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Eval IV Therapy

LPVN110 Lab
Nursing Care of patient with IV therapy: IV Therapy Virtual Simulation
Scenario Overview: The IV therapy scenario focuses on an adult who needs IV therapy
maintenance fluid.
After completion of the virtual simulation, the
student will be able to:
1. Identify the reasons patients may need to have
IV therapy.
2. Identify the difference between the types of IV
fluids the physician may order for your
3. Identify the equipment and supplies need to
start a primary IV line.
4. Use clinical reasoning to promote a positive
outcome for a client who has an IV.
5. Identify important nursing considerations for
medications used in treating clients who
require IV therapy.
6. Communicate effectively and therapeutically
with a client who has a new IV.
7. Complete an accurate and effective SBAR
8. Educate the client and family about the
medications being received via an IV.
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