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Guchen Industry IntroductIon:
Guchen Industry is one of the first Chinese companies to produce air conditioning systems for
commercial vehicles. Initially, they only manufactured air conditioning systems for buses but later
expanded their business by manufacturing refrigeration units for trucks and vans. Guchen Industry,
manufacturer of Climate Control Systems for buses and coaches used in the transportation of
people in: school, transit and commercial markets.
Looking for a wide range of high-quality bus air conditioning systems with affordable prices?
Built for every bus type - from coach bus, electric bus to big, custom buses and everything in
between, Guchen has a variety of rooftop bus air conditioner to fit your needs. A new bus
air-conditioning system helps maximize thermal comfort and the panoramic rear lounge has been
enhanced to give a feeling of increased space
Guchen Industry hIstory:
Entrepreneur Junsheng Gao formed Guchen Industry Co.,Ltd in 1997. At the first year GUCHEN
was established, Junsheng Gao introduced the Zexel (now called Valeo) DKS-32 compressors and
Bock FK 40 series compressors to China market.
In 2000, GUCHEN, as the OEM supplier of Bus AC Systems for Yutong Bus, King-Long bus and
Yaxing Bus, was super active in the bus industry of China Mainland. Then, GUCHEN begun to do
exporting business and it has exported bus air conditioners to countries like India, South Africa,
Egypt and Turkey utill 2003. In 2005, GUCHEN expanded its business to Colombia, and earned a
great reputation there.
In 2006, a new project - Transport Refrigeration Systems was successfully online. The transport
refrigeration unit is a systen with a built-in refrigeration system for refrigerated trucks, trailers,
vans to keep products at a desired temperature throughout the transportation process. In 2010,
Guchen Industry, as the standard supplier of bus air conditioning system for FIFA World Cup 2010,
services the sports master in South Africa.
In 2011, Guchen Industry has expanded its transport air conditioning/refrigeration business to
Mexico market. In the next year, GUCHEN entered into main market of Latin America, Brazil,
Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina.