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Diary entry Document from Textbook

A diary entry is a record and reflection on personal experiences. The number of
entries will be determined by the question.
Diary entries
• must reflect a date for each entry
• must be written in the first person
• must express feeling and emotions
• will be informal in style. Colloquial language is acceptable, but NOT slang.
In a diary you record daily, or at irregular intervals, things that have happened during the day and your feelings and thoughts
concerning them.
It is not written for public scrutiny. You are actually writing to yourself and can therefore write exactly what you want to.
However, as an exercise for an English teacher, you should write good, Standard English as far as possible.
Each entry should have the date at the top (right is good) and be written at the end of the day.
It is very important that the TONE of the diary entry is determined by the nature of the entry. E.g. a sad experience will carry
an unhappy/ depressed tone.
A diary is a portrayal of daily events. The author presents his/her evaluation of the day or events. Written from the writer’s
point of view, the first person narration is the most appropriate approach.
Dear Diary
It’s 5pm and my nerves are shattered. My stomach is filled with butterflies and my hands are
sweaty and won’t stop shaking. I’m so nervous about this talent show tonight. What on earth
made me decide to compete in the first place and why did I choose singing as my talent?
Dear Diary
It’s now 8pm. The show wasn’t so bad after all. I went on stage and did great. I obtained
second place and couldn’t be happier. I guess the nervousness was unnecessary; after all,
everybody applauded me! I am so proud of myself!
Monday 30 January 2009
Dear Diary
Fantastic! Matric results came out today and guess what? I passed with
distinction! My aggregate is easily high enough to guarantee my place in
the science faculty at UCT. I could barely sleep last night worrying and
was up and about before sunrise. I phoned Jake at 4.30, expecting an irate
response from a guy who loves his sleep, but he too was wide awake. We
agreed to meet at the lake in 20 minutes and did a 10 km run together to
fill in the hours before we could go to school and …
This has been the best day of my life and even though I’ve been awake for
19 hours, I don’t feel like going to bed at all.
Thursday July, 21st
It is three days until my birthday, yet I feel no excitement whatsoever. We
have been defending our arms base atop Mount Everest for two days straight
and it does not seem like the onslaught will stop any time soon. We have many
casualties and the smell of the medic’s disinfectant hangs in the air. This was
not what I expected to be doing when I signed up for the arm. The death, the
violence, the inhumanity, I just can’t take much more of it. Seeing my brothers
in arms dying and in pain is just sick. Having to kill others and watch life drain
from their writhing bodies is too much for my laden soul to handle. I am losing
Friday July, 22nd
Day three of defending our base has just ended. We have lost six men today, I
do not know how much more I can take. All I want to do is go home, but on
top of this mountain I feel closer to the moon than home. Sometimes when I
sleep I hear the echoes of the world I left behind and I dream about the
victory I will not find. The sad reality dawns upon me, we are fighting a losing
war. A soldier in our platoon lost it tonight and I watched a man take his own
life, unable to stop the desperation that held him. Why did I sign up for this
pain and this mental and physical torture?
Joshua Mitchell
Write in a chronological order. Start
with events that happened early in
the day, and end with events that
took place in the evening.
Familiar events
• talk about events that involved you,
or your familiar, or close friends.
• Avoid talking about strangers, and
events you were not involved in.
Detailed description
• Give detailed information about
places, objects, people and events.
• Avoid describing what is not
needed! Your diary has to include
your personal touch, so you are not
going to write about something you
are not interested in.
And last but not least…
• Don´t be afraid to write about your
feelings and emotions. After all, it ´s
a personal diary and you share
everything with it!
Explain why…
• If you are upset, remember to
explain why (Don´t write just “I´m
sad today…”)
• If you are elated, tell your diary
why you are happy!
Write in the first person • Use
pronouns such as I, We, Us
• You are the protagonist
Dear Diary
Monday, 11 April 2012
(Leave a line open)
Today has been the best/worst/most exciting day ever! I can’t believe what happened after break…
(Word count: 120 words)
You have been invited to accompany a friend to a live
performance of one of your favourite artists.
Write ONE diary entry on the evening before the event and
ONE entry after the event.
Some diary entries are written over two or three days. Ensure
the days and dates coincide. If you are asked to write, two
diary entries: Divide the total number of words between the
two diary entries.
Your entries should be between 80-100 words in total.