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project 2 - complete

Building on strong foundation already established in schools and communities across the
A diverse population bring strength to education and challenge to support students wellbeing. As students come from diverse background, and to bring them all on the same page
to understand students’ well-being. The video elaborates positive social self as cognitive,
physical, social and emotional well-being (sense of belonging and positive social sense).
To promote and support students’ well-being through ______, it has stated well-being
strategies i.e:
Healthy school: Fostering life-long healthy habits which will influence their whole life as
healthy students, are better prepared to learn and nutrition is more than academic
Mental health: Working together with parents and school boards to implement work on
mental health and addiction strategies.
According to Dr Lan Brown, mental health means, ‘State of well-being which encompasses
all aspects of physical, social, emotional, and behavioral well-being’. It also talks about the
relationships and overall surrounding of the students.
Equity and inclusive education: Removing discrimination and the barriers in the system. And
advocate respect for diverse identities and strengths. It removes barriers and promotes
respect for all.
Safe and accepting schools: Creating positive safe and accepting school environment
addresses and prevent bullying, should promote welcoming environment and all students
should feel they have a voice.
According to Bruce Rodrigues (Deputy minister of Education), ‘Community and family
partnership for overall _____ or raising an inclusive child.
What does well-being mean to you?
Well-being to me constitute the holistic development of an inclusive child that includes
physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development by working on the inner and outer
strengths of the child.
It also includes removing discrimination and barriers, and enforcing love and respect
amongst every child where society, community, family, teacher and friends play an
important role.
I also believe that well-being is achieved by practicing self-care, self-protection by each
individual. Every child should know the benefits of healthy food and exercise to their body
and they should all know the ways to avoid and not become part of discrimination and
bullying in schools. They should also be taught about the importance of relationships, love
and respect.
How are you currently supporting and promoting well-being?
My experience with supporting and promoting students’ well-being was in the past, when I
worked as a teacher.
I always used to start my class with a positive note by asking them about what healthy food
items they had previous day, and one special thing they have done in the class today for
themselves or for the other classmates. Then we used to a small 5 minutes session on
warming up to know the importance of physical health and make them more active for
further studies or cognitive tasks. I always used to encourage students to help each other in
projects for nurturing healthy communication, social and emotional well-being in them.
Besides all this, we used to have an appreciation session to acknowledge those who have
helped others in the projects or helped someone in society and family. I used to make sure
to have a small discussion at the end of the day about their views and suggestions about
respect for each other, prevent bullying, avoid discrimination, and their strengths and
How will we know if we are making progress in promoting and supporting students’ wellbeing?
Body language and confidence: clear confidence level in interactions.
Frequency of discussing or sharing their problems increases
Self-initiative to work together as a team
Physically active behavior
More expressive and less hesitant