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UiPath Interview Questions
UiPath is one of the most promising Robotic Process Automation tool. Hundreds of
organisations are now realising the true potential of automation for their business
processes. UiPath is emerging as a winner and is being taken up to automate back office
processes. Automation is not new but many tools in the market like Automation Anywhere,
BluePrism & UiPath have really unleashed a promising future by automating and reducing
costs for the companies.
What makes UiPath Unique ?
UiPath comes in two versions. One is community edition and second one is enterprise. Based
on usage one can opt for using either of these. As a user of community version of UiPath,
below are some of the benefits of using UiPath :
Easy to setup : UiPath can be installed within few clicks and then we are ready to go !
Simple interface yet powerful : Easy to use, drag & drop features making it easy for user to
Inbuilt Robotic Framework : Set framework to automate your business process. Easy to work
through queues and complete the tasks
Levels of Automation : Build a process to automate fully or even partly with interference of
human & partly with UiPath !
Resuable projects : The simple automation tasks can be transferred and shared with another
Documentation : Open documentation which user can browse and learn.
Certification: The UiPath certification is free till 31st December 2019.
The company has now hit a 7 Bn$ valuation . This gives way for an outstanding opportunity
and thousands of UiPath experts needed for UiPath related work as more and more
organizations adopt. It is hence needed to prepare for UiPath Interview Questions to crack the
job and take the most out of it !
Below are some of the UiPath interview questions that you must go through :
1. What do you mean by RPA ?
Ans. RPA is Robotic Process Automation. It is a process to automate any workflow or
business process by using a robot/application. We have many RPA tools currently in the
market used by the enterprises. Some of them are :
Automation Anywhere
2. How is UiPath different from other RPA tool in the market ?
Ans. UiPath has grown tremendously owing to its best in class features which is easy to use.
UiPath has an amazing knowledge sharing community which makes it unique. As a user of
UiPath I can see that its simplicity and no code workflows can be used to automate any back
office processes.
3. Is it possible to retrieve the color of a specific Excel cell?
Ans. Yes. It is very easy to work with excel and UiPath has lot of pre defined excel
activities. You can use 'Get Cell Color' to retrieve the color of a specific cell.
4. What are the different types of variables that can be defined in UiPath Studio ?
Ans. There are many different types of variables. Below are some of them :
True Or False
Date and Time
Data Variable
5. Which all technologies can be used for Background Automation in UiPath ?
Ans. Below are some of the background automation used in UiPath :
Data Entry
o Simulate Type Method
o Send Window Messages Method
o Set Text Activity
Data Extraction
o Get text
o Full text method
o Web Scraping
Controls Manipulation
o Simulate Click Method
o Send window Message Method
o Check Activity
o Select Item
6. How can you identify a column in Data Table ?
Ans. We can identify a column in Data table :
By using column name
By using column index
7. You need to collect employees data and send it by email as an Excel file. What type of
workflow is the most suitable for the final part, which adds the file attachment, formats
the email, and sends it?
Ans. The most suitable type of workflow for this final part is Sequence.
8. Which is the best way to delete unreferenced variables?
Ans. You can manage your variables from the Design panel > Manage Variables > Remove
9. How can you dynamically change parts of a selector?
Ans. We can dynamically change parts of a selector by using variables to replace the
dynamic parts
10. What type of argument can you define to pass data and retrieve the modified value
from an invoked workflow?
Ans. In/Out
11. While automating an installation wizard, a pop-up window may or may not appear.
What can you use to close the window without stopping the workflow?
Ans. We can do the following to close the window without stopping the workflow :
Use a Click activity with the ContinueOnError property set to True.
Use a Click activity inside a Try Catch activity
12. When should an Attended Robot be used ?
Ans. Attended robots should be used when the processing of some input data relies on human
13. How does the Anchor Base activity work?
Ans. It searches for an UiElement by using another UiElement as anchor.
14. Where can the logging level of a robot be changed from?
Ans. Below are the ways from which logging levels can be changed :
The robot settings, which are accessed via the UiPath Robot icon in the System tray.
Orchestrator, in the Edit Robot section, the Settings tab.
15. What is the best way of managing variable values within a workflow, so that they
can be shared on different robots and environments ?
Ans. It can be done by using assets in orchestrator
16. What can be used to debug a workflow?
Ans. Below can be used to debug a workflow :
Slow Step
Highlighting Activities
17. What robots can be selected when you start a job from Orchestrator?
Ans. Any robot in the same environment as the process to be executed.
18. What all statuses can a transaction have?
Ans. Below are status which a transaction can have :
In progress
19. How should exceptions be handled?
Ans. Exceptions can be handled by :
By using Try Catch activities inside the workflow for unexpected application exceptions.
By validating data using conditional blocks for business exceptions.
20. In the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template, in the Main workflow, what
is the default type of the TransactionItem variable?
Ans. QueueItem
21. How can you improve a selector?
Ans. We can improve a selector :
By replacing the dynamic parts of an attribute with wildcards.
