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3 Most Useful Apps for Android

3 Most Useful Apps for Android
There are many things that we carry out in our lives using mobile phones and with
the mobile apps installed in it. We listen to music, have fun, watch videos and talk
to each other through the social media platforms. Smartphone and mobile
applications are one such thing that is making our lives easier. Being renowned as
the best android and iOS app development company in Bhopal, we are going to
present you with the three most useful android applications for your cell phone.
Let us have a look at them in brief:
1 – CamScanner
CamScanner is nothing less than a must-have mobile application for your android
phone. CamScanner can enable you to view files stored on your Smartphone, and
lets you convert them in PDF format, which you can effortlessly send to anyone
through email. This mobile application comes in handy especially during tax
season and for professionals.
2 – Google Assistant / Google Search
Since its inception, the Google Assistant has always been one of the most useful
mobile applications for android users. The Google Assistant application comes
with two main elements: Google Assistant and Google Feed. Essentially, the
Google Assistant responds to any query, configures updates, turns smart lights on
and off, and even retrieves songs or recordings for you. Whereas, the Google feed
withholds a plethora of data based on your interest, including but not limited to
weather, news, and current events.
3 – Google Translate
Google Translate is a comprehension mobile application. The app constantly
receives several updates, including the ability to use your camera to point to
something and dynamically translate it. In addition, there is a neural phase
control system that provides continuous translation accuracy. It also has countless
additional features, including the possibility of continuous two-way conversation.
Google Translate is still the master of the chicken coop.
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