Plan to start own business:

Plan to start own business:
1. Croatian Coffee in U.S. and new type of shoe horn
2. Automated ticket buying- Zaid says it doesnt exist but we think it does
3. Adapted a Starbucks or other American Franchise to Croatian Market
4. Easy access to exercise equipment in Europe
Family members with their own businesses:
1. Croatia: ecological bags for trash- branched off from another firm
2. Croatia- mom runs a small accounting service
3. U.S.- bought into a branch of an accounting franchise
4. U.S. student- photography for weddings and personal photos
5. Croatia- uncle with hotel and restaurant outside of the main city
6. Croatia- hair salon
Kinds of potential problems to beginning your business
1. Croatia- paperwork and government regulations
2. States- the idea or innovation
3. Croatia- hard to get loans and financial support
4. States- risk to lose financial stability and insurance for a period of time
Areas in U.S. and Croatia for growth (industry)
1. U.S.- technology
2. U.S.- Bio-tech innovation and development
3. Croatia- agriculture (beyond grain crops)
4. Croatia- diversify industry over all- reduce imports
5. Croatia- summer festivals and art
How university has helped develop our entrepreneurial spirit:
1. U.S.-Provides opportunities to intern at mid-sized and large firms
2. U.S.- emphasize largely joining big corporations
3. U.S.- classes dont allow you to diversify instruction that might faciliate
entrepreneurship in another academic area
4. Croatia- students cannot build their own program of study
5. Croatia- not enough practical education to establish connection between studies and
the real world
6. Croatia and U.S.- need to be pro-active about your own education
7. Croatia- guest speakers are motivating and help give relevant examples on how to start
up a business
8. Croatia- university challenges students ability to be competitive and creative