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Writing activities for Macbeth

Year 10
William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
The following tasks are designed to get you thinking about the play and the characters from a
creative perspective. It will test your understanding and knowledge of the characters and the events
in the play. You are to work through each of these tasks and submit them to your teacher when they
are complete.
1. You are to take on the role of either Macbeth or Lady Macbeth. Imagine you are on trial for your
role in the murder of King Duncan. You have been asked to
present your version of events to court. Write your account of
what has happened and offer an explanation to the motive for
your behaviour.
2. You have the opportunity to make one change to play. This change could take the form of a
different ending, change in character or setting for example. You have been asked to present
this to the director of the play. In about 300 words, identify, explain and
justify the change you would make to the play.
3. Take on the role as one of the three witches. Write a short reflection about
meeting Macbeth and giving him the prophecies. What would they be
thinking? What would their view of Macbeth and Banquo be?
4. Imagine that you are Malcolm. In about 300 words, write the speech that you would give as you
are crowned the new King of Scotland.
5. You have been approached to stage the story of Macbeth in a modern setting.
Consider how you would do this.
a. What would be the plot line?
b. Where would it be set?
c. Who would the characters be?