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It is important to develop career before starting a family
Nowadays people changed their minds about priorities in their lives. It is connected
with development of economic level of living, government support of human rights
and difficulties to find a job. I would like to have children in the future but I agree
that it is necessary to develop career before because you have to be prepared to
such an important step.
First and foremost, you must be mature and independent enough in economic way
to have your own family. It means having your own home and a good salary which
is possible only if you succeed in career. Of course, you can rely on your family if
it is well-off, however, for mother there will be no way to develop career earlier
than her child will be studying at school since she has so many chores.
Furthermore, the older you get the more difficult it is for you to start a new
What is also important is that not everyone wants children. The reasons (reasons
not to have children) might be different. For example, they found out another aim
in their lives and want to spend it whole on the thing they like. Sometimes people
feel they are not patient and experienced enough to take the responsibility for
somebody's life yet. Therefore, career choice is the best for such types of people.
All in all, the number of people who prefer developing their career to starting a
family is growing in developed countries, but it does not mean they deny the fact
family (without the article) is important. It only shows that people are becoming
more confident in growing children and creating strong relationships.