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‫‪Assignment 1‬‬
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‫رشيد محمد المخالفي‬
‫ايمن محمد السويدي‬
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mission statement
Our mission is to simplify and improve the lives of people, and build an awesome organisation that
Vision statement
we're working to bring the future closer with self-driving technology and urban air transport
the business model
The product/service offerings
The "Karim Package" service is a great solution for your daily trips, by paying an advance amount, and
using it to pay the fare of all your trips until it is completely implemented.
There are two types of packages provided by Karim according to your city:
Kilometer Package
Rides package
What is the difference between Kilometer packages and Rides packages?
Buying the "kilometers package" means that you will get a certain number of kilometers that you can
use in your upcoming rides without paying any additional amounts during peak times or on your rides at
the airport!
As for the “Rides Package”, it gives you a certain number of rides at a reduced price, and the discount is
applied automatically to your upcoming rides.
How can I buy a package?
From the main menu in the application, click on the option "Buy a package" and then choose the
package that suits you and pay your credit card or your wallet balance. Cash purchase option is not
currently available.
How can I apply to join Captain Cream?
You can easily join us by:
- Visit https://drive.careem.com and fill out the form at the top and submit an application to join the
Captain Karim team.
- Click on “How do I join Captain Karim” in the Karim Booking app?
Allow a friend of the captain to nominate you to join.
- Visit one of our registration sites in your city.
- Download the Kabatin Karim application, then log in.
After reviewing your request, we will invite you to attend a free captain training course.
When you're done, you can start your walks right away and earn money!
The sources of revenue
Percentage of any delivery
The competitive advantage
Usability and Arabic name
The direct competitors
4.Easy Taxi
5.Ousti6.Wassalny taxi (Jay, 2018)
The possible new entrants and substitutes
What are the relative power of each of the industry participants?
All of company work on this industry does not have any taxi