By using intermediate containers for a better matching of the UI element.
22. Which emails are deleted if you use Get IMAP Mail Messages with the
DeleteMessages property set to true?
Ans. The ones in the list that is retrieved by the Get IMAP Mail Messages activity.
23. Consider three GenericValue variables, var1 with the default value of “3 apples”,
var2 with the default value of “5 mangos”, and the result, which is the output of an
Assign Activity with the var1 + var2 expression. What is the value of the resulting
variable ?
Ans. 3 apples5 mangoes
24. Is there any way to hide the execution of one activity in the logs?
Ans. Yes, by checking the Private property of the activity that is to be hidden.
25. What happens if you try to end the execution of a job by clicking the Stop/Cancel
button in UiPath Orchestrator?
Ans. Below is what will happen :
The job state is changed to Canceled/Stopped, even if no Should Stop activity was used
Execution is killed
26. What is the best way of scraping a large, selectable text in a Citrix environment?
Ans. Select the entire text and copy it with the Copy Selected Text activity.
27. When requesting a work item from Orchestrator Queues using the Get Transaction
Item activity, what do you need to specify ?
Ans. The name of the Queue which contains that specific work item
28. How can you pass data between workflows?
Ans. By using arguments.
29. What happens if the ClickBeforeTyping property in a Type Into activity is selected?
Ans. Before typing, a click is performed at the center of the UiElement.
30. What is the difference between a Click activity whose SimulateClick property is
checked and another one with the same property unchecked?
Ans. The activity with the SimulateClick flag unchecked moves the mouse cursor over the
target element, while the one with the flag set does not move the mouse cursor.
31. You want to build a Dispatcher process to populate an Orchestrator Queue for
parallel processing on multiple robots. Which activity should you use to add a queue
item for each work item?
Ans. Add Queue Item
32. What types of assets can be stored in Orchestrator?
Ans. Below are types of assets that can be stored :
33. In the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template, to enable the retry
mechanism without using Queues, what should the value of MaxRetryNumber be set
Ans. Any value greater than 0
34. At the end of the execution of Workflow1, which retrieves some items from a
database, is the database connection closed automatically?
Ans. The connection has to be closed using a Disconnect activity.
35. In the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template, if a System Error is
encountered in the Init state of the Main workflow, which state is executed next?
Ans. End Process
36. Where should you store the environment settings that are prone to changes?
Ans. We can store the settngs prone to changes :
In Orchestrator, as assets
Inside config files (.xml, .json, .xlsx, etc.)
37. Which is the best way to navigate to a specific page in a web browser?
Ans. Use the Navigate To activity inside an Attach Browser container
38. In which workflow in the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template is the
retry mechanism implemented?
Ans. The SetTransactionStatus workflow
39. What can the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template be used as?
Ans. The starting point for every automation project
40. What happens in the Init state of the Main workflow, in the UiPath Robotic
Enterprise Framework template?
Ans. The robot reads the configuration file and initializes all the required applications.
41. What is the purpose of the WaitForReady property in any UiAutomation activity?
Ans. Before performing the actions, waits for the target to become ready.
42. Is it possible to write to a text file without using the Write Text File activity?
Ans. Yes. It is possible using :
Yes, using the Invoke Method activity
Yes, with the Invoke Power Shell activity
43. Downloading a report from a web application takes a variable amount of time, but a
pop-up window is shown when the download is finished. What should you do to check
whether the file has been fully downloaded before continuing the process?
Ans. Use the On Element Appear activity and indicate the download pop-up window
44. The String.Format(“Input = {0} and Output = {0}”, “1”,”2”) expression returns the
Ans. Input = 1 and Output = 1.
45. How can you retrieve the value stored in a Queue Item variable?
Ans. Use the SpecificContent property
46. One of the steps in your process is to authenticate on a web application. How can
you check if the login succeeded or not?
Ans. Use an Element Exist activity to check whether the login succeeded by searching for an
element that is only displayed in that case.
47. In the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template, where can the
GetAppCredentials workflow retrieve credentials from?
Ans. The getAppCredentials workflow can retrieve credentials from :
Orchestrator Asset
Windows Credential Manager
User dialog
48. What is the best way of restricting the access of a person to a limited number of
pages in Orchestrator?
Ans. By creating a different account and role for that person. When creating a new role,
restrictions can be applied.
49. Is it possible to reprocess a transaction in a Queue after its failure due to an
application exception?
Ans. Is is possible :
Yes, if the Auto-Retry property of the Queue is enabled.
Yes, it can be retried manually on the Transactions page.
50. What is Orchestrator used for?
Ans. Remotely controlling any number of robots and performing workflow management.
51. What status does a job have when a schedule is triggered in Orchestrator, but there
are no available robots to execute it?
Ans. Pending
52. If a large item collection is processed using For Each, which activity enables you to
efficiently exit the loop after a specific moment?
Ans. The “Break” activity is the most suitable in For Each
53. When should the “Add Log Fields” activity be used?
Ans. When the standard log message has to be customized by adding new fields to it