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Berry Blue PR Edit

Following extensive research, Lillian Ruff is delighted to announce the launch of its
revolutionary new product, Berry Blue Brightening Face & Body Wash. New York based Lillian
Ruff is a leading supplier of grooming products specially formulated to be gentle and effective.
Infused with blueberry & apple fruit extracts, Berry Blue Brightening Face & Body Wash
is a whitening and brightening shampoo that delivers professional quality results. Its unique,
unmatched formula is proven to reduce tear stains, dirt, and product build up while restoring
and maintaining even the whitest original coats when used as directed. Engineered as a multiuse face & body wash, Lillian Ruff has implemented the highest standard in pet safety by
insuring their new product is tear free and safe for puppies, mature dogs, and cats. It can be
used as a standalone product, or can be complemented by following up with Lillian Ruff
Oatmeal Conditioner for the ultimate bathing experience and results
A vast majority of grooming products on the market today contain sulphates, such as
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) which are known to strip natural
oils from pet skin and fur, making it dry and brittle. In pets that experience heightened
sensitivity, sulfates can cause irritation like redness, dryness, and itching. Almost all Lillian Ruff
products are 100% sulfate free. Unlike even the most popular sulphate free grooming products,
the majority of Lillian Ruff products are also gluten free, paraben free, tear free, cruelty free,
and vegan.
“We always put the finest quality ingredients into our products and try to use as many
natural ingredients as possible, without compromising the intended purpose of the product,”
said Jonathan Rovner, President and founder of Lillian Ruff.
What started as a core line of 5 grooming products, has grown to encompass thirteen petfocused lifestyle products available in retail, gallon, and travel sizes. Lillian Ruff products are
strategically designed to meet the requirements of professional groomers, while remaining
readily available to the average consumer.
The Lillian Ruff product line is available for sale on Amazon, The Company’s Website
(www.lillianruff.com,) and select grooming and pet supply stores nationwide as well as Asia and
Africa. For wholesale and distributor inquiries, the company can be contacted directly at
[email protected]
Lillian Ruff continues to raise the bar and deliver exemplary, high quality products that have
become difficult to find in a world that is focused on lowering standards to save a few pennies.