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Guchen SD Series Engine Direct Driven City Bus HVAC Systems

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Guchen sd serIes enGIne dIrect drIven cIty bus hvac systems wIth
rooftop mounted desIGn
The SD Series coach and bus air conditioning system includes all the features and benefits you
have come to expect of the BD Series, but crafted with more compact dimensions to fit the
particular needs of a streamlined bus or motorcoach. Once again, Guchen air conditioner is
bringing you superior quality, built to provide the most advanced passenger comfort solution in
the world.
With thousands of installed units, running even under the harshest climatic profiles, the SD Series
Bus HVAC System has proven its superiority and its ability to provide the most advanced
passenger comfort solutions worldwide. Many times copied yet never equaled, the SD Series has
become synonymous with excellent performance and reliability, and is going the next step to set
new standards in air conditioning solutions for buses and motorcoaches.
Guchen SD Series air conditioning systems for buses not only ensure maximum temperature
comfort, but also make an active contribution to protecting resources and the environment. We
achieve this through the use of intelligent, lightweight concepts and compact designs. Heat
exchangers designed to automotive standards as well as highly efficient fan technology also
increase efficiency while reducing the load on the fuel tank and battery.