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Types of software

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Theory Notes
Types of Software
Application software:
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Theory Notes
System software:
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Theory Notes
Utility software:
Disk compression utilities
Disk compression tools do the job of compressing or decompressing data on the drive, so that
there is more space for additional data to be stored.
Disk checkers and cleaners
These utilities check the hard drive for any damaged or unnecessary files and delete them for
efficient hard disk functioning. These tools are good for increasing the speed of a slow
Antivirus software
There are many different antivirus software available to purchase on the market and even some
free versions for download. They protect your computer against any viruses which may attempt
to get on your computer.
Backup utilities
As the name suggests, these data backup tools are used to copy all information and provide it,
when required, such as in case of disk failure or file corruption.
Operating systems:
To enable computer systems to function and to allow users to communicate with computer
systems, special software known as operating systems (OS) have been developed. The general
tasks for a typical operating system include:
control the operation of the input, output and backing storage devices
supervise loading, running and storage of applications programs
deal with errors that occur in application programs
maintain security of the whole computer system
maintain a computer log (which details computer usage)
allow communication between the user and the computer system (user interface).