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an inspector calls - activities

What does responsibility mean to you?
I see – I think – I wonder
A 21-year-old girl is found dead.
A Cautionary Tale
Your job is to determine the cause and culprit.
Act 1
She was a good student, hard-working and
ambitious. But she ran with the wrong crew.
They weren’t bad as such, but they didn’t play
by the rules and were ‘troublemakers’ as far as
the headmaster was concerned. The school
had a reputation to uphold for strict discipline,
so when the group skipped school to go on a
protest march, the head grabbed the
opportunity to rid himself of some challenging
students and expelled them all.
Who’s in the wrong?
Act 2
Without any qualifications, the girl sought
work and was fortunate to land a job in a
prestigious department store. She enjoyed
working on the shop floor and was good at it.
Her manager thought she was a natural. But
one day, a rich and important customer
complained about her attitude and threatened
to take their business elsewhere unless
something were done. She was dismissed
without being given the chance to defend
herself against the unjust allegations.
Who’s in the wrong?
Act 3
To drown her sorrows, she went for a drink in the
social club and hoped she might find a friend.
Instead, she got harassed by a lecherous business
man but was saved by his handsome young
associate. The two got talking. She explained her
predicament: how was she going to pay next
month’s rent? Her knight in shining armour knew of
a place. He could give her the key, no strings
attached. Except there are always strings attached.
He never forced himself upon her but her
dependence and gratitude were undoubtedly
alluring. A casual relationship ensued and the girl
was happy for a time. Then he broke it off. It
transpired that she was just his ‘bit on the side’ and
that he was in a serious relationship with an upperclass girl on the other side of town.
Who’s in the wrong?
Who’s in the wrong?
Act 4
Back trawling the bars, partly out of despair,
she gets picked up by a well-to-do teenager
who is even more inebriated than she is. She
falls pregnant and, though he has the financial
means to care for a family, she knows that he is
not ready for such a commitment and there is
no love between them.
Who’s in the wrong?
Who’s in the wrong?
Act 5
In need of help, she turns to a women’s
charity. But when she tells her tale of
woe, the chairperson thinks it is made
up and recommends that the charity
refuse her request for assistance.
A short time later she is rushed to
hospital after swallowing disinfectant.
Her insides are burnt out.
1. Who killed her?
2. Does her story sound believable to you?
3. Could such a thing happen to anybody you know?
4. How do you think the police might treat such a case?
Calling Our
Using your skills of observation and
analysis from this lesson, can you
predict what An Inspector Calls will be
Remember that detectives need
evidence to support their hypotheses
so don’t forget to back your prediction
up with an explanation and reasoning.