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Euro Grant Konzalting d.o.o.
EGK is a team of experts who offer development and consulting services in the field of EU funds,
financial management, consulting, accounting and a wide range of other services for the
development of your business.
Our main focus is to help Croatian entrepreneurs and public institutions in designing and writing
projects funded by EU funds.
We have six years of experience in business investment.
We provide comprehensive investor support at each stage of the project.
We consult entrepreneurs investors in Croatia.
We assist investors in the development and implementation of the timetable of investment projects.
We help them develop and improve their business.
Long-term relations with Croatian stake holders is key success driver. We assist clients throughout the
investment process and much longer, well beyond the inception of a foreign subsidiary.
Our experienced expert team provides a list of attractive locations where the client’s investment stands the
best chance of success, and identifies the optimum implementation track for the project in Croatian market.
Once the investment is in place, we check how the investor performs, and we support its next steps.
The product includes the following components:
location advisory;
location review;
study tour;
after care;
Investment incentives
Croatia offers a broad range of investment incentives. They can also take advantage of tax holidays (income
tax relief in Special Economic Zones; property tax holidays), as well as instruments co-financed by European
funds. All support instruments are available on equal terms and conditions to foreign investors. We can help
you find the best financial instrument for your new company in Croatia.
Business partner check
To identify a reliable Croatian partner, companies must have relations with and an understanding of
Croatian markets. Our experienced experts pre-select reliable partners based on public data and business
intelligence. To establish closer relations with potential partners, we recommend an in-depth review of the
Local contacts
A safe market entry represents a major challenge. We work with Croatian entrepreneurs as well as with
public secotr, and can help to facilitate the selection and identification of potential business partners and
establish contacts with local authorities. We offer an umbrella support services for our clients and facilitate
their international expansion through business missions, conferences, B2B meetings and seminars.
Dedicated business meetings
With a good understanding of the business specificity of both partners and an extensive network of
business relations, we can arrange successful B2B sessions. Our experts organize customised business
meetings in Croatia and abroad, depending on the client’s required business profile and expected forms of
Business advocacy
We help clients to resolve current issues in their business in Croatia.
We offer mediation support, relations management, and intermediation in contacts with the central
administration and local governments.
We conduct on-going monitoring of business barriers and develop comprehensive legislative solutions to
minimise business obstacles.
Our team of successful managers will help to grow your business in Croatia.
And last but not least, we speak Polish and English.
Key benefits of our office:
High standard of quality
o continuous investment in education and training
 the company’s responsible person has a master's degree in accounting, finance and audit
 the company’s responsible person is Certified Internal Auditor
 the company’s responsible person is a Specialist in forensic accounting o we have 18
years of experience in the field of accounting, tax and finance:
 in working with international and domestic companies
 in working with local and foreign physical persons
 in running entrepreneurial and non-profit accounting
 we support a variety of activities (services, trade, production, tourism)
 we have experience in a number of successful tax reviews and audits of business (internal
and external)
 participation in successful tax optimization and tax consulting on different topics
o we speak business English
o we are a member of the professional association '' Croatian accountants'
Individual approach to every client
o we act as the accounting department of your company, not as an external service o we
have the time for you and your questions
o we know about your business o we are
The use of modern IT technologies
o we take reports (bank statements) directly from your bank (option) o we
deliver all forms to the competent institutions electronically
o we use a task management app
o we support various modes of communication (mail, personal communication, Skype,
phone) depending on your preferences
Running business under professional ethics of accountants including:
o honesty
o objectivity
o professional competence and due attention o
o professional conduct o
technical standards
Cooperation with a licensed tax advisor, licensed auditor, lawyers, translators and other
complementary activities making us capable of providing full service
Client status available information
Client: Legal entity (llc)
Core business: charter services
Size of company: micro
Current structure of accounting: outsourced accountimg services
Documents number: 4-8 sales invoices, 10-20 cost bills monthly
Bank statement items: 50
Number of employess: 2
VAT system: Monthly obligator/payer
Travel expenses: No
Cash register: No
Financial offer:
The monthly price consists of a lump sum/flat rate in the amount of 500.00* kn increased for all
performed regular activities outside the lump sum as well as for all extraordinary activities (tax
consulting, participation in tax inspections, etc.) – please see simulation cost attached to this
The monthly flat rate includes:
Monthly overview of legal obligations and a payment file for their implementation
Monthly notifications on tax and accounting news
Monthly notifications for document delivery
Manufaktura jedanaest d.o.o.
Seat: Banjavčićeva 22, Zagreb 10000 Tel: +385 1 2310 088
Fax: +385 1 2300 415 Mob: +385 99 880 2347
Certificate fee for electronic submission of reports
Control and analysis of documentation and business books - up to 30 minutes per month
This offer does not include the legal and administrative services or services that are not defined
in this offer.
The supplier undertakes to inform the client timely any kind of unplanned circumstances that may
potentially occur.
* VAT is 25% and is not included in the price and the final service will be increased by the amount of VAT
Proposal for further steps
If you find our offer interesting and acceptable, we suggest a meeting where we would:
• answer any additional questions you may have
• define the time frame for the introduction
• signed an Agreement on the provision of accounting services
• sign the necessary powers of attorney for e-business
We are happy for this opportunity offered and are confident that we will justify your expectations.
Manufaktura jedanaest d.o.o. (Llc.) Mrs. Sandra Žager, managing director
Oriens charter d.o.o.
Mr. Eugeniusz Jasikowski