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Assignment -physic of nanomaterial

Subject –Physics of Nanomaterials
CODE- M.Sc. Phy 401
Assignment 1
Q 1. What is nanoscience and nanotechnology.
Q 2.how the color of object vary with size.
Q3. Describe the size dependence properties of material .
Q4.Define the moore law .
Q 5.Write sort notes on melting point of nanomaterials.
Assignment 2
Q 1. Discuss the free electron theory .
Q 2.Describe the band structure of solid.
Q3. Differtiate the insulator,semiconductor and conductor .
Q4.Describe about the concept of effective mass.
Q 5.What is the Fermi surface and Fermi energies in concern with band structure.
Assignment 3
Q 1 Discuss the deep traps and acceptors in the nanomaterial.
Q 2. Describe the density of states and its variations.
Q3. How the density of states is depends on size of crystals.
Q4. Describe the quantum confinement in nanomaterials.
Q5 Describe the quanum well and quantum wires.
Assignment 4
Q 1.Describe the fabrication techniques of nanomaterials.
Q 2.How the particle size is measured with XRD.
Q3.What is represented by the shift in absorption spectra peak in nanomaterial?
Q4.Describe LL and JJ coupling scheme for many electron atom.
Q 5 Describe the construction and working of Scanning Electron Microscopy.
Assignment 5
Q 1. Discuss the principle and working of TEM.
Q 2.How the Atomic Force Microscopy work .Describe in detail.
Q3. Describe the construction and working of scanning probe microscopy?
Q4.What is represented by shift in photoluminescence peak in characterization of nanomaterial.
Assignment 6
Q 1. Discuss the top down approach of synthesis of nanomaterial.
Q 2.What are the two approaches in nanomaterial fabrication. Discuss in detail.
Q3. Describe the cluster beam approximation?
Q4.State the chemical bath deposition in detail.
Q 5 What is Carbon Nano Tube .Give the synthesis method of CNT.