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Natural Sciences and Technology (Lockdown).
Metals and Non-metals
This week we are going to look more closely at what METALS are:
1. Metals:
What is a metal?
A metal is a solid. In other words it is something you can hold, touch and it has shape. It also
conducts heat and electricity.
Let’s find out what this means –
Put a metal teaspoon into a hot mug of water. Do the same with a wooden spoon and a
plastic spoon. After 2 minutes feel each spoon. What did you find out? _______________
This proves that metals conduct heat. But what about electricity?
When you switch an electric light on or a heater, what happens and why does this
Metals can be dropped without breaking, making them durable.
Most metals are hard and strong such as iron.
Most are shiny, however _________________ is an example of a dull, light weight metal.
Metals are malleable – this means ___________________________________________________
Metals are ductile – this means _____________________________________________________
Metals melt at extremely high temperatures.
Find out about (a) RUST: - What is it?____________________________________________
- What causes it?___________________________________________
- Its colour?_______________________________________________
- Where would you find it?__________________________________
2. Non-metals:
These are all the things that are not made of metal like wood, plastics, ceramics, fabrics etc.
Non-metals are dull and come in a variety of colours.
Many of them are brittle which means _____________________________________________
They are not good conductors of heat and electricity and thus we call them_____________
They are not malleable which means they cannot be beaten into new shapes.
They are not ductile.
1. What does the word ‘patina’ mean?_________________________________________________
2. What is magnetism?_____________________________________________________________
3. Explain why we cook food on the stove using metal pots and pans?______________________
4. How can we prevent rust forming on our school grandstands or any other metal objects?
Metal pictures
Non-metal pictures