Making Decisions

Making Decisions
The act of making a choice or coming to a
solution that can affect:
– Your health and well-being
– Someone else’s health or well-being
– Your future
– Someone else’s future
A behavior with an element of danger that may
cause injury or harm.
There are two kinds of risks:
• Reasonable - damage to health or well-being
is low
• Unreasonable – where the likelihood that
someone may get hurt now or in the future is
A planned, preventive action taken before an
event to increase the chance of a safe
Some examples:
• Seat belts
• Designated Driver
• Vaccinations
Decision Making Model
What steps you should take when you have a
decision to make
– State the situation that requires a decision.
– List the possible choices.
– Consider the consequences both negative and
– Make a decision and act.
– Evaluate – reflect on what happened.
This is the result of the action. There can be both
positive and negative consequences.