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Exercise 6:
1. It’s just a family reunion. You needn’t dress so elegantly.
2. You shouldn’t wear casual clothes to such a formal meeting.
3. He shouldn’t tease the children like that. They don’t realize that he’s joking.
4. Well, you needn’t buy expensive sports shoes for training, but you certainly shouldn’t wear
outdoor shoes in the sports hall.
5. You needn’t pay the full amount until we deliver the sofa. A small down payment will be okay fort
he time being.
6. You needn’t reply straightaway. The closing date for applications is in three weeks’ time.
7. You shouldn’t get depressed so easily by the problems you encounter in life, or you’ll soon find
that it is not worth living.
8. You needn’t wrap it. I’m going to use it straightaway.
9. You shouldn’t leave the Christmas tree lights on at night. It is a waste of electricity.
10. She shouldn’t allow her children to watch so much violence on TV. It may have negative effects
on their psychology.
Ex 7:
1. A: The jacket I bought yesterday doesn’t fit me very well.
B: You(try) should have tried it on before you bought it.
2. A teacher(discriminate) shouldn’t discriminate against his/her students. She/He (treat) should
treat them equally.
3. I see that you are reading a comic book, but as far as I know, you have an exam tomorrow, so
you(revise) should be revising now.
Ex 8:
1. You are doing an exam, but you’re trying to answer the questions without reading the
instructions first. The teacher says: (read)
You’re supposed to read the instructions first.
2. Your teacher gave you a low mark for some work which you’d obviously done without reading the
instructions. The teacher says: (read)
You were supposed to read the instructions.
3.You went to the cinema with your friends after the course. Your mother got a bit angry because
she had expected you to come straight home after the course. (come/go)
You were supposed to come straight home.
You weren’t supposed to g oto the cinema.