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Amazon intro,vision.hierarchy

 INTRODUCTION:Amazon Company is established by
Mr.Jeff Bezos in 1995.This company is a fortune 500
company and its held office is situated in
Seattle,Washington.Amazon company have a diverse
range of products that they offer to their
customers.Amazon is one the popular online selling
company on internet.The Company operates sites in
france,japan,china,Canada,United kingdomand
Germany etc.
Currently,the company has about 51,300
employees in the world.Moreover,company have a
number of centers and branches in different
countries of the world.Amazon has created a
separate website for the United States.
Since june 19,2000,Amazon,s LOGO can be
changed and a new curvy shape can be given or we
can say that a smiling shape can be created.At that
time,Company cannot expect that they will earn
profit.Because no one can show interest for
investment purpose.but ,finally the company earn
profit in the fourth quarter of the year 2005.
 VISION:Amazon.com is one of the largest online
seller of the products in the world.The Vision of
Amazon.com is to support their company’s product against
The firms like google,ebay,apple and walmart.The vision of
amazon.com is to target those customers who are
interested in purchasing their product.In this
regard,amazon.com can maintain their customer,by
providing them the facility of discount and buy one get
one free offer to them.The vision of amazon.com is to
provide the facility of ONLINE SHOPPING not only to few
countries,but to the world.
Now a days,Amazon.com is working
on customer satisfaction.So that there sales volume may
increases and due to customer satisfaction,customer will
become their permanent customer.Moreover their vision and
mission is to fix a price that can be easily paid by the
customer.Amazon’s vision and mission is to provide a wide
range of products to the buyer.So the customer easily select
the product,according to their want.So that the time and cost
of the customer can be saved.Due this business can be grow
and a relationship of believe can be created.
Amazon’s mission statement is “We strive to offer
our customers the lowest possible prices, the best
available selection, and the utmost convenience.
 HIERARCHY:Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology
Chief Financial Officer
 Chief Executive Officer:The work of Chief Executive Officer
is to increase the profits of the company,which
shareholdres and investors may expect.Chief
Executive Officer have both strartegic and operational
 Director:These are the persons,elected by the shareholders of
the company.In some special circumstances,may be
elected by the persons like employees and creditors
 Chief Financial Officer:Chief Financial Officer is one of the important
component of the Amazon corporate Hierarchy.the
Work of the Chief Financial Officer is to provide
financial resources,for the proper progress of the
 Chief Technology Officer:Chief Technology Officer reports directly to the
Chief Executive Officer,regarding the technical progress of
the company.Chief Technolgy Officer only focuses on the
technical problems or issues of the company.