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Assignment 1 Metal Reaction

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: Monday, 19 August 2019
: Chemistry
: Metal Reaction
: 8 ___
: 2019 – 2020
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Answer these questions:
a. Magnesium will displace iron from iron sulfate solution. Complete the word
equation below: (2 points)
Magnesium + Iron sulfate
b. Copper ia placed in iron sulfate solution. There ia no reaction. Why there is
no reaction? Circle the correct answer! (2 points)
A. Copper ia higher in the reactivity series than iron.
B. Copper is more reactive than iron.
C. Iron is more reactive than copper.
D. Iron sulfate is higher in the reactivity series than copper sulfate.
Zinc react with dilute sulfuric acid to form a gas and a salt.
a. What is the name of the gas? (1 point)
b. What is the name of the salt formed? (1 point)
It is possible to predict if a displacement reaction Will happen using the reactivity series.
Circle 2 displacement reaction that will happen, and write the word equation. (6 points)
A. Aluminium + Silver Nitrate
B. Calcium + Zinc sulfate
C. Copper + Sodium Chloride
D. Lead + Iron Nitrate
E. Iron + Magnesium Chloride
Write the complete word equation: (total: 14 points)
a. Iron with hydrochloric acid
b. Magnesium with sulfuric acid
c. Potassium with water
d. Magnesium with steam
e. Calcium with oxygen
f. Iron with oxygen
g. Magnesium with copper sulfate
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