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Meta Bot

Alexa is working on MetaBot Designer and wants to capture multiple screens of the webpage on one go. Which view should she use? Ans: Asset view
Metabot screen shots can be captured using which two commands?
Ans: Add Screen, Record Screens
What is the primary benefit of using MetaBots?
Ans: Can reduce operational costs
What three elements can comprise a Metabot?
Ans: Screen captures, External libraries (DLLs), Logic
When using a Metabot to automate a process that multiple Tasks use, updating the function of the Metabot will...
Ans: Update the functionality for all the Tasks
Which option allows a Metabot to access an external library of functions? Ans: Add DLL
Which option will Ray choose to instantly compare an existing screen with a newer screen to identify changes/modifications in source application? Ans: Calibrate
Which option will you select to capture objects from application images exposed over other applications? Ans: OCR
Which view displays captured application screen shots and allows screen shots to be recorded? Ans: Asset view