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Google Classroom Experience Reflection

Google Classroom Experience Reflection
What are three (3) benefits to using Google Classroom with your students?
I can see this as a great benefit to my students for keeping track of assignments, easy use for
them to submit work and a great way for me to keep my assignments organized and handy. It is
also a quick reference for students who are frequently absent or lose their assignments and
calendars. No more running to the copy machine for copies and saves paper by never having
“extra’s”. I can also see an easier method to potentially engage parents in helping their students
keep track of assignments without the need to continually call the main office to get
student/parent codes for them to sign into Infinite Campus.
How could you use Google Classroom to support your own instructional activities in the
coming school year?
I am already intent on providing a Google classroom for each of my Special Education Math
classes. This year, I managed to get most of my curriculum into digital format and now I am
excited to use Google Classroom as an outlet for the distribution of my courses.
What are some features that you would like to learn about, or that you would like to see
added to Google Classroom that have not yet been discussed?
I would like to be able to create the video’s as you have done for this assignment without having
to utilize a third party resource such as Doceri and hanging them in You tube where there are all
kinds of inappropriate videos to attract our students. Classroom would assure they only see
educational safe videos.
In one paragraph of less, provide your reflection regarding this activity. What did you
learn, what did you like, what did you dislike about creating your first* Google Classroom?
I have wanted to create a web page for my classroom to post information but lacked the
knowledge. This gives me exactly the functions I need to get the same function plus, I can give
and receive direct assignments and feedback to my students. I enjoyed creating my classroom
but had a bit of trouble up front due to not having proper permissions to create my own
classroom. This caused me to lose precious time in creating a quality product. However, I did
learn the basics and liked that it was easy to learn and use. I am looking forward to creating all of
my classes this summer and using this wonderful tool.
What are three (3) words that you would use to describe Google Classroom to a fellow
educator or a parent?
Simply wonderful tool.