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Brezhnev Doctrine

Brezhnev Doctrine
The Brezhnev Doctrine was a Soviet foreign policy outlined in 1968 which called for the use
of Warsaw Pact (but Russian-dominated) troops to intervene in any Eastern Bloc nation which
was seen to compromise communist rule and Soviet domination.
It could be doing this either by trying to leave the Soviet sphere of influence or even moderate
its policies rather than stay in the small parameters allowed to them by Russia. The Doctrine
was seen clearly in the Soviet crushing of the Prague Spring movement in Czechoslovakia which
caused it to be first outlined.
At one point in time, the USSR had control over Czechoslovakia and the rebellion of Prague
Spring attempted to cut Czechoslovakia's ties with the Russians. Using the Brezhnev Doctrine,
Leonid Brezhnev allowed the Russian military to step in and put down the rebellion in order to
maintain socialism. Brezhnev used the doctrine to justify Russia's intervention in Czechoslovakia
and stated that socialist and communist nations could advance as long as their form of
government was not compromised or threatened. Following the death of Brezhnev, his doctrine
and martial died with him.
1. What was Prague Spring?
2. What did Leonid Brezhnev do about Prague Spring?
3. The doctrine stated that socialist and communist countries could advance their powers as long
as what was not threatened?
4. If socialism or communism was threatened, what would the USSR do?
5. What ended with Brezhnev's death in 1982?