understand why you are losing hair.