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Food defence is not the same as food safety.
Food defence focuses on protecting the product
from intentional / malicious contamination, with
a variety of chemicals, biological agents or other
harmful substances by people who want to do us
A Food Defence Plan will help us to maintain a
safe working environment for you (our
employees), protect our business and provide a
safe, quality product to our customers
Because BRC says so!!
A person or persons may tamper with food for a
variety of reasons, including:
 trying to draw attention to a "cause" by getting
free publicity
 extortion for personal gain
 mischief or prank
 Terrorism
 revenge, by causing financial loss or ruining a
company's reputation
Disgruntled Employees
Suspect Suppliers
Lorry Drivers
Temporary Employees
Activist Groups
Terrorist Groups
November 1984 - At 3.10 pm on Saturday, 17 November 1984, New
Scotland Yard received a telephone call from the Sunday Mirror informing
the police that they had just received a telephone call from the Animal
Liberation Front stating that Mars bars throughout the country had been
injected with rat poison. That telephone call was followed by the receipt
at the Sunday Mirror of a Mars bar and a letter from the ALF, in which the
ALF claimed to have adulterated Mars bars in London, Leeds, York,
Southampton and Coventry
1985 Austria - Millions of gallons of Austrian wine was being laced with
diethylene glycol, a component of some kinds of antifreeze. The
substance, which can cause brain and kidney damage, was found to have
been added to the wine as a sweetening agent as the grape were not as
sweet as in previous years
July 2005- Foreign objects (glass and a needle) were found in the
packaging of Kingsmill sliced bread produced by Allied Bakeries,
Orpington bakery in Kent. The objects were found inside the bread
packaging and were not embedded in the bread. It lasted for 18
months with 5 separately reported incidents and was investigated
by the police. CCTV in the production areas and checks on staff
coming and going from the plant were implemented
2008 - babies in China became ill, including fatalities, having been
fed formula milk contaminated with the industrial chemical
melamine. Melamine was added to the milk formula to artificially
inflate the reading for protein levels. 2 men involved in this case
were condemned to death by the Chinese authorities
February 2009 - Paul Bentley, who was accused of scattering a
food factory with peanuts, had the charges against him dropped as
the jury failed to reach a verdict. The factory where he worked had
to be closed and cleaned at a cost of £1.2m.
Conduct a Food Defence Assessment looking
for any vulnerabilities at TasteTech 
Develop a Food Defence Plan identify costeffective preventive actions that can be taken to
minimize those vulnerabilities 
Implement the Food Defence Plan implement
procedures and actions to address any gaps
Review the Plan at least annually to check that
the implemented actions are actually minimising
the risk of intentional contamination
Supplier & Raw Material Approval –
completed for all new suppliers and every 3
years for existing suppliers
 Transport Code of Practice – all Hauliers are
required to sign by way of approval
 Site Security Policy – explained on induction
empowering you to stop anyone who is
unaccompanied & unidentified from entering
the production areas so long as it is safe to do
Goods In Inspections – inspections of
incoming goods
 Key Coded Doors – at all factory entrances
 CCTV – All external areas
 Visitors & Contractors – accompanied at all
times where required & identified with visitor
 Recall Procedures – giving us the ability to
recall product from the market if needed
Proof of ID – for all staff at commencement of
employment and for visitors and contactors
Key Audit - to include drugs cabinet, Janitol IBC, front
doors, etc
Coded Doors- change the codes on the restricted area
doors regularly (at least 6 monthly), especially when an
employee leaves
Booking in system for Goods In - advance notification
from suppliers (by phone, email or fax) to be obtained
for all incoming deliveries
New Employee Checks - Make reference checks
(personal & professional) & Verify previous
To make this work we need your help as YOU are our FIRST
line of defence:
Follow company food defence plan and procedures.
Inspect your work area and surrounding areas.
Recognize anything out of the ordinary.
Secure all ingredients, supplies, and finished
Tell management if you notice anything unusual or
Any questions?